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There is a deep longing inside to find our tribe, a safe place where we feel a heart connection to others, a sense of being woven together where we can be our true selves.  It is often not the biological family we are born into and if we can accept our family for who they are, actors in a script we wrote long ago with the knowledge they would support our journey, it sets us free to reconnect to our divine self.  We are able to move forward on our journey and become part of a global family, seeing how intricately woven together we are.

Planetary Influences

Celestial events belong to everyone and all sentient beings will respond to the movement in the stars.  Preparing for the recent total lunar eclipse and following the guidance of the Goddess to awaken the dragon lines on Mount Tamborine led to finding more of our celestial tribe.

crystal cave gardens

The day of the beginning of the Lion’s Gate portal opening and the longest total lunar eclipse we will experience in this century, we were gifted with a visit to Crystal Castle and the Shambala gardens in Mullumbimby, Australia.

Amethyst Cave

What a glorious day to sit within the world’s largest amethyst geode in silent meditation to prepare for the eclipse.  You are literally bathed in the amethyst, violet ray and taken into other dimensions.  Amethyst is known as the Stone of Spirit, a master healing stone that takes one into a deep state of inner peace.

Amethyst Cave

My intention was to be open and prepared to receive the recalibration of light energies coming in with the lunar eclipse.  There would be two couples, Guy and I, Alfreda and David creating a beautiful space within this mother stone.  Guy would later tell me he could barely fit in the Mother Stone because I had taken in EB, the Mother Andara crystal, journey bracelets, goddess pendants, Fire and Ice crystals, dragon stones, oils and many other items that wanted to be bathed in the violet ray.

buddha statue

I felt totally transformed  as we walked through the beautiful Shambala gardens.   Excitement was growing in my heart.  It would be  a restless night as the anticipation of the early morning lunar eclipse had me traveling the dragon lines back to Mount Shasta, California  in the dreamtime.   I had been on the top of Mama Mountain for the first total lunar eclipse in January and it had been a wild six-month ride for everyone since.

Up at 4:00am we bundled up in warm clothing to sit beneath the celestial bodies and were gifted with a clear and windless morning.   This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and we were not going to miss it.

As we watched grandmother moon totally eclipse there would be falling stars and a rare siting of the international space station.  I could see the dragons dancing in the stars and heard the distant call of the whales.  This moment, to be here witnessing the majesty of our earth made the lack of sleep worthwhile.  (I know for those of you who have journeyed with us on a White Wolf Journey this is not a surprise).

A few hours later a beautiful group would gather as we experienced the teachings of the Path of the Rose.  I watched 36 beautiful souls join together supporting one another on this powerful day of calibration.  Throughout the day I could hear the whales calling and somewhere between lunch and the end of the day, a special event had been planned and organized by Irene and Stella.  The anticipation of what the next day held with a whale watching excursion planned, made the child inside me jump for joy.

Another early morning to rise, but who cares when you have an opportunity to communicate with these magnificent star beings.  Mount Warning rose majestically above the ocean serving as a beacon of navigation for the whale beings.  The traditional custodians of this land called Mount Warning, Wollumbin.  This was the mountain spirit that had first called me to these lands several years before.  I now understood the key role it plays in the annual migration of the whales.

flying fish

The ocean was like glass, the sun warm and nurturing to both our spirits and our bodies.   Our first universal cue that there was something magickal in this day was a flying fish that swam the entire length of the boat.

Captain Chris

A mystical joy was in the air as nine beautiful Goddesses climbed aboard our tiny boat and one Templar Knight who was also our  Photographer and Captain Chris.  Just when I looked around and marveled at the wisdom each of these women held I asked myself…”I wonder how does it get any better than this…..

Whale breaching

….and it did!!!   From the heart of the great ocean mother, burst one of the most magnificent beings I have ever seen.  5 meters from our boat leaping with joy to honor the mountain and remind us of the navigational path that exists within our heart.   I had to apologize to Captain Chris for screaming in his ear, side affect of the child being present within.

Whale tail

And it didn’t stop there.  We were blessed with the whales swimming close to us for another hour.  I listened carefully to their message.  They needed our help, our oceans were in trouble and we needed to assist them.  We offered gifts of stone beings and made a promise to support and bring more awareness.   They too had received the celestial light from the lunar eclipse.

Fingal head

Our day ended with a beautiful picnic and visit to the sacred lands of the original ancestors.  The place where the celestial black and white dog stand together,  and ones’ heart is weighed in the heavenly realm.  As Stella shared her beautiful wisdom of the star lore we turn around and there was a black and white dog.

The Lion’s Portal is now open, and the culmination of celestial light will be bringing the strongest wave on the 8th.  I will be returning to the star gate on Waiheke Island for this wave of energy.  I have now posted  a guided audio meditation for the Lion’s Gate, a New Moon ritual for the upcoming New Moon solar eclipse and a Full Moon ritual for the beautiful Pisces full moon of abundance to align with your dream.  Click Here 

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Sending much love and celestial light, Robbyne

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