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Change can be either exciting or frightening

new moon candle

Regardless of how we perceive change, it is something we must all face.  Change is the very nature of our earth walk.

With the power of the total lunar eclipse, you can either embrace the inevitable changes that are coming, or you can continue to resist and make excuses by living you old story.  I encourage you to choose freedom these next few days.   Choose happiness and joy.  I have posted a powerful ritual to work with the full moon energy CLICK HERE and a guided audio meditation CLICK HERE but I wanted to call our entire global community together to pray for a kinder gentler world in the energy of potential this full moon will bring.

It is important to remember that even in the darkest of times, there were always those known as faith keepers, who never stopped believing or praying.  One candle shining in pure darkness can still hold the light and awaken others.  The power of this eclipse can do that as it occurs before the midterm election in America.  It also provides an opportunity for each of us to step forward in our true grandness.

Remember your thoughts and words are seeds that you plant.  Think what you can create by thinking in a positive light.  There is always another way to view a reality.  If you believe that we truly have the power to manifest, and are indeed our own alchemist, then you know that the seeds you plant will come back to you.   Be careful what you plant this night and over the next three days with your words and thoughts.  It is important to see all different sides of a situation but still remain true to you.

I encourage you to a light a single candle and repeat the following words out loud.

I EMBRACE the changes this eclipse offers

With the magick of the moon.

I have come to experience this earth walk as a

Land dweller.

I have. a mission that only I can fulfill.

Show me guide me… I AM ready to step forward.

So Be It and So It Is.


Turn the lights off and sit in stillness as you allow your heart to speak with guidance.  We need to stop judging one another.  Acceptance, tolerance but boundaries are essential.

I continue to offer Soul Life Readings to provide guidance and support as many are standing at a crossroads.  Click Here.  I am currently booking for December.

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Wishing you a magickal full moon.

Love and moonbeams, Robbyne

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