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Cosmically Leveling up with the Virgo Super Full Moon

Virgo full moon

As the first Super Full Moon of 2020 begins her lunation into fullness, I have posted a ritual and guided audio meditation to support you in aligning with the powerful energies this Virgo moon will offer.  Click Here

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to capture the attention of the world, I offer you a different perspective.  This is merely a wakeup call on a global scale that we as humans have become so out of balance with the natural world.  These are part of the teachings of the Path of the Rose to develop a deeper relationship with nature, one of respect and honor.  The greed of humanity has spread a greater disease than the corona virus.  It disrupts our happiness and has made us lose our connection to the divine, and our own unique soul purpose and mission in being here at this time.

I can’t share enough about the need to release fear and look with different eyes at what we are being offered to support our growth.   This is the time we must cosmically level up.  I am not making light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), but I am not going to submit to fear.  When you do, you lower your vibrational frequency and become attached to the swirling vortex of uncertainty that is moving around our planet.

I have never washed my hands as frequently or been so conscious of what I touch and then touch my face. I am choosing to use this as part of my spiritual practice to stay in balance.  Remember this is the Year of the Puma, numerologically a “4” year where we are given the opportunity of finding balance.  When we are in this energetic frequency, in order to learn balance, one must learn imbalance first.  We as humans have done a fabulous job creating a reality of imbalance to set the stage for this learning to occur.

hands of light

When I wash my hands, I do it with intention that I am washing away all my own self-doubt, my fears about the future and uncertainty.  I am cleansing all negativity and self-talk that is not in my highest good as the soap and water simply wash it down the sink.    I am aware that I do not want to bring this into my energy field, so I am aware of not touching my face.  I have made a conscious choice to disengage from any relationships that bring drama into my life and a commitment to spend more time with nature.  I am not watching the news, as those who do fill me in on the latest events and then I choose which part of the story I need to be aware of.  I am not in denial; I am just conscious that I can choose to live in a fearful vortex, or I can create a reality based on my truth.  Call me the eternal optimist, my daughter says it’s the purple in my hair, but it’s how I choose to live my reality.

Elders gathering

We are all in this together to create the changes that need to take place and now is the time we are called upon to be Faith Keepers.  I continue to be guided by spirit to align with nature and pray for a kinder, gentler world wherever the Goddess guides me to be.   With this Virgo Full Moon, allow the light that is being offered to illuminate your journey.  Even with the uncertainty and the breaking down of old systems and beliefs our sacred blue is resetting herself and we are called upon to do the same.  I am heading home to New Zealand in April and look forward to weaving the magick on Waiheke Island, New Zealand and Uluru, Australia.  Events will be announced shortly.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and joyous Virgo full moon.

Love, rainbows, and moon beams, Robbyne

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