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Breaking the Seventh Seal in Roslyn Chapel

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I have been to Roslyn, the mysterious stone icon known as the high initiation point of the Templar knights several times before. Each time my experience is completely different and I knew that this place of mystery where the Venusian energies flow and 12 major dragon lines intersect would be even more powerful since the 12:21:12 alignment. This was the first time the scaffolding had been removed in years. I had never seen the chapel in her true magnificence. Descendants of the Holy Bloodline known as the House of David built this mysterious chapel which is the most exquisite medieval sacred sanctuary in Britain, known as a “Book in Stone”. It is here legend claims that the Holy Grail was secretly placed by the Grand Master of the Order of the Rose Cross. One of the Grand Masters of this order was Sir Francis Bacon, who was an expression of Saint Germaine. Roslyn chapel holds many secrets of transformation and alchemy.

Capilla de Rosslyn, interior

The Rose line known as the Mary line is the power source that allows one to tap into the Divine Feminine energies. It runs directly beneath the great initiation chamber of the Great Pyramid in Egypt.


Roslyn Chapel is an oracle built in alignment with Saturn, the planet of Karma and the Supreme guardian of secrets. This temple site is the pineal gland of the matrix, known as the Seat of the Soul. It is said that one’s crown chakra can be activated in this energy vortex and great vision can be gifted to one who accesses this sight with an open heart.

Schottland 2013-275

Divine destiny would touch us in many ways this day. The first bit of magick would come when we learned that our wonderful coach driver, Keith, lived near the area and knew of the secret power place of the Glen. Keith would join our group and show us several magickal places within the Glen.



A sacred sanctuary of ancient guardian trees stood at the doorway to the Glen. The trees were alive and here we asked permission to enter into the secret realm of the gypsies. The gypsy presence was strong at Roslyn during the Middle Ages under the patronage of the St. Clair (Sinclair) family. The gypsies were called “Egyptians” and, like the Celtic Gael, they were credited with psychic abilities or the ‘second sight’. The true story regarding Gypsies is they have traveled the dragon lines from the beginning of time and have been known to possess the gift of clairvoyance and the second sight

As one civilization after another fell and pagan cults became the object of Christian persecution, their priesthoods would pass the sacred lore into the hands of the Gypsies who would travel with the secret knowledge, taking a vow to hide it, protect it and only to transmit it to the trustworthy. No one would suspect a mere Gypsy could possess the accumulated wisdom from ancient Egypt, the northern Druids, or the Yogi teachings of the East. It was the Gypsy tribes who would protect the wisdom and teachings of the Gnostic, and the secrets of mysticism. This was the true wisdom of the Holy Grail.


Here at the place where the world of the unseen and that of the seen come together we would gather to do ritual and prayer. The spirit of those who guarded the ancient knowledge could be strongly felt and a strange sensation began to run up and down my spine. The waters are known to have healing properties so we each took a moment to stand within this holy water. This was a magickal place where we could pause and feel the special gifts of the natural world. We could also give back through ritual and ceremony to honor those who held the balance for the human world.



We made our way silently through the forest knowing we were being watched by the nature spirits.


Standing beneath the special energy points in the chapel can open one to the remembrance of their true destiny. I had felt strongly that it was important to access the wisdom of the natural world before we entered the chapel itself.


So many special energy points are felt within this stone temple of wisdom. The beehive and Venus Star were even more powerful on this day than in my past pilgrimages to Roslyn. When one stands beneath the Venusian Star a beautiful energy of pure love moves through you providing an incredible healing to the heart.

The next magickal event occurred when I walked in and saw a wonderful woman we had met by chance the year before. She instantly recognized us and greeted our group. I asked permission for us to gather in the crypt and play the sacred flutes. Our request was quickly approved by the guardian of the chapel with a single phone call from her. As the day was ending we gathered together in the crypt. A church group from the United States entered the crypt at the same time on their own guided tour. I watched in amazement as the two groups came together, our group of spiritual travelers and the group honoring the teachings from the Church of Rome.

We all stood together as Marlis and Ueli played the flute. No one moved as we listened to the beautiful song of the flutes. I motioned to our group to allow the second group through so they could conduct their tour. When they left we gathered our circle once again and in the crypt of the ancient Temple Knight initiation center, we sang to the Goddess in sacred ceremony.



It is said in this sacred place, the seventh seal can be broken and ones destiny revealed on the Steps of Destiny. As we stood together and sang we were shattering lifetimes of separation and judgment. No words can describe what each of us felt in this place of power on this special day.

When we were leaving, the man who manages the chapel approached me to say the Religious Leader who had brought the church group from the United States wanted to know if we would stay and play and sing for their service. I smiled and politely declined the offer as we had our final dinner together and needed to leave for our hotel. I did tell the manager we would however return again. With a twinkle in his eye and a big smile, he informed me, “just let him know and he will organize private entrance for our group as the music coming from the crypt had touched everyone’s heart that day”.


Join us as this magickal journey continues to Avalon.

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