On a recent flight home from the East Coast, great awareness came to me.  Flying is in my blood, the driving force that moves my life, to travel from one point to the next weaving the web of light entrusted in me as the guardian of two sacred artifacts.   I have always found that the greatest clarity comes and guidance for my journey when I am 30,000 feet or higher.  Even the chaos of the airport doesn’t take away the feeling of freedom I feel when I am in the air.  If I could have been a pilot I would have loved it.   The affect I have on mechanical devices and technical equipment, compasses and computers makes it quite evident it is not  a good idea however for me to be flying anything.  Clearing security is always an interesting experience and the endless questions I am asked as I walk through, armed with a crystal-singing bowl, tuning forks, the andara crystal and more importantly the crystal skull that I have been the guardian of since 1999.  It has become a game and rather humorous to observe the response I get.  I have noticed a phenomenon of late as this year I had several special encounters with TSA officials.  One in particular came into my thoughts today and I wanted to share as it returns a sense of hope during these challenging times we are moving through…


It was an encounter I had while moving through security in a small airport in Durango Colorado.  With my head down as I was shuffling through my purse trying to find my boarding pass, waiting for the moment when the TSA official would open the bag and find EB (for more information on the story of the crystal skull click here).  Sure enough, I heard the all too familiar “Bag Check” I have to admit this now triggers a smile and I can barely wait for the moment when the discovery of what is in the bag that has appeared as a mystery on their screen is located.  My 10-year journey traveling to every continent with EB and the andara crystal has certainly created a variety of reactions and expressions, but this one moment touched my heart deeply.  Here came the usual question, “Mam, can I ask what you are doing with this crystal skull?”

This time without looking up I felt the need to really explain the purpose in detail, “I travel the world as a teacher and a messenger” was my reply.

“I share the spiritual teachings of many nations from all over the world and the one that is close to my heart are the ancient lores of the American Indians. The crystal skull is a part of those teachings as it is connected to the cosmic spider web that the ancestors taught joins us all together.” For some reason I had given him a much more detailed description than   I usually give.  Still shuffling through my bags in search of my lost ticket I hadn’t bothered to look up until I heard the TSA agent say…

“Thank you, I am grateful, our story needs to be told.  I am a Native American and many have forgotten our story”.


To my great surprise, as I looked up standing before me was a proud Native American with the eyes of a deer.  He was carefully and gently wrapping Eb, the obsidian crystal skull back into the protective cloth.  Our eyes looked into each others as he handed me back the skull.   I felt I was truly standing in front of my brother.  We smiled at each other and my journey became even clearer.  Since 1999 I have carried the crystal skull to every continent, which has been an amazing journey.  Everyday it brings me to a cross roads to choose where the next path will take me.  Some days my faith is shaken as is yours.  Some day’s tears run down my face as I feel the pain of the earth mother and her children.  I question why we are still at war, why we still abuse and hate, why we show such little respect for those that share our world, the great standing tall ones, the animal beings, and our precious waterways.  I feel sadness when I hear someone judge another and speak with harshness.    Then I find myself standing again at a crossroads and realize it is a one-way path we walk, forward.


We cannot turn around on a one path.  To do so creates discomfort and confusion.  We cannot go back to our old patterns and old ways of thinking.  Each day we weave the next dream if we remember our connection to the spider web, the next part of our journey.  This is so clear when you are 30,000 feet above the chaos and fear.  Perhaps that is why I love to fly, for it takes me out of the illusion that exists just beneath the clouds.

As I type these words I look down at a ring that I wear which was worn by a Cherokee elder.  It holds 4 stones, black onyx, turquoise, mother of pearl and red coral.  These are the stones that Grandmother Spider wove into the web to help her children remember our connection to each other and to the cosmic spider web.  The ancient ones that live in the lands of Tibet tell the same story.  If you are reading these words and have found yourself connected to Weave the Web, the remembrance is strong as to your connection to the web.


You may feel lost at times, confused, angry, sad, lonely, depressed, fatigued, and uncertain of the future or simply exhausted.  Remember this, you are connected to the web and to the thousands of souls who have sat with the crystal skull and prayed for strength as they passed around the andara crystal.  Everyone who has ever held the andara crystal over his or her heart has prayed for you.  Prayed you would find your way, prayed you would be strong.  They prayed for your strength and healing, they prayed for your heart to be filled with light and love.    Everyday somewhere, someone all over the world holds a light to guide your soul.  Seven generations ago our ancestors prayed for us.  They prayed that we would have strength to move through these challenging times of change.  They prayed for healing to all people and all nations.  Even now the energy of the andara crystal, the stone of love is moving through the web, the wisdom of the obsidian Skull is there for you to access as well.  It is the knowledge that we can only move forward if we move together.  Take a moment to sit in stillness and listen to your heart song, feel the love and strength being sent to you and in the silence send your prayer back to the web.  Today may be the day your prayer reaches someone in need.  The power of your prayer is immeasurable and far-reaching.


When you need help to move through a situation, when you feel hopeless or fearful of what the future holds, sit silently and visualize the andara crystal and your connection to the cosmic spider web.   You will feel your connection to everyone who has ever held it.  To the many Shaman, holy men and women, elders and teachers who have held it and placed their blessings in it from all over the world.  You will feel the love and support from every soul who has prayed for you as they gathered to create a circle of light.  Even if you have never experienced the andara crystal or the obsidian skull, if you are reading these words the web has been woven to you and you are a part of it.   As we move through this final month of 2009, the year of Duality, confrontation and conflict, we must stop this energy that is moving through the lands of America where we stand in judgment.   So fearful to let go of the past that we know doesn’t work and move forward into our destiny. Our country is divided and we need to unite with one vision of moving forward.  Instead of judging our leaders we need to pray that they too feel the connection to the web.  Every thought you have is weaving the next part of your journey.   Remember this is a one way street and you can not turn around you can only move forward.  Every thought you have is moving through the web so it is important to send thoughts of unity and oneness, prayers for peace.  Seven generations ago the elders prayed for us, now it is our turn to pray for our future generations and to pray for the courage and strength that will be necessary to move forward.  I will continue to weave the web around the world and know that your prayers and your thoughts are part of that journey.  Wherever I am guided to travel you travel with me.

Wishing you strength and vision to move forward, sending you love and rainbows, Robbyne

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