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The Beautiful One Exists Within Each of Us


When one enters the tomb of Nefertari (her house of eternity) in the Valley of the Queens, a journey begins as full of surprises and wonders as the journey to the afterlife begins. For me my breath was literally taken away as I stepped into the Sistine Chapel of Egyptian history.


Nefertari’s tomb has the best-preserved and most eloquent paintings of any Egyptian burial site. The paintings on the tomb walls depict Nefertari’s journey after death to the afterlife, guided by various guardian-spirits and deities, including Isis, Hathor, and Osiris. To enter any tomb, is to enter the realm of the Egyptian god Osiris, the god of the underworld, of the dead.   He is also lord of all living human beings, since to the underworld they will go.


The tomb was discovered in 1904, and quickly became world famous. I was privileged to have been one of the 100 visitors they were allowing into the tomb 16 years ago. I had such an emotional reaction when I saw the sheer beauty of the work. These were living paintings telling an ancient story of the soul. For me my body began to shake and uncontrollable tears streamed down my face. At that time they allowed ten people in at a time, for 10 minutes only.


I stood before Anubis and trembled. The ten minutes were over and the guards began to escort the ten people out so the next ten could enter. Something strange happened in that moment that day 16 years ago. The elder guard took my arm and spoke. “You are not finished here, you must remain”.

I couldn’t believe it but I was given permission to stay in her sacred chamber alone for another 20 minutes. I did not realize I would be holding up the next two groups. As I stood in silence, my heart burst open and a wave of love moved through me. It would take all day to recover from that experience. What I didn’t know was shortly after that visit the tomb was closed due to the damage that viewers’ breath (their humidity) brought to the paintings. It would not be open again until just before our group arrived. This was another instant of the magick unfolding for our group of truth seekers and spiritual pilgrims. We would now be allowed to experience what I had been gifted with 16 years before. My heart was in anticipation as to what the experience would be like to return sixteen years later.

Nefertari was the beloved queen of Rameses II, 1290-1224BC. Nefertari’s name means “the most beautiful.” The elaborate tomb for her was built by Rameses II near Thebes, in the royal burial grounds in Egypt by those who truly loved her over 3200 years ago. I watched as each of our spiritual family entered one by one, many having the same reaction I had experienced 16 years before. The sheer beauty of what one sees and more importantly feels, opens your heart and allows you to tap into your creative purpose. This was the best of the best that had painted on the walls to ensure the passage of the soul of Nefertari into the other world.

For me personally, on this day, in that moment, now returning 16 years later I clearly saw myself standing there painting Anubis. The very image that had caused such an emotional reaction 16 years before.   The brush was in my hand and I was painting to honor the Queen so many loved. The woman who had been responsible for the first peace treaty being created as she sacrificed her own happiness for the good of her people.


The story that was shared in Abu Simbel how she had encouraged her husband to marry the daughter of the King of the warring tribe to ensure peace in the lands. This was confirmation for me that the divine feminine was returning. The tomb of the beautiful one was opened again and the wheel would be turning on December 21st as we moved into 2017, The Year of the Goddess Awakening and the Divine Feminine Returning.

I also understood my purpose. I had always had a connection to Anubis the guardian of the underworld. I knew it was my purpose to assist the safe passage of the souls walking upon the earth at this time through the chambers of death of the old ways of being into the afterlife to be reborn as messengers of truth, vessels of light and unconditional love. It was the purpose of the journeys to weave the web and call to the souls who were ready to step forward.

Just as the paintings and exquisite art of Nefertari tomb’s had been a collective effort, so our spiritual community would need to support one another. To be unshaken with our faith, to trust the twists and turns of the fast world. To be all that we had been born to be and to awaken the divine feminine as the Goddess was returning.   Again I would be gifted with a moment when I was completely alone within the tomb and the guard would allow me to take a photo of Anubis.


This was only the morning of this grand day of awakening. The afternoon would prove to be equally as powerful. We would journey to Hatshepsut where the power of the Goddess would stir within each of us. Hatshepsut became the first great woman of power in recorded history; the forerunner of such figures as Cleopatra, Elizabeth I and Catherine the Great. She ruled as the only female pharaoh for nearly twenty years. She insisted to be called Pharoah and demanded to claim her rightful place.   During her rule, the Egyptian economy flourished; she expanded trading relations. There were no wars and the focus was on education, art and beauty. Her greatest achievement was her temple at Deir el Bahri, one of the most beautiful temples in Egypt. She called it the ‘Most Sacred of Sacred Places’.  This is the place of death and rebirthing into ones truth and rightful place in the world of human.   The temple was built by her lover who she could never marry because he was merely a commoner. You can feel the love they shared in the very stones of her temple.


Just below the temple one finds the doorway to the tomb of her lover. On the other side of the mountain is the doorway of the tomb of Hatshepsut. It was recently discovered that the two tombs meet in the middle. The union that could never be in life was secured in the afterlife.

As a collective consciousness our spiritual family journeyed together with the intention of infusing the dragon lines here in the most sacred of places with love. We walked as one force of light up the ramp that led to her temple.   Usually one of my male guides, Hazem or Mohammed accompanied me to ensure the guards would allow us passage. Neither of them came which I felt was quite strange.   My husband was sick and could not make the journey so I found myself alone with the group. Immediately the head guard approached and told me we were not allowed to pray or meditate in the temple. It was forbidden. As I am not one to be discouraged easily I simply whispered to each individual while placing the Sekhmet oil on their wrists to silently make a prayer to infuse the dragon line. I walked to the other side calling upon Hatshepsut’s spirit to be with me. I followed a winged one and silently stood to pray.

As I opened my eyes the guard was watching me. I walked up to him to ask if he spoke English.   He replied he did.   I asked once again if it would be possible if we just had a moment to pray for peace and to unify our world. One minute is all I needed I assured him. His face softened and he motioned me to follow. I quickly sent the word to gather our group together. He guided me to a place within the shade and told me you have five minutes….. be quick.   Four minutes more than I had asked for I thought to myself and smiled.   We gathered together in the cool shelter of the shade holding hands and prayed. We prayed for wisdom for world leaders to make decisions for our global community. We prayed to infuse the dragon lines with love and to send healing and courage to the places in our world still in darkness. We prayed for the outcome of the presidential election in the United States to be in the highest order no matter the outcome.

Egyptian Falcon

The energy was now pulsating within our circle as we seeded the web with hope. As we opened our eyes a falcon was flying above us. Horus was present confirming we were divinely protected. I took a moment to acknowledge I DID NOT need a male guide, Hatshepsut had cleared the way for us.


As we started to leave another guard approached me and said, “Doctor, come with me”. He took down the rope that guarded the entrance to the statue of Hatshepsut and led me to the entrance. I felt a surge of energy come from her. She and I had merged. I would need her strength and I was grateful. She had lived her truth and I knew we would each be asked to do the same.


It had been a good day. My reward an ice cream cone, when I returned to find my two male guides relaxing. They claimed I had worn them out and needed a break. Again I had received confirmation that the divine feminine was awakened and change was in motion.

We returned to our cruise ship to begin to integrate the days experiences.   There was still one more sacred place to weave love into the web on this powerful day. As we had come to understand sleep is something that you do not do in Egypt. It can wait until you return home.

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