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Crow Full Moon

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Crow  Full Moon

Magickal Celebration of Light

Mount Shasta

At the Shasta Retreat and Spa Bed and Breakfast

203 Birch Street, Mount Shasta, CA


Friday, March 9th

7:00 – 10:00pm


includes all tools for rituals and ceremonies

The Full Moon of March, the Crow Moon is  also known as the Storm Moon, Seed Moon, and Moon of Great Winds by those who follow the earth religion.   This is a moon to call upon the Air and Water beings that are connected with spring rains and storms. A night to take time for solitude, refocus your dreams, and stay on tract.  When we work with the energy gifted with this full moon we can gain insight where we may have become distracted or lost our way.  Often we find ourselves at a crossroad and this is a night to find the answers we seek.  Our animal allies will reveal the path that leads to our dreams and goals. Crow or raven brings the medicine of rebirth without fear, new sight and vision.    The ability to tear down what needs to be rebuilt and offers a time of renewal.  The spirit of crow gives one the ability to find light in darkness and the courage to look deep within. Through ritual and ceremony the crow moon offers us an  energy that is breaking open: growing, prospering, and one of exploring.  Here one is gifted with the ability to find light in darkness and the courage to go deeper where ones wisdom and the magick is found. A powerful day and night to focus upon all types of healing; restoring health and well being. Following the ancient ways of magick this night will be for dreaming and shape shifting, traveling the amethyst bridge to the realms of Avalon.   We will perform sacred ceremony of the Native Americans, the ancient Druids and those from the order of Isis.

For those who would like to completely embrace in the magick of the moon energy which influences us for three days, a magickal weekend to nurture the mind, body and spirit will be offered. The sacred waters of the earth mother are magnetized with healing light at the time of a full moon.   Mid morning we will journey through the old grove forest connecting with the tree spirits as we make our journey to the majestic waterfall, sacred to the native Americans.  These falls are a source of great power and are enhanced with the moon energy.  We will share nature’s bounty as we picnic amongst the trees weaving the web of our personal journey.  In the evening we will gather together for meditation and those staying with me will have access to the outdoor jacquzi and redwood sauna.  A pampering massage or healing session can be scheduled. Sunday morning we will walk the labyrinth and do ceremony within the obsidian stone circle as we make our way to the mountain for a mid afternoon ritual connecting to the mysterious mountain, home to the Master teachers and the ancient Lemurian City known as Telos.

For more information on the weekend experience or to make a reservation, please contact me at [email protected].

For those who would like to extend their stay to include one more night you will be taken to Stewart Mineral Springs for a truly amazing healing experience.  We will first do ceremony at the healing waters before you experience submerging in the warm healing waters in your private bath.  These waters have a high crystal component that can open  the intuitive channels and reactivate ancient memory as well as restore health and well being to the physical body temple.

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