Practicing meditation has the potential of transforming your life, as well as the perception of the world. The techniques that are used not only help you to find relief from stress, self-doubt, uncertainty, and fear, but also provide you with the ability to attain clarity of mind.  Meditation can also be defined as a technique that helps in resting the mind with the aim of attaining a state of consciousness that is different from the waking state. This means getting a deeper insight into who you truly are while experiencing the center of consciousness that is within us.  With the final full moon of 2021 and the clearing of our past, I highly encourage you create sacred space for a meditation within the window of the solstice portal and final full moon, as much will happen within this movement of celestial activity.

Kuan yin

December 18th/19th Full Moon in Gemini – Venus goes retrograde, and Chiron goes direct

Prepare for a powerful surge of energy and a sequence of events that return us to the heart. The eclipse gateway is still open, and with the Gemini Full Moon the lunation can shower us with love. Gemini will support us in balancing the mind and heart. Gemini is the sign of the storyteller.  This full moon will be illuminating the stories that we have been telling ourselves that have been holding us back or subjecting us into roles that we have outgrown or never quite fit in to begin with. The most prominent alignment that takes place at the time of the exact full moon is Chiron, the Wounded Healer, square Mercury, the God of Storytelling. A square in astrology represents a battle or conflict. Although this alignment represents tense energy, Chiron and Mercury are actually working together and are presenting an opportunity for us to shine a light into the shadow sides of our own thinking, beliefs, and stories. When these shadows become illuminated deep healing can occur.  This Full Moon will illuminate the negative dialogue that plays into our awareness reinforcing our self-doubts and fears creating an imbalance in the mind.  The final full moon of 2021 is dedicated to the beautiful Peacock who is a messenger of dreaming all that you can be without self-imposed limitations. Peacock reminds us to trust in divine timing and allow the universe to do its magick as we prepare to creatively construct the newly upgraded version of us. We each have gifts and talents to share with the world and peacock reminds us dare to be different, let your colors emanate out in the world and observe life through the lens of the heart.   For those who are members of our online Moon Cycle and Sacred Sabbat subscription series I have added both a guided audio meditation and a ritual to work with the medicine and gifts of peacock available to each of us as we celebrate the final Full Moon of 2021.  Click here for Meditation  Click here for ritual 


For those who would like to work deeper with the peacock, the animal ally of the Goddess Kuan Yin, I will be carrying peacock feathers into the Dragon’s Teeth Labyrinth at the time of the Full Moon on Maui to bless in sacred ceremony as I invoke the goddess essence and the spirit of the peacock.


The feather of a peacock reminds us of the power of Kuan Yin to restore peace and balance into our lives wherever we need it.  It is a symbol of self-discovery. If you are finding it hard to discover who you are, the feather of the peacock will help you on the journey of discovery to find your path and commit to it.  It is a symbol of discipline to lead your own life.  A sacred tool to remind you to stop allowing your life to be ruled by others, to live your life how you were always intended to live it. A feather of courage. The beautiful colors of the feather of a peacock reveal the creativity of the divine and the intelligence of the creator. In the same way, when the feather of the peacock comes to you, the creative power in the feather will begin to affect your life in a positive way.  The peacock feather will assist you in discovering your purpose and achieving everything you desire.  I will sit with the feather and bring forth a message from the Goddess to guide your personal journey into 2022.  Please contact Guy if you would like to order one at [email protected].  The cost is $35.00 plus shipping.  Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to ship to Australia and New Zealand due to the huge increase in shipping to these areasDecember 17th is the last opportunity to order the peacock feather so that I have time to channel through the personal message prior to the Solstice.

Love, rainbows and heartfelt memories, Robbyne

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