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The Balance of Shadow and Light

We began with an early morning departure and a full police escort to take the shorter route to our next destination the Temple of Abydos. This is a 3½ hour coach ride that most classic tours in Egypt will not make because of the lengthy travel time….. but this was no classic tour.   We drove along the Nile River through the villages displaying the vibrancy of the people.

Egyptian Life

Children laughing and playing in the streets. It seemed surreal to have a police escort but it would ensure we could travel on the shorter road.

Kids on the Nile

The itinerary had been changed AGAIN as we had received word that on this day the guards that were more favorable to a spiritual tour were on duty. As I mentioned, this journey was completely under the guidance of the Goddess and our beautiful group of divine souls had surrendered to what each day unfolded in that moment. A powerful lesson of life for each of us. Again the magick would unfold as we journeyed to the temple dedicated to the God Osiris.  

Abydos Temple

We would be allowed access into the sacred sanctuary where we could perform the ancient ritual retrieving the fragmented pieces of our souls. This is a powerful temple, the power chakra of the Nile River where one reclaims their power. A journey every pharaoh would make at his or her death prior to entering the After Life. It was a purification ceremony and quite significant in charging the Ankh, known as the Key of Life.  

Ankh of Egypt

The base of the Ankh represents the male phallic symbol and the backbone of power. We had come to open the power chakra and purify the old energies of doubt and insecurity. The story held within the walls of this sacred chamber is that of Osiris being murdered by his jealous brother and his body being cut and scattered into thirteen pieces. As we sat in the stillness of the sacred sanctuary we could reclaim the lifetimes where we had each given away our power. The memory of being less than and choosing to remain in the shadow. I had carried the sacred ankh into the chamber and found the intersection of the dragon lines where each one of us had a chance to receive the power being transmitted through the Key of Life. The guards open minded to the spiritual experience protected the space until we were complete. We had traveled early in the morning as the other guards would soon be coming on duty and this opportunity for ritual and sacred ceremony would not have been possible.  By now our spiritual family was used to being up in the early morning hours to ensure the magick.

Egypt temple

The purification pools hold proof of the Flower of Life being a significant part of the belief system of the ancient ones and a direct connection of this temple to Atlantis.

Egypt temples

Flower of Life Egypt

Carved thousands of years before on the temple walls was a perfect Flower of Life. The amazing thing was at the exact moment we stood before it, the shadow crossed half way through the image. This was a tool left by Thoth for humankind that would assist in lifting them from the Grid of Experience and a reminder that we live on a planet of duality with equal portions of shadow and light.

Dendera temple

To balance the power of this male energy we continued our journey with a late afternoon visit to Dendera.

Nut Temple

This beautiful female temple is dedicated to Hathor, known as the Goddess of music, dance, and beauty. She is s the wife of Horus the Falcon God.   The temple is built with a zodiac ceiling that recalls the origins of the world. It is also home to the great Goddess Nut, The mother of creation.

Granite and Sandstone pillar

Such exquisite beauty remains within this temple, the carvings and paintings take one back into the time of the Pharoahs.

Temple of Abydos

There is something powerful about this temple as it expresses the duality that exists within each of us and the choice that we make daily.  There is a secret story hidden in the stones.

Granite and Sandstone pillar

The  pillar deep within the sanctuary expresses the two characters of Hathor. Although she is known as the expression of joy, dance and celebration she also has the expression of an angry, vengeful Goddess.   When the God source became angry at the disrespect he witnessed from the human world he called upon his daughter to destroy those who lived with greed and self interest within their heart. Hathor bidding her fathers request began a siege of bloodshed across the lands. Her thirst for blood grew strong. When the God asked her to cease the rampage, she refused to listen. Only when the red sands were laced with beer and she believed she was drinking blood, did the massacres stop as she slipped into a state of drunkeness.  Hathor had expressed the rage of Sehkmet.   The thirst for power which has destroyed the greatest of civilizations.   The imprint of Atlantis whose inhabitants slipped into a shadow consciousness of greed and power  is greatly felt within the stones.  

An architectural wonder exists within this temple as never before had granite and sandstone been used in one structure as  is seen in the pillars of the temple.   Sandstone to represent the gentle, beautiful expression of Hathor and granite to represent the fiery expression.  An architectural design that can not be replicated.    This is a temple where one can balance their own expression of shadow and light.  

Falcon in Abydos

Again our perfect timing, arriving at the end of the day would gift us with private access to the underground crypt where the ancient ones would perform sacred ritual of merging duality into one expression.  Although the temple had been vandaliized by the early Christians, the crypt remained hidden and the exquisite carvings still protected.  A magnificent carving of Horus the Falcon God displays the master craftsmanship of the ancient ones.

underground crypt Abydos

One by one we would journey into the womb of the temple.

underground crypt Abydos

The  chambers of duality remained protected and the energy felt within this sanctuary is unworldly.  One needs to pause and acknowledge the fact that you are standing in a sacred place that was created thousands of years before to really experience the magick.

rooftop of Abydos

sunset at Abydos

The temple of Dendera  holds another power. Here on the Egyptian New Year the statue that held the energy within the dark chambers of the temple was carried by the Pharoah to the rooftop to receive the healing energies of Ra. It would be charged by the sun to hold the energy for another year to gift light to those who came to the temple for healng and guidance.   One by one we ascended from the womb of the crypt and climbed  the stairs to the rooftop.  Here Hathor priests and priestesses gathered for their celebrations thousands of years ago, to reconnect to the divine creative force and  energize  the seed of potential.   The Goddess had created the space for us to now gather  in the footsteps of the ancient ones. We paused for the energies of renewal and to give gratitude for the magnitude of blessings this journey had offered us thus far.

Once again we took a moment to join together to send a ray of light through the dragon lines.  A prayer of unity and love.  We prayed that many would awaken who stood in powers of authority to make right decisions that would impact our environment and our global community.  We prayed to end separation and judgment.

It was a quiet drive back to our boat as most fell into sleep as they processed all that had occurred this day.

Join us tomorrow as our journey builds with intensity and the bonds between this spiritual family grow ever stronger.

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