New Moon Gemini

These are very emotional times and many are feeling out of balance and far from their center.  The recent eclipses have stirred up memory and emotions stored within the dark pools of our soul. The acceleration of violence and war has created a sense of instability for many. For those who follow the earth religion the last full moon before the solstice is known as the Mourning Full Moon and will occur in a highly emotionally charged energy of Gemini.   Be willing and open to experience the energies you embody during the day. Become aware of what kind of thoughts your emotions produce inside of you. Thoughts are energy that become stories we tell ourselves, but we do have the power to change them. These inner narratives come from our past experiences. We project them onto current situations. These are stories we adopted in our early childhood or as a result of some past trauma or situation. On this Full Moon recognize what stories you repeat when you are anxious, angry, sad or fearful.

We are all feeling uncertain about the future as we are surrounded by chaos.  I choose to see chaos as an uncomfortable blessing.  It stirs everything hidden and stagnant in our psyche and our external energy signature so we can choose to process through what recycles for review.  We can use the energy of the Mourning Full Moon to rewrite our inner dialogue in a new and powerful way to align with the new expression of ourselves.  I truly believe that every moment is a precious gift from the universe.  In those moments we choose how to experience them,  but sometimes no matter how positive we try to be or how grateful we are, we can still get tangled in the threads of negativity.

This is a night to shed.  This shedding can leave us feeling vulnerable, afraid, or uncertain of what is to come.  Endings can be painful so give yourself space to grieve, give yourself permission to feel all that floats up from the depths of your own shadow.  There must be an ending before there can be a beginning.

I have posted a guided meditation offering a tool to work with this powerful full moon and one that you can use again and again when you feel knocked off your center or unable to see as the fog of confusion surrounds you. CLICK HERE.  I have also posted a sacred ritual dedicated to Hekate, known as the wise woman of wisdom and transformation, for those who are members of our online subscription series.  CLICK HERE


I myself am flying to Maui on Monday and will walk the labyrinth on this night beneath the lunation.  I can already feel the emotion of returning.  It will be my first time since the fires of Lahaina and yes, I am feeling raw and vulnerable.  Yet I am called to be part of the healing.  I can’t think of a more powerful time to arrive than in the energy of the Mourning Full Moon.  The whales have begun to return and have been calling me in the dreamtime.

2024 holds the vision of the dream and I will be sharing the message and energy the year will bring in December as we prepare for the wheel to turn on the 21st in a future post.

Be gentle and kind to yourself.   In America we celebrate a day of gratitude.  I want to acknowledge our beautiful tribe, as this is one of the many things I am grateful for.  Our tribe continues to grow as we weave a web of light, hope, faith and love.  It is a joy to share this earthwalk with each of you.

Happy Full Moon.  Kia Kaha.  Be forever strong.

Love and celestial rays of clarity and vision, Robbyne

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