Awaken Wolf goddess

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Sunday, May 7th

10:00 – 4:30pm

Location: Breathe Meditation

3000 North Federal Highway, 5A

Fort Lauderdale, 33306

Phone: 954-870-0508 Gyanpriya

Facilitated by Robbyne LaPlant

There is a wild and raw passion awakening in each of us, as the divine feminine returns in this year of New Beginnings. When the Goddess is awakened within us, a strong and powerful life force begins to course through our veins likened to the wolf spirit. One that is fearless and never gives up. When the Goddess awakens and summons the wolf she becomes an unstoppable force. She becomes the essence of the divine feminine and we begin to see our world differently. We are ready to run with the Goddess. 2017 is a year of new beginnings. The action we take and the seeds we plant will create the next nine-year cycle of our personal story. The spirit of the wolf reminds us that faith is seeing with your heart even when your eyes see only darkness. When we are in tune with our inherent goddesses, our lives are transformed into a limitless, joyful, and abundant experience.

In this one day celebration of Awakening the Goddess within experience the following:

  • Open to the wild and powerful potential of creation that exists within you as you gain clarity for the next nine year cycle
  • Learn to invoke the power of your personal goddess
  • Discover the “forgotten” goddess referred to as the “shadow” to face your fears and move into your full Goddess essence.
  • Reclaim your divine identity as you learn to tap into a bottomless reservoir of self-esteem and grace.
  • Discover the The Doctrine of Signatures as you gain insight into understanding the healing aspects of the Goddess.
  • Learn the practice of true magick and the different aspects of magick: natural magick, practical magick, high magick, ceremonial magick and sympathetic magick. Natural magick is a deep understanding of the hidden secrets of natural objects expressed through the Goddess such as stones, crystals, plants, animals etc. The understanding of the connection within them to the human experience. For example, a rose quartz is linked with love and matters of the heart, a piece of oak takes on the attributes of strength and sturdiness, a sprig of sage is connected to wisdom and purification.
  • Discover the power of sacred ritual as you reclaim your birthright of wisdom and sacred connections to the power of the Great Mother Goddess, Isis.
  • Learn to Invoke the presence of the goddesses each and every day as you discover how to to work with the Triple Goddess. Not only will your life become more centered, but you will become the goddess that you’ve always wanted to be.
  • You will experience the confidence of learning to trust your own inner voice.
  • Your sacred place in the universe will become abundantly clear as you work with this powerful magick.
  • Experience the healing sounds of the crystal singing bowls and celestial elemental chimes.

Join with others of like mind as together we create an environment of support, beauty, creativity and love in a day of transformation.

Total cost including all tools for rituals and ceremonies

Magickal teaching and special gifts


To register please contact Guy at [email protected] Space is limited.

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