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Courage Doesn’t Always Roar


Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice

at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.

Mars goes Retrograde

I shared in the last newsletter that by the end of this month there will be five planets in retrograde making this a powerful time for our souls to grow.  We will become master jugglers by the time we move through the next wave of energy.   Challenging at times, but nothing we can’t accomplish.

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Mars, the warrior planet is going retrograde on April 17th.  The Mars retrograde cycle occurs every two years and two months, making it a fairly rare event and the least frequent retrograde of all the planets. During this time we can find that we have little patience. Frustration can run high when things don’t go as expected.   Mars in Retrograde requires rethinking, regrouping and reintegrating.   Issues of power will arise and unresolved conflict will resurface.  There will be a tendency for us to overact.  We can be triggered with unresolved emotions, so be alert and aware.   We can do this, it just requires looking deep inside to see how we react to situations and individuals. We have an opportunity to examine how we deal with anger, conflict, and aggressive behavior.   We need to remember we are expressions of love and in the end all difficulties can be resolved.   Don’t give up now we are almost there.


When a planet is retrograde, its energies are turned inward.     If we have been holding back, making excuses for others, ignoring situations that we KNOW are not in our highest and best good, in this Year of Self Mastery, Mars Retrograde will illuminate these situations.  If we allow others to take advantage of us, we will be pushed to the limit and may find ourselves exploding like a volcano.  It is better to ask ourselves why we feel we need to be needed or in control of everything.  Why we are afraid to create boundaries?  Those stepping over the boundaries time and again are merely messengers delivering the lesson that we need to find our own value and self worth.  Reminding us that we need to love ourselves unconditionally and completely.


Everything and everyone will be a mirror to assist us in clearing out old emotional residue.    Retrograding planets tend to break through the time barrier.  They operate through multiple dimensions at the same time.  Memories of prior lifetimes blend into the present incarnation to be healed.  Emotional memories will be so vivid that we may not recognize them as “memories”  and instead transfer them to present situations and project them on to others.


If you have not been listening to an aspect of yourself, the child, the woman, the partner, that voice will be heard during this retrograde.   I search for the positive in what is offered with these retrogrades so let me remind you we are being given tools with this retrograde to break old patterns.   It’s a choice we will all make.   Tremendous spiritual growth takes place through overcoming the difficulties involved with navigating through the energies of Retrograding planets.

Patience will be a challenge as there is a lot that has been building.  If you have been putting off time for yourself, time to be still and quiet, Mars will demand it. Someone once shared with me, great advise that I have never forgotten.  When you are pushed to the limit, take a deep breath.  Take the thought and before you speak breathe the thought down into your heart.  As you release the breath, ask yourself….do you still want to speak those words?  Take two or three more breaths until you come back to your center.  Words spoken can never be taken back.

Working with a Mars retrograde is ultimately to learn a healthy way to integrate and respond to aggression and fear before we feed the fire and scorch everything in sight.  If your pattern is to avoid conflict and run away that will not serve you with this Retrograde. Only by examining our issues at a core level can we recognize the power of choice that we have.    We gain insight which can help one decide how to deal with a difficult situation, rather than allowing an emotion driven impulse to take over and throw us completely off balance.  Retrograde means look inside, not point a finger outside.

You’ve got this, and now you have the insight to know its not just you.

Listen to that voice inside and just try again tomorrow.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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