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Castle Hill and the Ancient Stones?

Our first day on the South Island I could feel a power moving through me and something even stronger was clearly calling me.  Having traveled the world to all eight continents over the last 14 years I have truly been blessed with so many magickal encounters, different terrains and landscapes and powerful energies, but none like the experience I had on the South Island in the sacred stones of Castle Hill.  Every place has its beauty and its magnificence and I truly don’t mean to compare one sight to another as everything and everyone are special, but for me personally there is a particularly powerful energy that emanates from these stones.

In 2004 I had met a very special soul, many of you who traveled with me to New Zealand then will remember our wonderful translator, Sebene. Originally from Germany, she and her husband had made New Zealand their home for years and created a beautiful family.  Although I had not seen here in 6 years the heart connection was still there and I was very excited she would join us this day.  Another chance encounter had connected me with two other beautiful souls, Melanie and her partner Turei.  I had also asked them to join our group, as I knew this was a predestined meeting.  Turei having Maori blood would serve as a protector and guardian.

As we walked to this holy place I remembered my first experience as I walked these stones in 1997 with Barry Brailsford and his message for my journey that had touched my heart so deeply and connected me to this land.    As we approached the sacred beings I knew they were some of the oldest keepers of wisdom and guardians of the earth knowledge, and this was a celestial doorway.  The spirit of the stones would visibly make themselves present and allow many to capture their essence in photos.  Confirmation that the world of man and the unseen world were very thin here.  When one approaches with an open heart, one could easily step through the veil.  Some of the most powerful places on the planet are where ley lines come together and Castle Hill was one of these.

These were the Master teachers and they had called us to this place of power.  We joined together to create another circle of light to pass the andara crystal and pray once again for healing and awakening.  We asked to be gifted with guidance and the courage we would need to walk our true path free from ego, in a humble and respectful way in these coming years.  We prayed to be strong in our faith and to move beyond our self imposed limitations and doubts.  This was a gathering of the faith keepers and there was no longer time for any of us to be less than who we were intended to be, I began to see holographic images of those who had walked these sacred pathways before.  An image of the land of Lemuria was crystal clear before me.  Our beautiful water planet known as the Earth was in trouble and many of the animal beings that swim the oceans were in danger.  I was told these beings had gifted their physical life to hopefully awaken mankind of the abuse and greed that still runs through the consciousness of man. This was not only a wake up call but the oil spill off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico would hopefully bring about the awareness that we must stop the actions we continue to take upon our beloved earth mother.  The indifference man shows regarding the other life forms that share our earth.  As I learned in more detail of the oil spill my heart truly ached and tears ran down my face.  Images from  the movie  Avatar came into my thoughts as I realized this movie was depicting the reality mankind had created once again.  Greed, power, and control were the driving force and this needed to change if we as a human race were going to move forward in the next few years.

I felt anger, deep sorrow, disgust and frustration, and then I heard the voice of Saint Germaine.  “Use this time and your power wisely, the stones have gifted you with light to infuse the cosmic web with vision and focused intention to awaken others.  Every thought is a flicker of light that enters the web sending the message of hope, connecting to the four directions, touching souls from every land to join together to send this light to the very core of the web”.   The indigenous people see this as the sacred hoop broken by man’s greed and ignorance, I see this as the cosmic web that Grandmother spider wove long ago when she dreamed of each of us, when she dreamed of the stone beings, the water ways, the standing tall ones, the mountains and the beautiful creature beings that share our world.

This was a special time and I knew that each one of us that stood in that circle joining together to pray for the earth was changed in a most profound way.

We would leave the stones to travel to a faery forest.

This special grove of trees were connected through their root structure and communicated with one another, creating a powerful circle to hold our group.   A very special bird known as the Fan Tail  came to greet us.  This messenger of the unseen world came to play and experience the magick of the andara crystal.

With a smile on my heart, I looked around at our group and felt so very honored to stand amongst this amazing group of souls who had answered a call to join together to weave the web.  We had walked this sacred land together before and would have much work to do as we walked forward.  The guardian of this land, also a special woman who honored the natural world joined with us and soon everyone who worked on this land  also gathered together with our group.  It was a special moment as we prayed and sang together.  This was an open aired cathedral and truly a place of worship as the God and Goddess were expressed everywhere we looked.

Another circle of light was created as  the medicine of more and more people joined together through the andara crystal, the stone of love. (Click here for more on the andara crystal)

This evening we had a wonderful opportunity to experience a farm stay.  Something that I so love as it gives you a chance to really experience the people and their way of life.  It had been a powerful day and we were all exhausted and ready for a beautiful nights sleep in the dreamtime.

Join us tomorrow as we head to Mount Cook.

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2 Responses
  1. carolyn beane

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey….I look forward to each new posting. I am so far behind in my knowledge of this beautiful Earth. I pray with you about our earth, especially the Gulf…my heart is breaking with such saddness about this devastation to our sea world and the future of our beautiful Gulf waters. Such greed and disrespect from so many and it seems that those who do have respect for their way of life are suffering great financial loss as well as a part of their souls are being torn from them…please let us know what we can do and how we can join together to offer our hearts of healing.
    Thank you so much…how fortunate I was when I came upon you web site…thank you from my heart.
    Carolyn Beane

  2. Holly Rose

    Your journeys always touch my soul and resonate in my heart….and this one is no exception. I feel as though I were with you on this journey to our stone ancestors and the plant people of the faery forest. The seeds you are planting on each continent, sacred site and in the hearts of man…are resonating out to the unconscious. Thank you! I look forward to one day having the honor of standing in a sacred circle of light with you… learning the customs and traditions of the indigenous peoples who have so much to share and teach with us.

    Munay Sonqo
    Holly Rose