On the mountain named Montserrat, near Barcelona, in the Catalonia region of Spain is a church, which contains a very special statue of the Madonna and Child known as La Moreneta, the dark one. Legend relates that the miraculous image was first known as La Jerosolimitana (the native of Jerusalem), since it is believed to have been carved in that city during the early days of the church.  The Black Madonna has called to my soul for more than 15 years since I began White Wolf Journeys and especially after my first experience in Egypt in the Temple of Isis.  The mystery of the Black Madonna is the hidden knowledge the Templar Knights protected.  This Christian icon represents Mary and the child Jesus but is in fact Isis and her son Horus. The reason for the black imagery is it represents the origin of Isis from Egypt and the Black soil of the Nile riverbanks where the Goddess worship of ancient times was present.

When I first traveled to Montserrat it was by sheer chance some would say, but I have come to realize it was truly by divine destiny.  In 2000 after becoming the guardian of the obsidian being known as EB the year before,  I would find myself on a train with no real knowledge as to where I was being guided.  The train would stop and I would feel the need to take the tram that led to the top of this mysterious mountain with no idea what would be waiting for me.  I know now that it was the stone beings that were calling to me.  High on the mountain these magnificent beings hold energy very similar to Castle Hill in New Zealand and have a striking resemblance to the Olgas, also known as Kata Juta in the red center of Australia, where I spent several days at the time of the total lunar eclipse in June.  I find I am retracing my own footsteps during these times of great transition and change as I continue to follow the guidance to weave the web of light across the earth.

I remember the power I felt when I first stood before the Black Madonna many years ago. The sanctuary, which is usually quite full, seemed to empty out, which allowed Pauline and I to embrace the power alone many years before.

With one hand I would touch the golden sphere the dark lady held in her hand and with other hand I would hold EB the obsidian skull.  I remember so clearly the surge of energy that moved through me on that day and now 11 years later the Lady had summoned me once again.  This time I carried the andara crystal and the Pounamu, or greenstone gifted to me by the Waitaha elder that would be deposited in the source of the mountains that eventually led to the major rivers in Europe next Saturday.

The statue of the Black Madonna has always been considered one of the most celebrated images in Spain. The shrine has received innumerable pilgrims over the years, currently at the rate of at least one million per year. The most notable of these was St. Ignatius of Loyola, who laid down his sword and embarked on his religious mission “after spending a night praying before the image”, a miracle in the order of grace.

I had such excitement as I approached the dark lady again.  It was only for this reason I had traveled to Spain at the request of the lady of the mountain, but this time I would find the stone beings also had wisdom to share.

We traveled by train and then by gondola to the top of this magnificent sanctuary where we had planned on arriving early, hoping that we would have access to the Black Madonna with few people around us.  We were indeed blessed once again, as I placed the andara crystal on the altar of the Black Madonna and held the golden sphere.  It gave me strength and courage for the journey that lay before me.

The constant travel of endless airports, the packing and unpacking had made me weary.  Being a messenger is my service and I am grateful each day to be allowed to walk upon the earth in this role, but there had been a heaviness I too was moving through and to stand here in this sanctuary truly nurtured my soul.  As I stood before her I clearly heard the words “It was time for all to embrace their mastery”.  The past was part of our learning but was behind us now.  It didn’t matter who we had been it was time for each of us to reclaim our power, wash the past away and step forward.  We needed to remember why we were here.  There could be no looking back, no regrets, no fear.  Just as the river flows beginning from a tiny spring, it gains in power with forward motion.  The tiniest of springs flows into the mightiest of the great rivers and eventually flows into the sea.  This was our souls journey.  Each of us were a tiny spring flowing into a larger spiritual community creating a new vision.  We each needed to understand our importance.  We each needed to understand we must see each other as equal and bring our collective wisdom and knowledge together to create the new dream.  I have often said to be less than who you are serves no purpose and to keep someone else from being in their full potential serves no purpose either.  The time of giving your power to a religion or being in the shadow of another is over.   As the lady of the mountain had spoken, it is a time of stepping into our Mastery.

We left the sanctuary of the Black Madonna to take another gondola higher up the mountain to the stone beings.   Here much wisdom was given to me as I placed both the andara and the obsidian stone being on the earth mother for the knowledge to be transferred.

The next offering of greenstone to the sacred waters will be next Saturday, September 10th just as we enter the three day cycle of the Full Moon.  This past weekend I was privileged to stand amongst 34 other beautiful souls and the guardians of a sacred place that sits upon the earth grid in alignment with Andromeda.   I had been called to do a water ritual but as we came together a magnificent blessing would be gifted to all.  The native American Indians speak of the time when the earth is gifted with power through the thunder and lighting.  Power bolts were sent to the earth and the ancestors joined our group.  What started, as a gentle mist, became a beautiful purification and cleansing from the sky beings.  All of our burdens, and heaviness washed away as we became quite childlike in the sheer joy of the rainfall.  With our physical bodies damp from the rain but certainly not our spirits or our heart fires, we ran inside to gather in a close circle to pass the andara crystal.  The greenstone was placed within the center with the obsidian being and purified as well within the rain.

If you would like to join us on Saturday, September 10th, this will be both an inner journey of self-discovery as we retrace our own soul story and join in natures sanctuary to offer a prayer of the first religion, known as the earth religion which belongs to all.    As we arrive together at the source of the tiny stream,  that grows to feed the major rivers we will deposit the stone of peace and reconciliation.   We will once again share the healing of the andara crystal and  the wisdom of the obsidian being.  The living waters within our body temple will join together as we seed the source of the rivers with our dream and vision of peace and reconciliation amongst all living beings on the planet.  This is the time of living in the full expression of your truth.  Please contact Karin at [email protected] if you would like more information on this event.

For those who receive these special messages from Weave the Web but are currently not receiving it in German, and would prefer the translation, please let Karin know at [email protected].    For those joining us from all over the world, please visualize your beautiful light joining together with the group that will walk the sacred path to the source of the rivers by preparing a bowl of water with white rose petals.  It doesn’t matter what time you join us as long as you spend 11 minutes holding love and the vision of our world joined together.  When you are finished offer the water back to the earth mother.  If possible offer the water to a river, lake, stream or ocean.

Be the change you would like to see take place upon our beloved earth.  Let your light shine in its full magnificence.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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