Earth Mother celebration

Being in Maui to celebrate mother’s day with my daughter brought such joy and gratitude for the simple things in life that matter.  Family and the honoring of the Earth Mother.  At sunset on this special day I walked the labyrinth at Dragon’s Teeth to thread the dragon lines with a prayer of unity and awakening humanity to the remembrance that we are merely stewards of this water planet with a responsibility to use the power of prayer to create a new reality and a global sense of community.

The New Moon

Every new moon, full moon and turning of the wheel at the time of the eight sabbat days provides an opportunity where we can each fulfil our commitment to be of service as messengers and guardians of the unseen world.

The new moon on May 15th provides a night to get quiet and look within, as Taurus provides a steady and peaceful time. Taurus is an earth sign and will support one in finding stability and solutions to situations that have made us feel out of balance on our earth walk.   A time to create a healthy relationship to the physical world as we honor our earth mother and enjoy the gifts that nature shares with us. A time to reevaluate our relationship to money, to discover what makes us happy as we share our energy in service.  A time to reflect that we are all connected to the golden web that weaves us together and do have an impact on the dragon lines. Taurus is about the senses, touch, smell, sound, taste, seeing the beauty.  A time to receive guidance for our journey.  As new inspired thought arises in the Taurus new moon we have an opportunity to solidify our dreams and wishes in the physical realm. I have added a new moon ritual to assist in the celebration of this night to our online subscription series click here and a Full Moon ritual for the upcoming Rose Full Moon and guided audio meditation click here to help you journey deeper on this powerful night.

More than ever we need to take the time to find stillness within and celebrate our earth walk.  We need to create sacred ceremony to honor the old traditions while creating a new reality for our beautiful water planet.  Mother Earth deserves our love and attention as it is she who provides so much to our earthly experience.

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Wishing you a beautiful new moon of potential and inspiration.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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