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Awakening the Seed

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

10:00 – 4:30

San Clemente, CA

Facilitated by Robbyne LaPlant


ImageProxy-1.mvc 2014 known as The Year of The Seed of Life, when the sacred seed we carry within our heart will blossom and the changes we set in motion in 2013 will begin to manifest. 2014 will be the second year of a three year cycle of dramatic change. As old foundations continue to break down we will sift through the chaos of our past, reestablishing balance and anchoring the foundation of a completely new life experience. A year full of promise and unlimited possibilities. To find your center and balance, ancient wisdom from the Standing Tall Ones can support our individual journey. The earliest cultures referred to the Yew as the Tree of Life. The ancient language of the living Yew holds memory and information concerning the origin and spiritual lineage of human beings. This wisdom was carefully guarded and preserved for thousands of years by generations of holy men and women, mystics and saints known as the Carriers of the Sacred Branch. The Yew reveals what is hidden in the human. In the Year of the Seed of Life this wisdom is invaluable to the human who realigns with the natural world. Sacred symbols were used by the priest and priestesses of both Lemuria and Atlantis as part of alchemy and can be vital in creating harmony and balance in our daily lives. Symbols such as the Flower of Life, the Vesica Pisces, the Pentagram and the Ankh create an energy shift that can help us find our way back to our true essence, tapping into creative potential that has been dormant, and awakening the seed of remembrance to our higher purpose in incarnating at this time.

  • Sound healing will become an even more powerful healing modality as we access the song of the whale and the healing sound of the dolphin’s sonar frequency to activate and nurture the sacred seed within.
  • The “Seed of Life” is formed from seven circles which creates the basic component of the Flower of Life’s design. Discover how sacred symbols such as the Ankh, Pentagram and Vesica Pisces can restore one to a heart centered awareness eliminating stress and worry.
  • Throughout the day you will experience sacred ritual and ceremony gaining the hidden knowledge of these sacred symbols.
  • Gain an awareness of the energies available as we enter 2014 and how to work with the higher frequencies of a seven year. Seven is a ‘magickal’ number. The number of the occultist, the alchemist, the number of secrets, myth, earth religion, ritual, and ancient knowledge. Experience the energetic shift and the importance of vibrational healing and sound for the coming year as you receive the healing attributes of working with the dolphin and whale frequencies.
  • Hidden deep within our past, lies a secret that has been long forgotten. There have been various organizations throughout history that have protected this secret. Unlock the memory as you experience the clearing of illusion with the mysterious sounds of the crystal singing bowls.
  • Your challenge in 2014 is to overcome your personal obstacles.
  • Your purpose is to experience spiritual growth.

Personal sessions are available for

Soul Life Readings

Sound Healing Sessions for balance and alignment

with the crystal singing bowls


 Friday, January 17th,

Sunday, January 19th and Monday, January 20

and Tuesday, January 21st

 These must be scheduled in advance

As times are limited.

 Please contact Guy at

[email protected] to schedule a time.

For a description of the sessions please click here

If you are interested in participating in this day of magick and healing, please contact [email protected] 

Please click here to Pay and registration

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  1. Kaytie

    Sounds like a beautiful workshop, Robbyne. Any possibility of offering it here in New Zealand in the next few months? Or an online version (don’t know if that’s even possible)?
    Love to you and Guy xoxo

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