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26 years ago, the Elders from all nations spoke to me in the Red Stones of Sedona and my life changed as White Wolf Journeys was born.  Yesterday they came again with a different message.  For nearly three weeks I have experienced the paranormal and still struggle to put into words the journey I have been on, but the elders have asked me to speak so I will attempt to share the message.

Stone beings

When I flew from Maui to Sedona in February, I had already begun to experience a course redirection but was following my heart’s guidance.  Wondering why the stone beings in this most powerful place in America were calling me when my heart just wanted to go home to New Zealand.  I may silently question when I am redirected, but the voice of the Goddess speaks louder, and I follow her instructions.  What I thought would be only a month, has become a moment in time where I like everyone else have needed to just STOP and be still.

I had been building my immune system since I felt in February on that flight home something was coming, the virus was real.  I was the only one wearing a mask on the plane.  Not from fear but from a knowing I needed to do everything I could to keep my body temple strong.  I increased my Vitamin C and zinc.  I kept my mind focused and my daily practice of connecting with the divine even stronger.  When lockdown came, I followed the guidelines.  I have not been in a store or had contact with other humans for weeks.

Dancing in Fog

I didn’t know I was about to dance with COVID 19.  It started with a stomachache, I thought from detoxing.  I heard a high-pitched ring in my left ear and then a few minutes later I felt a wave of energy move through me.  Thirty minutes later I collapsed into bed.  I had a fever of 100.8 and tightening in my chest. I laid down and felt myself spin out of my body.  I would be gone for hours.  To describe where I went and what I was shown would be a quick ticket to the psyche ward.  I am still looking for words.  I was back in the sacred blue swimming with the dolphin as the song of the whales vibrated through me.  In another moment I was spiraling through the star systems and traveling the dragon lines as an energetic being.

The stones of Sedona are ancient guardians of earth wisdom and I often have intense experiences here, but this was different.  I woke up, the fever was gone and by morning I was normal except for a slight tightness in my chest.

sitting at river

I quietly spent time with the stones and the river.  I was deeply processing the experiences and images of what I had seen.   Feeling fine and knowing I did not have the virus, I continued to do my daily walks and hikes, still avoiding any contact with other humans.   Nearly 14 days later I spent time with the vortex tree, celebrating Earth Day feeling energized and had just come home.

I sat down and all of a sudden, it came again.  That sharp ear piercing sound, a few minutes later came the wave of energy.  I walked to my bedroom as I could sense I was going down.  Again, the fever of 100.8 came instantly.  This time, out of nowhere I began to cough and could not stop for 30 minutes.  My chest tightened and I had a moment where it was difficult to breathe.  Another wave came and I was now moving into a consciousness I had not experienced.  I had no fear and allowed myself to be carried into the spiraling vortex that was before me..  I was shown lifetime after lifetime but from the perspective of a consciousness.  Hours later I awoke, the fever was gone, the cough was gone, but the tightness in my chest remained.

I was keeping the experience to myself as I tried  desperately to understand what was happening to me.  It was impossible that I could have COVID 19 and yet I did have the symptoms but only for brief increments.  I would have a conversation with dear friends in New Zealand and explained to them what I was experiencing.  One of them said the very words I had been thinking. “I believe you are experiencing the consciousness of the virus”.  A wave of relief came over me when she spoke those words.  I wasn’t losing my mind.  I glanced over at Guy and the look in his eyes made me believe he was still contemplating my sanity.

Two days later,  I would experience the sound again in my ear, the wave coming over me, the instant fever at 100.8 and the chest tightening again.  This time I asked to embrace the virus.  I asked to see it through the lens of my heart.  The moment I did I understood its purpose.

dried cracked earth

The fever was the planet overheating from the abuse we as humans were creating.  It was the anger of the collective consciousness being expressed in the environment of all of humanity.    We as a global community still wouldn’t stop and we wouldn’t listen.  The US had pulled out of the Paris Climate agreement and I realized I was angry.  I could feel the earth heating up and the land cracking from the lack of love symbolized as water.   I was now the consciousness of the drought.  In the next moment I was the rainforest, I couldn’t breathe, and I was coughing.  I heard the trees crying and felt a sickening sensation.  “I AM sorry” was all I could say to the forest.  “I AM so very sorry”.  I seemed to morph from the forest and now I was the exhaustion of the earth mother who had tried to awaken her children and we weren’t listening. She needed to be still and in so doing she would force us to be still.  I was feeling everything. As I felt the stillness of the earth I finally relaxed.

stepping through

I took a deep breath and then I became one with the consciousness of the virus and heard the voice speak, “Don’t try to kill me, try to understand me.  I am the collective consciousness of you.  I am your anger, your greed, your fear, your separation.  It is not me you need to fear, it is yourselves.  I am here for a moment, when I am gone will you change?   It will be your choice if I need to return.”    This time when I awoke the fever was gone, and finally the tightness within my chest had opened and completely cleared.    I physically felt fine, but now I was angry, I was frustrated, I didn’t want to speak to another human.  I just needed to go to the stones.  I needed the comfort of the vortex tree.  I felt hopeless, I felt lost and I was confused.   This wasn’t me and the very fact that these emotions were circulating through me caused an anxious feeling.

I went to the stones and demanded to know why I had been brought here when I felt I wasn’t able to make a difference. In this moment I was losing my faith.  Instantly I remembered the story of Saint Francis when he had lost his faith. He had thrown himself into a rose bush hoping the physical pain would take away his emotional pain.  The moment he did, he again found his faith and from that moment on, the white roses of Assisi grew without thorns.

white rose

Thank the Goddess I didn’t have to do that.  Instead in that exact moment when I was flooded with emotion, when I needed a sign more than ever, a text came in from a beautiful angel being.  Moments before I had no signal but the divine was listening when I was asking for a sign.  (Thank you Yvonne) This lovely goddess had just sent me an image of her beautiful white roses and the song they were singing.   Her message to me… Sending thornless white roses and an ancient redwood song…. All I could do was smile.  My heart was smiling.  In that moment I found my faith again.  Every part of my being was grateful.  I realized I had danced with the virus and found my truth.  I had been asked to be the voice and so I share my story as the elders have asked me to do.

We are truly in this together.  How will we behave when the virus returns to the universal field of oneness?  Will we find our humanity as so many people have been showing us, the true heroes?  They are not telling us how amazing they are, they are not coming from the ego, they are just allowing their hearts to guide them.  We need all of our world leaders to come together and represent our global community as we are given this remarkable gift of change.

New Zealand prime minister

There are true leaders stepping up and taking charge everywhere.  From positions of authority, Jacinda Ardern is showing the world it can be done, (There are many others), to those taking charge to deliver meals, or check on their neighbors.  So many beautiful souls showing acts of kindness.  They stand on all sides of the political spectrum, they worship in different ways, they have different beliefs, but they are able to put that aside to view the world through the lens of their heart.   Every night I see their faces and I swell up with emotion and tears.  My heart is filled with pride for this part of humanity.    Then I quickly walk away so I am not bombarded with the news.

Heart lens

Today duality is playing out, but I am convinced we will make the right choice in the days, weeks and years to come.  I have felt the pain of the earth mother, but I have also seen how within days she can restore healing and balance.  She is now giving us a chance to change.  Please, please, please… look at life through the lens of your heart and let’s birth a wondrous new world of kindness and compassion.  Let’s visualize leaders stepping forward with no hidden agenda leading from the heart and expressing love.  To me that is not a weak leader.  This is a true leader.  I am not going anywhere. I am here and will hold true to what the elders asked me to do 26 years ago.  I am cosmically leveling up to step forward when our sacred blue awakens.

Kia Kaha, Be Strong, Be Healthy, Be Love, Robbyne

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