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Be the catalyst for kindness and change is the theme of November

The White Rose

Having just returned from a magickal journey through the sacred lands of the Magdalene throughout Southern France and Spain following the Path of the Rose, I wanted to post the influences we will experience throughout the month of November.  I will be sending a separate email sharing the messages and teachings of the Magdalene as our tribe journeyed together.  October was highlighted with the eclipse cycle so I encourage you to take the time to sit in stillness and reflect on what came up for review during this last month.  It can take up to six months to understand the impact an eclipse has on us individually and collectively.  We will all feel the nudges to make change as we are pushed out of our comfort zones.

Planet Saturn

November 4, 2023 – Saturn turns direct in Pisces

Saturn went retrograde in Pisces on June 17th and will be going direct in the same sign on November 4th. Saturn is the planet of reality, hard work, karma commitment, and Pisces is the sign of dreams, intuition, and inner spirituality. Saturn is in Pisces for 2.5 years and the biggest theme of this transit is making our dreams a reality. The process of making our dreams livable is as much internal as it is external. Oftentimes, we must release the internal blocks that are holding us back from living our dreams. With that, Saturn’s retrograde journey was inviting us to go within and face any fears, doubt, and/or self-sabotage that we may have held that has told us that we don’t have what it takes to live our wildest dreams. With Saturn now moving forward in his orbit, he asks us to celebrate the blocks we have already let go of as well as invites us to continue to trust ourselves and the process of creating the lives we would like to live.

Scorpio new moon

November 13 New Moon in Scorpio

The new Moon is commonly known as a time to initiate beginnings. Something to also be mindful of is that when the new Moon occurs, it not only begins a new cycle, but also ends the phase that came before.  New moons can open a cosmic door that had been previously closed to you when you choose to work with the magick.  In practicing moon magick, each new moon can be an opportunity but not all new moons are created equal. Because a new moon occurs when the sun and moon are aligned, the moon will always be in the same sign that the sun is in. This means that each and every new moon will come with its own set of unique characteristics, and you’ll want to take note of the astrological season in order to truly harness the full power and potential being offered. Scorpio is the sign of transformation, depth, power, death and rebirth. The tightest aspect this new moon will be making is an opposition to Uranus. An opposition in astrology represents tension, and has a push and pull type of energy. This aspect illuminates the need to find balance. Uranus is the planet of sudden change, revolution, and the new. This new moon opposing Uranus shows, on one level, that we are being asked to come back to our centers and ground, especially if we have a lot going on in our lives at the moment. We are being invited to take time to integrate and process any major shifts we’ve experienced internally or externally recently especially after the eclipse cycle. On another level, Scorpio is the sign that truly knows the value of endings and beginnings. Scorpio’s shadow has difficulty with and/or outrightly resists change. With that, this Scorpio new moon and Uranus are highlighting the importance of truly trusting any endings that may be occurring right now because they are leading us to bright new beginnings.  For those who are members of our online subscription series I have posted a new moon ritual dedicated to Black Sara a goddess aspect of the wild woman.  Black Sara means many things to many people.  There are many stories told of the miracles of making a pilgrimage to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mers in Southern France where her holy sanctuary is found.  She is a powerful presence to call upon under the influence of this new moon when one seeks to make changes and can add to the potential gifted to us this night.   CLICK HERE.

full moon

November 27th – Mourning Full Moon

The last full moon before the Solstice is known as the Mourning Moon.  This is a night to mourn the passing of people and places who have completed their journey with you.  A night to call upon the goddess for help in removing unwanted burdens before the turning of the wheel.   2023 has been the year to reconcile the past, and make peace with the lessons and challenges this year has brought as we prepare for 2024.  For those who follow the earth religion, this is a time to let go of past troubles or grief and look forward to a new season and soon, a new year.  As an air sign, Gemini, encourages us to explore not just the celestial mysteries but also the depths of our own stories. In the magickal glow of this fully illuminated celestial dance we find a profound reminder of the interconnectedness of the universe and the eternal dance of creation and completion.  Under the lunation of the Full Moon in Gemini, we find ourselves immersed in a pool of creativity, intellect, and emotional awareness. Gemini is the sign of communication, thinking, and writing. The tightest aspect that will occur at the time of the full moon will be Mercury square Neptune. This is a significant aspect because Mercury is the ruler of the Gemini sign, and therefore the ruler of this full moon. Mercury is the God of Communication and Neptune is the God of the Sea. A square in astrology represents conflict, frustration, a challenge. It is designed to create friction so that we can see what needs to change. With that said, Mercury squaring Neptune so precisely at the time of this full moon shows that we are being encouraged to bring extra care, compassion, and patience to our communication space at this time. Misunderstandings and confusion can abound with this type of astrology, so it is important that we ask for clarification should we need it from others. Lastly, the energy of this full moon has some intensity to it, so giving yourself moments of stillness and allowing yourself to come out of your head and back into your body at this time is key.   I have included a special ritual to work with this powerful Mourning Full Moon and will be posting a guided meditationCLICK HERE.

Goddess Eris 

November 27, 2023 – Eris conjunct North Node

On October 21st, Eris aligned with the north node for the first time in 19-years, and she will align with the north node for a second time on November 27th.  These two alignments are some of the most significant of 2023. The north node represents our path of destiny and illuminates our growth edges so that we may expand and evolve beyond them. Eris is the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. She asks us to tap into our courage and look beyond illusion and distraction to get to the Truth at the heart of the matter. Eris signifies the return of the Warrior Goddess and her alignment with the north node shows that the time of hiding your gifts and silencing your voice are over. Speak from your heart and be seen. Take the time on this day to reflect on what was coming up for you on October 21st as this could give more insight into what Eris and the north node are activating for you currently.

As you navigate through  November and the final two months of 2023, be gentle with yourself.  Use these gifts from the celestial heavens to guide your journey.  Find your courage and embrace your magnificence.

I continue to offer the creation of a Magickal Sigil with a personal message to assist one in working with alchemy and magick to restore balance as it serves as a powerful tool to support one in manifesting their dreams.  The perfect opportunity to set intentions with the turning of the wheel at the time of the solstice when we begin 2024.  For more information, please click here. I will also be available for Soul Life Readings in December to gain insight into the lessons and growth of 2023 as well as how to prepare for 2024.

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A big thank you to Natasha our star child for her celestial wisdom.  If you would like to schedule an astrological reading with Natasha she can be reached at [email protected].

Kia Kaha.. Be Strong

Love and Rainbows, Robbyne

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