“When the Earth is sick, the animals will begin to disappear, when that happens the Warriors of the Rainbow will come to save them.  All things are connected like the blood, which unites a family. All things are connected. Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth. Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself… Chief Seattle

These words have been my truth and part of my knowing sense the White Wolf began to walk with me at the age of 10.  It is the wolf that comes to me in the dreamtime to awaken me to the spirit messenger that has put me on notice that I need to be in a certain location at a certain time.  There are things not right in our world.  We can not wait for someone to save us, we can not wait for others.   It is up to us to answer the call, to take action when our heart begins to stir with remembrance.  At first it might be faint but it will become stronger and the voice will grow louder for we truly  are in the 11th hour.

This time it was the amethyst mountain and the Master teachers that had once again called me back to this sacred place.  I had clarity I would be on the mountain for the 11:11:11 alignment but something was calling me with a more immediate timing.  After the incredible journey to Canyon de Chellys and all that had transformed our lives in that short period of time,  we were  all being called to the mountain. We left the Canyon on a New Moon and answered the call from the Master Teachers.   Gina would be guided to Sedona during this time, and another beautiful soul Angela, would complete the family that had now grown so closely together.  Angela was woven into the tapestry so effortlessly that it was clear we had all agreed to walk this part of the beauty path together.

When I had been in Mount Shasta several years ago at the time of the Total Solar Eclipse a messenger had shared with me that I needed to journey to the other side of the mountain to a place he called Hummingbird Springs.  I had tried on several occasions to make this hike but always there was too much snow during the time the mountain would call to me.  I knew we would have one opportunity and it would be with this group.  The weather forecast was a very high chance of rain but our group would not be discouraged with that.  It really didn’t matter to any of us.  After the purification ritual in Switzerland a little rain was not going to prevent us from moving forward.

We bundled up and headed into the mist.  I looked like the marsh mellow man but I didn’t care.  There was something mysterious as the mist surrounded us.  I knew there was an etheric bridge that joined Mount Shasta to Avalon and I was sure the mist was part of that bridge.  We stepped through the inter dimensional doorway where the heaviness of this earth experience and that of the human world gives way to the mystical and unseen world.  It was an hour and half hike to other side of the mountain.

After we stopped for lunch in the magickal forest, we continued on until we came around the corner and stepped into the most beautiful meadow.  We came to the place of the faery world and the bridge to Avalon.

I had a strong sense that this path would not be open for long as I could smell snow was in the air.  It was important that we had brought the greenstone, the pounamu, stone of peace, that is to be deposited on the 11:11:11 to this sacred place where the water flows from Telos.  I placed it in the beautiful stream that flowed from the mountain.   We joined together to pray for our world, to become clear vessels of light and expressions of love.

We would soon be returning to our communities and homes and we needed to carry the energy of this place in our hearts.  I have to say I was grateful in that moment that the mountain would be our home for the next three months and we didn’t have to get on a plane to go anywhere.  I just needed to come down from the mountain to my sanctuary hidden in the trees.  The next night it would indeed snow and the path would again be blocked but the greenstone had been blessed in these sacred waters and I was able to gather water for the ceremonies.

The next day we headed  to a sacred place of healing.  When one sits before flowing water one gains a sense of power.  Here at this beautiful sanctuary many Native American tribes had gathered to perform ceremony.   From the source of these magnificent waterfalls  the healing waters flow into the lake, the lake then  feeds into the the great river that eventually flows to the Pacific Ocean.  We were blessed with a gorgeous day as we hiked through an old grove forest towards Burney Falls.  We sat together receiving guidance and I placed the andara crystal and the pounamu into the water sending our collective prayer of healing and love to all sacred waters.    As we reflected on the events of the last several days, we gave thanks and gratitude to be allowed to walk this Beauty Path and gratitude that we had found one another again.

The spray of the waterfall cleansed and purified our bodies and our spirits. and after a magnificent day in the old grove forest  we hiked back to the parking lot.  We would cross the bridge from one side of the river to the other leaving our burdens behind and receiving once again the power of the flowing water.  Just as the waterfall gave strength to the river to carry the message of love, we would be the vessel to carry the message of healing wherever we were guided to journey.

We each were committed to walk the Path of Beauty.    I love how spirit always gives us confirmation when the work we have come to do is complete.  Often a beautiful rainbow would appear but today the skies were crystal clear.   As we approached the bridge there it was.  If anyone was asking for a sign it could not have been any clearer than the official sign posted on the trail with the words…Rainbow Bridge!

After so many amazing days walking this path together to illuminate and bring healing to the cosmic web, we spent our next day nurturing ourselves and nurturing the physical body.   Stewart Mineral Springs provides the most amazing healing bringing into balance the mind, body and spirit at the source of the natural hot springs.  Sacred to the Native American Indians, one feels rejuvenated, nurtured and aligned when you leave.

On our last day together, we would each walk the labyrinth in the sacred garden asking for direction and guidance.  We would sit within the obsidian stone circle bringing our pain to the stone for healing and step into the world of the shaman for guidance and direction.  It was time now for each of us to step out into the world.  We were very different people than when this journey began.

Guy and I headed home to our sanctuary to continue to prepare for the 11:11:11 and would be greeted by two deer.

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