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Celebrating the September Full Moon

light and dark 

Happy Equinox

The word “shaman” comes from the Tungus people of Siberia which describes a woman or man who enters an altered state of consciousness that will work with the unseen world seeking knowledge, vision and healing to help others. Shamanism is not a religion; instead it is a way of life and must be practiced on a daily basis.  In journeying into the spirit world, the shaman sets intention and is guided by spirit helpers and animal allies to gather information, guidance and healing. If we are to be the guiding light in service at this time we need to have a personal understanding of our connection to everything and everyone as well as a deep relationship with the spirit world.

The time of the Equinox provides us with a time “Between the worlds” a window through which we can perform special magick as we honor the turning of the wheel and the unseen world. This is one of two days when the earth will experience equal portions of light and dark.  A Powerful night to bring into balance inspiration with action, the merging of the heart and the mind.  The balance of our male and female essence.   2018 is a year when our past and future join together.  We are entering the final few months of review before the wheel turns on December 21st and we shift into the energies of 2019.    As our spiritual family continues to grow around the world we realize more and more that we are woven together on the web.  I usually follow the ancient Celtic traditions or Native American but this year I wanted to share rituals from around the world so that you may choose which you resonate with.  Those that bring a sense of joy are celebrations your soul recognizes and can indicate past life gifts that you carry. For those who are members of our online subscription series just a reminder a ritual to celebrate the equinox has been posted.  Southern Hemisphere click here   Northern Hemipshere click here

Tuatha De Danann

Also, a reminder that the Aires Full Moon on September 24th/25th is dedicated to the Warrior Goddess of the Tuatha Dé Danann.   This full moon brings an interesting and powerful combination of masculine and feminine energies. The Aries Full Moon is a momentous one.. Positive energy from Mars and Uranus will give us extra courage and an opportunity to overcome what we perceive as obstacles in our life and our personal demons. Whether it is a fear of loneliness, change, opening our hearts for love, intimacy or success, breaking old patterns that no longer serve us, the full moon in September will support each of us in overcoming our deepest fears and inhibitions.   There is an extra surge of energy that gives the drive, initiative and courage to overcome whatever tests and challenges this full moon will illuminate.  Under the guiding light of the Goddess we each have the potential of letting our sacred warrior support our inner Goddess.  We can make emotional adjustments in response to our new new goals. The enchanted, mythical faeries of Irish folklore come from an ancient divine race called the Tuatha Dè Danaan, or “peoples of the Mother Goddess Danu.”  It is said they brought four symbols to the world of human.  Working with these symbols on this night can support us in embracing the warrior within to step forward.  A full moon ritual has been posted as well as an audio meditation to support working with these energies.  Click Here

For those who are interested in awakening the Heart of the Dove through the teachings of the Path of the Rose, I will be sharing this in two locations in November.  Bern, Switzerland and Austin, Texas.  We are filling up quickly as only a few spaces remain in each location.

Wishing you a magickal full moon.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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