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Celebrate Your Existence – Twelve days of magick through the sacred lands of the Magdalene

This was the message and theme of our sacred pilgrimage throughout southern France with our amazing tribe.  My heart is full and we have all truly been transformed after this journey.  So many messages that I wanted to share.  Even if you are not physically with us everyone is woven together for the journey.

Another journey I resisted at first and then realized this was significant and would bring about huge transformations for everyone.  I had no idea the astrology that would guide this journey especially with the influence of the eclipse cycle.  I became so profoundly aware that our earthwalk is truly guided and supported by the celestial bodies.  I especially want to acknowledge our star child who provided the day to day celestial dance we were navigating through.

Our journey would begin with a powerful sign, a rainbow greeting the tribe  as we came together for the first time in Marseilles.  Always a sign of hope and confirmation for me that magick was everywhere.

Day 1 – Sacred Ceremony and ritual at the Sea of the Mary’s and the blessings of the Black Sara at Sainte Maries de la mer.  For those who follow the Path of the Rose the Black Sara is the gypsy queen who dreamed of the Magdalene and the other two Mary’s navigating through a storm in a boat with no clear direction, predestined to perish (having had no oars or sails).   They were exiled and persecuted by Romans and set sail with no clear direction.  Rather than the raft sinking as was planned by the Romans, upon having the vision of the Maries plight, the Black Sara saw for herself the refugees’ raft away from the shore and wadded through the stormy sea to bring the women onto the beach, offering them refuge and respite.

The Black Sara provided refuge to  Mary Magdalene, Mary Salome, and Mary Jacobe at the place we would offer our roses.  When the Magdalene stepped out of the boat onto the shore, she knew life was not going to get easier.  What she knew was she was going to get stronger.  There was a deep knowing for me that she was preparing each of us for what lie ahead.  We were faithkeepers and would need to choose a high vibrational path or be pulled into chaos.

The “gypsies,” a word that conjures up the image of eternal nomads, bewitching fortune tellers, and caravans that disappear with stolen goods.  The truth behind this term is the “gypsies” have been entrusted with the secret knowledge.  Since leaving their war-torn home in India in the 11th century, the Roma were unwelcome migrants wherever they went. Over the next thousand years of violent persecution, their patron Saint Sara has provided hope and a sense of identity to the more than 12 million members of the Roma across the globe.  Together we prayed for strength to be faith keepers and offered our prayers to the sea with a rose.  I thought about the refugees from so many lands now seeking refuge and respite. I prayed for compassion and kindness for those who found themselves homeless due to countries now at war.

Day 2 – We traveled to Arles, a magickal town that had inspired artists like Van Gogh, Picasso and many others to express their emotions through the medium of art.  We would each begin our own creative expression of art to go deeper into our soul story.  It was in Arles where Van Gogh created many of his favorite works of art.

We completed our day with a magnificent Sunset horseback ride through the Camargue region of Bouches- du-Rhone which  has been venerated as a holy place since the time of the Celts, connecting us deeper with the wisdom and essence of the Magdalene.

Day 3 – .  One of the most beautiful hilltop cities in southern France, there is an  ancient village perched high on a cliff known as Gordes.   The village has a colourful history, having survived the plague, earthquakes and bombings. Its residents, who are called Gordians, are known for their rebellious spirit, having sparked medieval invasions and supported Resistance fighters during World War Two.   Its spectacular views and lighting attracted artists in the 50s and 60s, giving Gordes an artsy reputation which still exists today.  Chagal and Picasso had both been inspired by the spirit in this village.  When walking in the footsteps of masters at their craft, one can immerse into the energy they carry.

I had a surprise waiting for the tribe.   In the middle ages, local villagers carved out a city in the rock underneath their world above.  I had organized a wine tasting for the tribe to celebrate our existence in the Caves of the Palais Saint Firmin.


Day 4 – Blessings of the Magdalene as we stood before her relics in the basilica followed by the enchanted walk through the forest to the sanctuary of Sainte Baume.  As I listened for her guidance I heard… Be the magick and bring magick into the world that is spinning in chaos”.

As I stepped out of her sanctuary built into the cave the most magickal scenery appeared before my eyes.  It was surreal as though I was looking at a painting.  There was indeed a special kind of magick here and I wanted to stay in this energy forever.  I knew it was important to breathe it in and create it wherever our tribe would journey.  Her message came through clearly as I sat in stillness.

I will give you power as an alchemist, but it will be your choice how you wish to use it.  I will bless you with love, how will you share it?  I will bring you together with others, how will you embrace them?  I will give you guidance….will you listen?   I AM always with you.

Day 5 – Traveling to the region of Languedoc. The place of the Cathars and Templar Knights, mystical mountains and villages holding secrets

Day 6 – Rennes Le Chateau

We joined together in the Magdalene Tower of the mysterious village of Rennes Le Chateau to pray for strength  and to be greater expressions of love.  We prayed for humanity and peace.  We prayed for unity instead of division, acceptance of one another instead of judgment.

We would later be gifted with a beautiful celestial concert from David Bailey.  He is a remarkable musician who channels healing music from other realms.  What a blessing we would each receive this day.

Day 7 – The magickal lands of Jean Claude where the Magdalene journeyed and we experienced the gifts of the Tuatha de Danann… The sacred trees holding the energy of our own Stone of Destiny, the Lemurian crystal and the Sacred Sword, the Sacred Spear and the stone of the Phoenix, the sacred cauldron and the place of the Magdalene where we left our roses and made our commitment to the Path of the Rose.  The sanctuary of the Heart of the Dragon, The white stone of ascension and healing, and the Merkaba.  This is a magickal and sacred place so I have no pictures in order to maintain the purity but it was a indeed a day of magick.  We were all forever changed.

Day 8  – Gorges of Galamus and the hermitage of Saint Antoine and its chapel situated in a natural cave.    As we gathered again in prayer we seemed to have the chapel all to ourselves.  The Path of Meandering.

That afternoon we journeyed to Mount Bugarach, the upside down mountain.  A mysterious place where 12 stargate portals exist and 12 dragon lines come together.  Tremendous extraterrestrial activty has been seen here and we would find ourselves interdimensionally shifting.

Enroute we would stop along the river for a picnic lunch.  I placed the andara crystal in the still waters of the long person and immediately the river began to speak.

Grace is the teaching I offer.  When you are still, nothing is forced.  You relax into the moment and clarity comes.  At the edge of worlds, we meet.  I AM in you flowing.  You are in me.  Seek stillness instead of a need to know where you are going.  In the stillness your heart can speak and you will be guided.  Remember the knowledge of your soul story.

Day 9 – Our morning began with a visit to the Montségur castle, the symbol of the Cathar resistance rebuilt at the start of the 13th century. Once a refuge for the Cathars hunted down by the Inquisition.  Every belief has a story and again following the Path of the Rose I shared the story of this place through the lens of the heart.  This is a place to make peace with your past and use the violet flame to complete an old story and begin a new one.

Afternoon we  walked through the Nebias enchanted forest.  We would be joined by  a beautiful woman who gifted us with the healing music of the celtic harp  in the sacred stones where we left our wish stones with the faeries.  We prayed to establish the alliance that had been broken by hoooomans so long ago and join the world of hooman with the enchanted realms once again.  The stones came alive with the fae and the dragons. I was completely moved to tears in this magickal world of enchantment,

Day 10 – Our last day in France we traveled to the Sacred waters of the Magdalene.  A place of initiation and healing at the Pools of Love. A magickal place of stillness.

I just had to place  my feet in the healing waters and give thanks to the weather faeries who had blessed us with beautiful weather the entire trip.  Rain had been forecasted and yet we had been blessed with sunny days and gorgeous weather.  I had asked for a window. Shortly after our visit here, the window would close.

We would leave the magick of France behind and journey to Barcelona, Spain for our last two days together.

Day 11 – The enchantment and magick of the Sagrada de Familia would take our breath away.  The magnificent work of Gaudi.

The play of colors and light built on major dragon lines with fluid lines is incredible to witness.  The forest of trees serve as the pillars.   Secret messages  and codes in the carvings make this a place of magick and mystery for those who can read the hidden messages.

Day 12 – Our pilgrimmage to Montserrat would bring our journey to completion.  Known as the serrated mountain.  The magnificent stone beings remind of the stone university known as Castle Hill on the South Island of New Zealand.

So worth getting up early to make the journey as we would be blessed with quiet and unrushed moments without the crowds. We would each stand before  the Black Madonna, known as the cosmic mother where miracles occur when one seeks the wisdom of the Goddess and journeys to travel before her.  Held behind a plexiglass shield you are able to place your hand on the cosmic sphere.  I had one hand on the sphere and in the other hand the andara crystal asking for guidance and prayers of healing where there is struggle and darkness.  I felt my heart open and fill with a ray of beautiful light.

Our final moment was to travel to the small chapel built into the side of the mountain for quiet reflection and prayer.  It had been a stupendous journey indeed and I knew it would take months for us to realize all that had taken place.

If anyone would like the magickal oil charged in these lands I am offering the Black Madonna Oil and the Templar Knight Oil.  Please contact Guy to order at  [email protected].  The cost of the oils are $60.00 plus shipping.

Black Madonna – $60.00

From the void of darkness all of creation begins.  From the furthest point of light our connection to the universe begins.  This oil is the accelerated frequency connecting to Isis and Maria Magdalena. The Black Madonna and the teachings of the Church of the Rose have held this knowledge since the beginning and the frequency of this light is being infused through the central crystal point of the grid that connects the lands of the Magdalene with the the ancient temples of Egypt.  This oil frequency can help you tap into your own universal field of creation.  You are creative potential in constant motion and utilizing this oil can help you solidify and manifest all that you have ever desired to be.  It can assist you in living and expressing your full destiny while healing the divine feminine.  This oil contains pure lavender from the lands of both Egypt and France as well as Spikenard, the sacred oil. Spikenard is symbolic of  inspiration, devotion and inner peace  Place on the wrists and rub together breathing in the essence.  Place on the heart and third eye.

Templar Knights – $60.00

A powerful oil for protection and remembering.  The Knights Templar and their knowledge of Alchemy is connected to Maria Magdalena as she is the woman of mystery of healing with essential oils to France. It is said that she came to a small village called Rennes-le-Chateau.   Her influence was powerful enough to create an order of fighting men, known as the Knights Templar.   She was the mystical woman that anointed the man known as Jesus’ feet demonstrating her skill in the use of essential oils.  This oil has been prepared using the ancient knowledge of alchemy with a combination of oils known to protect one against negativity, provide strength and courage to follow your true path.   Charged in the Roslyn Chapel, known as the final initiation, point for the Templar Knights. A combination of  angelica, bergamot, frankincense, cardamom and many other healing properties from the plant beings to help one access hidden knowledge as well as the stamina to stay focused when one feels burdened with emotional baggage and responsibility.  Place on third eye and heart chakra for protection from outside influences.  Place on the bottom of the feet when feeling unstable and without a solid foundation.  Place on the medulla oblongata to activate the ancient memory.

Feeling incredibly blessed and grateful.  Thank you to our tribe who come together again and again  in prayer and ceremony to  hold the faith no matter what we may observe from the world of hoomans.  Kia Kaha… Be Forever Strong.

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Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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