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Be Fearless

There is a mystical place in the Mount Shasta vortex that seems to exist between realms and without a sense of time. It is known as Obsidian Mountain.

Obsidian is the Shaman’s stone, also known as the stone of Transformation. When one walks through passageways of obsidian you truly feel that you are walking between worlds.   Here one can journey deep within to that place where we hold on to the past and find the courage to let it go. Clarity comes for your journey.

It was the perfect place to be on the Mayan Day Out of Time. The temperature allowed us to sit in stillness under the powerful sun that illuminated the obsidian.

I had received clear guidance that we needed to continue the day to the place of Woman’s Power. Burney Falls is another spectacular place to nurture ones spirit in the grandeur of mother nature at her best. The falls and surrounding forest are sacred to the indigenous people. These magnificent falls were the place where women would gather in sacred ceremony. Because this was the Day Out of Time, a day when you are not connected to the past or the future and find yourself present in the moment, time seems to loop. All the grandmother wisdom keepers that had ever performed ceremony at the waters edge were present.

We each received powerful messages from the waterfall. Mine came from a child who joyfully played nearby.

As I watched, this young boy was fearless, leaping from rock to rock. He laughed and giggled making my own heart smile. The innocence of youth, that time when we were each fearless seemed to loop with memories of my own childhood. Standing next to me I saw a wise woman observing me.   Clearly I was experiencing a place of observing the past while being fully present in the moment.

At one point the young boy slipped and fell onto one of the rocks. It didn’t seem to phase him or slow him down. He looked down and saw that he had cut his leg and it was bleeding. He simply washed it in the water and just kept going. What a powerful message. We as adults need to take risks to be fearless. Yes we may slip and fall, we may cut our leg in the process, but we can wash it off and keep going. Be Fearless when you step into life and step in fully.

We ended our day with a beautiful sunset walk around the lake. I felt such gratitude for this spectacular day. Its glorious sunsets painted with vibrant colors, the healing mist of a waterfall and the gift of an animal ally that can make an ordinary day, extraordinary.

Mount Shasta is a place to rejuvenate your spirit and find your heart song. A place to leave the fast world behind and find your joy. If the mountain calls your soul, and you wish to reconnect to your own divine self join us for a special time on the sacred mountain. Click here

Wishing you an enchanting week.

Love and cuddles, Robbyne

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