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Before Our Walls Went Up – Super New Moon – August 30th

Beauty of Alaska

Before we stopped believing we could be anything, we had no fear.    We knew how to play; we were innocent and vulnerable.  We dreamed and were open to all possibilities.  Somewhere along this journey we weave, we forgot who we were, and we gave up on our dreams.  We started to doubt our magnificence and we began to believe what other people told us to believe.  We disconnected from the world of enchantment and wonder and became submerged in the fast world feeling limited and at times overwhelmed.

fire weed alaska

Guy and I have just been blessed with three incredible weeks in Alaska, a land that is wild, raw and free.  There are no walls in Alaska, only a feeling of expansive freedom wherever you turn.  It is a place on our sacred blue, where one can find the wonder and the dream.  The wild spirit of Alaska cannot be tamed and when one experiences her magnificence it changes you forever.  It awakens the dream within, and here you connect to your true spirit, that part of you that cannot be tamed.

Mendenhall Glacier

The glaciers silently retreat these days, telling us that change is coming.  Through thousands of years they carved the present-day landscape which takes one’s breath away and now they are withdrawing the life force they have provided.  Are we ready for the change that is coming?

Alaska rivers

The rivers that flow move with confidence on their ever-changing journey.   They move forward and never remain the same.   Are we ready to become all we were born to be?

Alaska eagle flying

The eagle soars above and calls with a song that awakens your soul to soar higher than you ever dreamed possible.  The Raven shares it’s magick and I feel humbled and blessed.

Alaska wilderness beauty

At times I am brought to tears with the beauty that exists in the ever-changing landscape.  In the reflection of the still waters I see myself.  Changed, different, childlike, wild!!

Alaska brown bear

The wildlife here is free and fearless.  (They did however choose to appear and pose for Guy).

For me, I knew I had come to listen carefully to the natural world as it is here that my answers come.  It is within the forest that I find my stillness and can hear my own heart speak.  When was the last time you spoke to nature?

Alaska Sunset

I leave Alaska today changed with her spirit in my heart and a knowing I must return.  The wild part she has awakened longs to experience so much more, the part of me that will never be tamed. For now, I am in gratitude for the gifts she gave me in preparation for the August 30th New Moon.

Virgo new moon

2019 is gifting us with 13 new moons.  The new moon on Friday, August 30th is a super new moon in Virgo and what is known as a Black moon.   This is the next lunar phenomenon to take place in 2o19, when both a black moon and a super new moon occur at the same time. This being the closet super new moon to the earth this year making in super potent with possibility.  With Mercury and Venus close to the new moon in the celestial realms, we are able to revisit our passionate desires and dreams as we break down the walls that separate us from the innocent child within.  This August new moon is thought to be the best moon phase in a very long time for starting something new or reenergizing something we have allowed to be dormant within us.

When the Black Moon arrives, a shift in the energy of the Universe is underway.   When we go through this energy shift, it is vital that we discard our limiting belief systems, let go of irrational and paralyzing thoughts, untangle ourselves from toxic relationships, and become aware of how WE are holding ourselves back by repeating harmful patterns.    We need to be ready for the changes that are coming as the pace is picking up.

If we don’t, we will experience feelings of overwhelm and separation.    If we are prepared for this burst of Virgo energy, we can ride it for all its worth and get things done. If you are not used to this kind of intense energy, you might waste it, if you don’t harness it.  Insights and wisdom will be available if we find our still point, so it is essential that we take time to process and make sense of what information it holds.  Be clear on what you want going forward in the final phase of 2019.  For those who are members of our Online Subscription series I have posted a powerful ritual for this spectacular Super New Moon.   Click here

I encourage you to use the power of this Super New moon in Virgo to prepare for the changes that are coming.

May you be blessed with wonder and enchantment.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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