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Awaken to the Wild

Wild Tasmania Island

A Taste of Tasmania

Tasmania License Plate

There is a land in the southern hemisphere that holds a wild spirit that can set your soul free to fly.  Even the license plate on a Tasmanian vehicle gives you a glimpse of what this land has in store for the spiritual traveler.

Lake Oberon Tasmania

Tasmania is a land older than time.  It is wild, raw, and mysterious containing an energy that opens your heart to unlimited possibilities.

It is a land of duality.  The land contains one of the richest mineral contents in the world.  Gold, silver, tin, copper, sapphire, serpentine, stichtite, crocoite, obsidian, smoky quartz, citrine, topaz, zircon, …. I could go on and on with the list of the rich variety of gems this land carries deep in her womb.  

The land has been ravished for her minerals and the history although similar to many lands, shares the story of abuse to both the land and the indigenous guardians. There has been a lack of respect for the natural world and a loss of many species due to the ignorance of humankind.  A land in need of healing and yet woven within her story, there is so much more.

wild coast line

There is a spirit here like no other; one of bravery, stamina and strength.  Beneath one layer you discover yet another all the while learning about yourself.  The hidden secrets of how to adapt to sudden and radical change. Every place we traveled to held a story of courage, vision and a deep yearning to bring awareness to the human world of the beauty held within nature.

high cliffs tasmania

At times an unforgiving land but a place that welcomes one into a world of enchantment and wonder.  Where do I begin to share the magick of this hidden gem that quietly holds ancient wisdom within its forests?    Just as it is impossible to cover this beautiful land in one visit or even two, I’m not sure how to even begin to describe the richness one finds when you come seeking to find your way back to your knowing.

bay of fires

My favorite is the Bay of Fires.  The source of the dragon line, a magickal, mystical place where one could sit for hours just being.   The dragons always return when our world is experiencing a huge shift in consciousness. I have found the lands surrounding the Bay of Fires have called a gathering of beautiful women guardians that are a joy to celebrate life with.  

bay of fires sunset

So powerful is this energy that when one calls the spirit of the Dragon you experience a sunset of such vibrant magnificence that it takes your breath away.

sunset st helens

In all my travels I have been blessed with magnificent sunsets but none held the magnificence of the dragon fire as the one that appeared the night before our gathering in St. Helen’s when we summoned the spirit of the dragon.

Dragon waterfall

Venture further inland and you come to the welcoming place of women’s business where the dragon is found in the waterfall.

Dragon eggs

Gifted with the knowledge of a beautiful wisdom keeper, Stephen True Arrow, we would be guided to the source of the dragon’s birthing ground, a magickal place where one finds the dragon’s eggs and a powerful place to set intention. This is a place where one steps between worlds and in the stillness can receive guidance for their journey.

Grandfather tree

As we explored the landscape further, we stepped into one of the most ancient rainforest in the world.  Sitting with grandmother and grandfather myrtle tree can open the doorway to the world of enchantment where ancestral knowledge is gifted. Myrtle is known as the tree that opens the pathway.  A quiet stroll through this place of wisdom can reveal the pathway that one can not see with human eyes. If one listens with an open heart the forest spirits will lead them to the place they wish to be.

Cradle Mountain

Continuing our journey deeper into the heart of Tasmania, we would be gifted with a stunning day to experience the beauty of the sacred mountain.  Cradle Mountain is one of Tasmania’s most iconic attractions formed during the ice age. The landscape has been evolving more than 200 million years long before Tasmania broke away from the great southern landmass known as Gondwana.   

Dove Lake

A mountain of sheer magnificent beauty as one stands at the edge of Dove Lake and experiences glacier rock.  

Blue fungi

One of the most spectacular forests I have ever been through is the enchanted Waldheim forest.  This place where the veil between the human world and the unseen world has captured the heart of many visionaries as it inspires a wanderlust in the heart of the one who sees beauty around every corner.  In this forest one finds the ancient Billy King Pine evidence of an ancient continent that once existed on this water planet.

Nelson waterfall

Each morning I would awake inviting the magick of this land into our journey.  We began to call it the Yay Trail as around every corner would be a glorious surprise.  A beautiful morning forest bathing to the waterfall filled with enchanted mushrooms.

Stack Rocks Tasmania

A stupendous day on the Tasman sea would gift us with unbelievable beauty as we were witness to the largest sea stacks in the Southern hemisphere.  

Albatross tasmania

A rare phenomenon would occur known as an Albatrocity.  Hundreds of albatross from New Zealand joined with the Albatross from Tasmania.  A sight the captain had never seen. Albatross is a messenger that comes into our lives to bring messages from the universe.  If we open our hearts the messages can have a great impact on the direction of our lives. Albatross gives us the freedom to break through our self imposed limitations.   What a powerful message was being gifted to all of us this day still under the influence of the Full Moon.

Dolphin tasmania

We were also blessed with a visitation from the dolphin, always a special messenger for me and one that makes my heart smile with delight when they appear.

Cave stack rocks

Besides the albatrocity the Captain shared that we had been gifted with a rare opportunity to have calm seas.  Only 10 out of 365 days would allow us access into the mystical sea cave of the dragon.

water cave tasmania

The dragon were here and the energy was palpable.

forest sky walk

The ever changing landscape brought us to the Tahune Rainforest.  Tahune means “peaceful place of running water”. A place to experience stillness as you listen to the forest people, gaze at the beauty of the forest floor, air walk above the canopy of the forest and feel the power of two rivers joining together.

As our journey came to close for this visit, we still needed a taste of Tasmania.

Tasmania oysters

The most delicious oysters I have ever had.  Served in a sacred spiral.

Franks apple cider

Known as the Apple Isle, one must definitely taste the yummy apple cider.

cider bar

John gave it a thumbs up.

Tasmania kangaroo

Special greeting from one of the locals was all it took to make me fall head over heels in love with Tasmania.

This is just a taste of the wild gifts that await.  I need to keep some surprises for the spiritual traveler so have not shared all this land offers.     I am returning in April 2019 to create a journey into the Wild Heart of Tasmania for those who may be inspired to join us.  This mysterious hidden gem has so much more to offer.

Wishing you a wild and magickal day.

Love and cuddles, Robbyne

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