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Blessings of La Negrita – the Black Madonna of Cartago


The morning after the Autumn Equinox our group now complete traveled to Cartago a province within Costa Rica that holds a very special energy.  Costa Rica is a peaceful country that abolished their military in 1948 and is home to the mysterious Black Madonna, known as La Negrita.  In 1635 La Negrita, first made an appearance in the area of Cartago. La Negrita is the Tico nickname for Mary.  A mestizo (mixed European and Indian heritage) woman was looking for firewood when she came across a small stone image standing on a large stone, according to the legend.  Excited by her find, the woman took the image home and put it in a basket.  The next day when she went out to collect firewood again, she found a carved image of a snake on the same stone in the same place. She brought this image home too. When she opened the basket, she found the image of the Black Madonna was missing. She locked the remaining image up so that no one could take it.

The next day she went out again, and found the image of the Black Madonna on the same stone again. She took it home, and found the other image missing. This time she was scared, and took the image to the priest and told him the story. The priest took the image, and when he went to examine it the next day, it had disappeared. He went to the forest, and found it on the same stone. He took it back to the Church, and put it with the image of Jesus on the cross. The following day, when he went to give communion at Mass, the image had disappeared. He found her in the woods on the stone. Legend says she wanted a Church built in that spot, around her “throne”, in order to unite the Costa Rican population into oneness.  The Basilica was built on the site where La Negrita was found. Inside the Basilica is a shrine to La Negrita, where she stands on an altar.


I had been guided to take the group to pray before the Black Madonna and on the evening that I left for Costa Rica I decided to go for a hike with my daughter.  About ten minutes into the hike we came across a huge rattlesnake.  This majestic animal ally was there on my path.  I thought about the statue of the snake and the story of the Black Madonna of Costa Rica.  Many times just prior to a journey that will change my life and the lives of everyone on the journey the rattlesnake has come.  As we left that morning for the Black Madonna I knew this would be very special.


We arrived at the perfect time when the Basilica was nearly empty.  The night before we had done a ceremony honoring the part of us that was dying, the part of the shadow that now needed to be merged with the light of our future.  As we stepped into the church I found they were preparing for a funeral.


Each one of us had an opportunity to go before the Dark Lady to receive her blessings and to pray for healing.  The funeral that was about to take place represented a celebration of life, our life that we were reclaiming.  Each of us reclaiming the wisdom that was held within our soul, the purpose as to why we were here.  As we stepped from the church one could feel their energy body shift.  Immediately after we left the crowds began to gather for the funeral.


Our group walked beneath the basilica where the original stone remained.  There we formed a circle joining hands to pray that this would awaken others still sleeping.  The energy was even more powerful than in the Basilica as this was the place where the Black Madonna’s presence could really be felt.  She transcends all religions and is there for everyone.  She is found in nature and nature can not be claimed by a specific faith or culture.  We prayed for our leaders, we prayed for those still suffering and we prayed for each of you, that you would find a sense of peace within, that your physical bodies would be strong and abundance would flow.  We prayed that your suffering and sadness would be lifted and replaced with joy and celebration.  We prayed that our world would be filled with light and the magenta ray would flow through the cosmic spider web. We prayed for oneness, as the Black Madonna does not belong to a religion, she is the Divine Mother energy, the Goddess.   If you are reading these words, your spirit was there that day and holds this promise.  Be joyful; be strong for there is much work we must do together.

When you feel like you can go no further or your burdens are too heavy.  When you feel discouraged and don’t see a solution to your current problems, sit quietly and focus on your breath.  Visualize a magenta ray of light and call upon the Dark Lady, for she belongs to all of us.  Call upon the white wolf to guide your path and trust.  From the seemingly impossible there is something always possible.

After our prayer was sealed, I carried the Andara Crystal, the stone of love to the holy spring and placed the stone in the water.  The Andara crystal will continue to be carried throughout the world bringing hope, healing and love.


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One by one we join together until we create a wave of magenta light that can illuminate our planet.  Thank you for being part of my journey.

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