Bimini Sunrise

Look Inside Your Heart and I’ll Look Inside Mine

bimini island

Having re-entered into the world of humans and land dwellers, after spending five unbelievable days in the Bimini Blue, I find I am still processing the gifts and guidance that was given from the ocean and the dolphin. With the stillness and isolation that Covid provided throughout 2020, I could feel even the waters of the Bimini Blue had reset and were now offering the human who was called to enter into this mystical place that exists between worlds, the opportunity to journey inward.  A Prescription for the Sacred Blue is one of the greatest ways to reset, rejuvenate and rebirth into wholeness.

dark skies

As this incredible journey began, I looked to the sky beings for guidance.  There was a clear image of the portal opening that we would move through visibly seen in the sky appearing directly above me.  We were leaving behind the darkness of confusion, fear, stress and any negative story lines from the fast world, to now move into another world where the unconscious would illuminate our pathways to enlightenment if we only listened.  Five days would appear to be lifetimes as we would experience encounter after encounter with the dolphin.  The messages from the sea angels would be profound, and the encounters life changing.

I had always known that it takes more than just envisioning light to become aware. One must first bring light into the darkness or shadow. The dolphin as they scanned each of us would open our hearts to radiate the light to journey inward.

Welcome to Bimini

We arrived under the influence of the Summer Solstice and as Jupiter was beginning its celestial dance that would push each of us to step forward.  There was a sense of excitement as this journey had required each of us to jump through hoops and yet we were committed.  A calling deep inside and a knowing we just needed to be present.

sunrise bimini

Sometimes you are called to take a journey and sometimes that journey takes you.  Bimini, a small island in the Atlantic Ocean is like another planet.  Located on an inter dimensional plane existing between worlds, somewhere between the ancient past and what has yet to be born on this water star. Our first morning brought lavender and pale pink skies ensuring magick was in the air.

Many of you journeyed with me to Bimini in September 2019, just after the hurricane that released the Atlantean blueprint into the collective consciousness preparing our world for a do over.   It would be our last international journey until this one, 21 months later and our first in 2021, when we were guided to return to the Bimini Blue at the time of the Summer Solstice and the Full Moon.

jumping dolphin

A moment to check into our accommodations and we were off on the Dolphin Quest.  What a greeting we would receive that first afternoon.  40+ dolphin surrounded our boat and seemed as excited to see us as we were to see them.  They were literally jumping out of the ocean before us, sharing their joy to the delight of our human pod.

Dolphin pod

Nature teaches us how to know ourselves in the purest way possible.  If we listen and observe the animal kingdom, they will share with us every lesson we need, to guide our human journey.

Dolphin close up

This was their sacred space, their water world.  We were the guests and needed to wait for the invitation to enter the Bimini Blue.  It came into my awareness that we humans needed to also remember this.  We need to be aware of what we are taking into another’s sacred space. It is disrespectful to burden another with your opinion unless you are invited to do so.  It is also disrespectful to carry your anger, fear and worry into someone else’s sacred sanctuary.

Our mind is  a sacred space and we must guard against what thoughts we allow into it.  I think of a quote I once heard from Dwight Eisenhower that seems so pertinent for these times we are living through.

“This world of ours must avoid becoming a community of dreadful fear and hate”

Bimini road

In 2019 the sacred blue was in turmoil after the hurricane.  Visibility with human eyes would not allow us to visually see the Atlantean road and yet we swam together holding hands, a pod of love as we deposited selenite hearts with our prayers for a kinder, gentler world. To create something new, the old must die.  When worldviews change, they are always met with resistance.

Bimini coral

This time as we swam together through crystal clear waters, a sense of peace and calm filled my being.  A beautiful sea turtle made his appearance and I listened carefully for his message.  The inner wisdom that comes from the Sea Turtle spirit reminds us to go within.  Especially during these times when we are being bombarded with false and confusing narratives.  When you journey inside you find a deep sense of peace and a knowing that the old must crumble before the new can be built.  All must be exposed so we can see the illusions we have accepted as truth.   As we listen with our heart to find truth, we will know the path that is opening for us.  Only when we enter the stillness can we hear our heart speak.

The journey one experiences in these waters opens you to the magickal realm of imagination and intuition, where anything is possible.

human pod

I am often asked where one can go to communicate with the extraterrestrials which makes me smile. If you want to experience a true encounter of the fifth kind, and communicate with the extraterrestrials, you don’t need to travel to space, you just need to enter the sacred blue. These are the star beings that have come to assist humanity in evolving and moving forward. They are here to teach us to open our hearts and to join together as one pod, one world.

group on boat

Welcome home” I heard, as I gazed into the Bimini Blue with the dolphin completely surrounding our boat.   I was now traveling the timelines, as glimpses of an ancient world came into my vision.

morning sunrise blessings

Welcoming each day as the sun rose, with a promise of a new beginning and gratitude in our hearts, the fast world was beyond our reach.  We were on another planet.  We would be invited into the crystal, clear waters that hold an intelligence for the human who remembers that we are living in an intricately connected universe composed of starlight. The codes we each carry were activated through the sound vibration of the dolphin’s sonar.   They made a point to come to each of us up close and personal.

Dolphins close up

Looking into their soulful gaze, as they look into your eyes, I can find no words to describe the incredible love that I felt. Gratitude and a deep sense of oneness with everything around me.  There is no hate or separation in the world of the sacred blue.

We would not be the same individuals that entered this powerful vortex, we were all now forever changed.

elder dolphin

The elders looked each of us in the eye and telepathically communicated the message…”Remember who you are, rise above the collective confusion you are moving through.   Be open and receptive.  Slow down and allow time to dream.  Breathe…In the stillness you create miracles. 

 Our human pod had come together, and in the stillness, we were creating miracles as we seeded the Atlantean vortex with a vision of a kinder, gentler, world.  It would not occur overnight as the old paradigms were breaking down under strong resistance, but I knew it was happening.  We just needed to continue to hold the belief as faith keepers.

dolphin bimini

Dolphin are conscious breathers, they were reminding us to also be conscious breathers, so we can become consciously awake.

Dolphin swim bimini

As the lessons of nature continued throughout the days, we were taught to be in the moment.  To relax and allow the vibration of the sacred blue to hold us and heal us on all levels.   For many nations who follow the earth religion, water is considered to be a living consciousness, the blood of the mother.  The water sparkled with light and my entire being tingled as I felt my cells were being altered.


bimini full moon

We were there to celebrate the full moon as we bathed in the gifts the Goddess offered.  It was a time of death and rebirth as a cycle was ending for each of us and a new one was beginning.

full moon

It didn’t matter if we knew the ….How…where…..when or why.  It was enough we were present beneath her silver embrace.

bimini rainbow

Our final morning as we were leaving this magickal place that exists between worlds to return to Planet Earth we were greeted by a magnificent rainbow.  Always my sign of completion and confirmation.

Group on boat

A very heartfelt thank you to our human pod, our dolphin pod, the amazing crew of Wild Quest and all that supported this journey with their focused intentions and love.  I am so grateful.

I made a promise to the elders to return again in 2022 as our world moves into a 6 vibration. The 6 Year emphasizes love, service, purpose, healing, education, peace, and creativity. When love is your motivation, anything can be achieved.  For those who may be called to join us, I will send an announcement for our May 2022 journey to the Sacred Blue once all is confirmed.

dragonfly magic

As we now enter the second half of this year of Transformation, Change, Expansion, Growth and Emergence, we can feel the stirring inside our heart that we are changing and must find a way to come together.  As Neptune and Jupiter are now in their retrograde dance, I encourage you to take more time to enter stillness as much will be shared if you listen with you heart.  For those who would like to journey deeper into their soul essence, I continue to offer one on one teachings with the Path of the Rose and the Dragonfly Emergence Program.

Kia Kaha…. Be Strong, Be true to yourself.

Sending much love and dolphin cuddles, Robbyne

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