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Awakening the dragon spirit within ourselves and within the dragon lines of Ireland

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We awoke this morning to a beautiful day as the sun shone for our journey. Our third day together would prove to be equally as magickal as we traveled to one of the most impressive stone circles in Ireland where the ancient ones had performed ceremony honoring the Earth Goddess.


One particularly large stone, weighing 40 tons stands 13 feet high. It is called the Rannach Croim Duibh, named for the Celtic God, Crom Dubh, and the Black Crooked One.


It is said to give energy to those who rest their forehead  and the palms of their hands on it. Here we again honored the unseen world in this magickal circle of stone beings.


One by one we would stand before the Black Crooked One asking for guidance and wisdom for our own personal journey.




Later this day we traveled to the magickal site of Loch Gur the sacred lake of enchantment and fantasy to awaken the dragon spirit within and to send love to the dragon lines.


Wherever water and earth come together there are doorways to the enchanted world that can be accessed by those who enter these places with an open heart.


Our final day in the enchanted lands we would be blessed as our group was joined with three beautiful Goddesses from Ireland, Jo, Bridgit and Bernie who would anchor the energy we were creating by holding the golden light as we wove the web together.


The first part of our day we would journey to Newgrange a Celtic faery mound. Home of the god Dagda, his wife Boann and their son Aonghus the god of love. Newgrange was built as a place of astrological, spiritual, religious and ceremonial importance, much as present day cathedrals are places of worship. It was built to honor the winter solstice. We would each enter this place of worship to shed the old ego self.



After the Saturn Retrograde that occurred from February through mid July each of us were experiencing old fears, insecurities, doubts and illusions surfacing. Newgrange would provide the vessel as we journeyed into the womb of the earth mother and the lights were turned out to leave the old behind, listen for guidance and step forward. When we entered the Celtic faery mound it had been dark and cloudy but as we left just like the magick occurring on the Winter Solstice the sun shone upon the doorway illuminating our path.


We journeyed later this day to one of the sites that is not visited by many, Dowth, a powerful site of ritual and magick. Here we circled the ceremonial mound holding hands weaving the web to join a circle with the three Goddesses from the enchanted lands in the center.



We made our offering back to the unseen world and focused on sending light to places on the earth still in shadow. We prayed for healing of those in need, we prayed for decisions being made from the heart by the leaders of the world. We prayed to send light through the ancient dragon lines to send courage and strength to those in need.


Marlis and Ueli sang to the unseen world with the beautiful melodic song of their flutes and we could feel the joy and love being sent back from those of the unseen. Together as a group we were reestablishing the alliance that had been broken between the world of human and that of the unseen.

That night we would all gather together for our final ceremony and prayer. Many from our group would be leaving us and others would be joining as we continued on to the Sacred lands of Scotland. We knew that we were all forever woven together by the golden strands of the web and that light would be anchored with the three Goddesses in the Emerald Isle of Ireland.

Join us tomorrow as we continue to awaken the dragon in Sacred Scotland.

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