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Cause for Celebration – Mars is going direct?


Mars goes direct Wednesday, March 10th and a sense of renewal and movement forward begins.  When Mars is retrograde, as it has been since the end of 2009 it is never a good time to initiate anything.  Mars began this intense retrograde cycle in December (making the holidays very volatile for many) and his aggressive warrior presence has been felt in all of our lives for the last several months.  Now that Mars will be turning direct, the wait is over and we can transform our plans into action.  It will be easier to bring ideas to fruition and to act on our desires and goals.  The assertive energy of Mars in direct motion enables us to take action and go for it.  Now is the time to create, act, and accomplish. Once Mars turns direct, however, patience is still required.  Things may be slow to pick up at first, but you will notice delays gradually moving along as the planet adjusts to its direct motion.  Creativity is peaking in this Year of the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes and the universe appears to be rewarding imagination over logic. If you’ve still felt a bit stuck when trying to make headway in work, love or life in general, have no fear: Mars, the fiery planet of action, is about to propel you toward prosperity! Planets in retrograde can either throw things into a state of confusion or turn our focus inward, which is the case with Mars when it is moving in reverse.

When Mars is in retrograde there is often a lull in military actions in the world but when it turns direct there is the potential for an escalation in violence.  It is important to infuse the web with magenta light and focused intention for unity, respect, forgiveness and light to counter balance the explosion of energy that Mars produces as it moves forward.  This is going to be a stellar year if we work with the energy of the Phoenix.  2010 is officially here and after the Spring Equinox for those who utilize this energy anything and everything is possible.  For those who desire to work with these energies with focused intention I will be facilitating several different experiences to support one in working with the energies of Rebirth at the time the energy is strongest.  One celebration on the West Coast and one on the East Coast. One word of caution, the earth is a planet of duality so extra attention must be paid to not be pulled into fear.  You create your reality or you fall into the reality of others.  You will have extra energy and a renewed sense of power as Mars resumes its forward motion.    You will feel like you are finally getting the break you have been asking for and can now move forward.  There will be a tendency to over extend yourself by planning more than you can handle.  It will appear that time is speeding up even more so keep yourself in check.  I personally got a huge reality check recently when I had dinner with a dear friend and realized the last time I saw her children was when they were thirteen.  To my shock they were now sixteen and I couldn’t remember where the last three years had gone.  This was a powerful message for me to review my life further to ensure it was in balance.   Over these past few months with Mars retrograde my priorities have really shifted.  Family and friends seem to become even more precious. All the projects for me that have been delayed and didn’t come together it now appears gave me more time to nurture these relationships and to become clear that these simple moments of sharing and laughing with other are what brings me joy.  Now that there will be forward motion and I can feel these projects taking life once again, I still will place my relationships first.

So on, Wednesday March 10th at 12:09 P.M. EST Mars finally turns around. There will be more energy in the air, and it will be easier for some issues to come to fruition. Projects that have stalled or seem to lack sufficient force will begin to move forward now. People will be a bit more assertive, and you should watch your temper for the first few days as we get used to this. Energetic forward motion once again.  Boundaries are a major issue so it will be up to each of us to set those boundaries especially in the first few weeks or there could be explosions and misunderstanding.  Mercury is going retrograde in a few weeks and that always affects communication.  With the overlap of these influences you will feel this the beginning of April.

Mars is aggressive energy, but also can inspire and excite us about our lives.  It energizes us, fuels us to achieve our goals, and instills us with renewed enthusiasm and passion.  For this reason, Mars can have a very positive place in our lives.  If you find you are having trouble right now with anger or depression (depression is often the result of a thwarted Mars, or rage turned inwards) this is an excellent time to channel Mars in a positive way.  Physical activity, walking in nature, hiking, biking, and gardening are excellent resources to channel this energy from aggression into inspiration.

So deep breath and focused intention.  As a symbolic gesture that you are also ready to move forward.  Open your front door and embrace all that the universe has for you. Take a step forward, right foot first and tell yourself…Today I take the first step towards my desired future.  I move forward with grace and ease as all obstacles are now removed from my path.

Wishing you inspiration and forward motion.  Regain that sense of hope for there is so very much to look forward to this year.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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