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Autumn – Vernal Equinox Gathering


Today is a very special time of year known as the Autumn or Mabon equinox to those who live in the Northern hemisphere. It is the Spring Equinox or Vernal for those who live in the Southern Hemisphere.  It is one of two days that we experience perfect balance of light and dark on the planet.  An excellent time to balance the shadow and the light within ourselves.  The equinox is known as one of the eight holy days or Sabbaths celebrated by every culture around the world.  It is a holy day that belongs to all of us, not separated by religion and not a holiday based on some historical event that we are remembering.  I am blessed to be in Costa Rica, a tiny country that exists between two worlds.  To the west lies the Pacific Ocean and to the East is the Atlantic Ocean.  This tiny country is located between North and South America and represents a place where the four directions join together.  It is home to the spirit of hummingbird, a magnificent fifth dimensional being that moves between worlds with grace and ease.

The Autumn equinox marks a specific time that we have to balance the shadow and light within ourselves.   A great Native American Elder Chief Black Elk once shared with his people….. “The first peace, which is the most important, is that which comes within the souls of the people when they realize their relationship, their oneness with the Universe and all its powers, and when they realize that at the center of the universe dwells the Great Spirit, and that this center is really everywhere, it is within each of us.”  By performing a personal ceremony to balance the shadow and light we come back into a state of inner peace and balance.  We are then able to take this light and shine it out into the world assisting mankind and ultimately the earth in restoring balance.  We cannot have peace and unity in the world as long as we have conflict within ourselves.  If you are not experiencing peace, balance and celebration in your life then there is a discord somewhere, which must be addressed and embraced.

I will be joined in this land of enchantment with many beautiful souls who have answered a call to join together to hold a collective vision of oneness and unity and to pray for our world.  Seven generations ago the ancestors prayed for our generation that we would have strength and courage to move through these times of transition and change.  Now we have an opportunity to do the same for the next generations that will follow as well as to pray for those just now awakening, the memory stirring inside of another time and another place when all of mankind once lived in harmony with the unseen world and with one another.  Those of you reading these words are a part of my journey and I invite you to connect with the group that will gather tonight in ceremony to hold that vision for all of mankind.  We will gather tonight at 8:00pm which will be the following time for those of you who choose to join with us.

United States

West Coast 7:00pm

East Coast 10:00pm

Cancun 9:00pm

Guatemala 8:00pm

Switzerland 4:00am of the 22nd

Australia 12:00pm of the 22nd

Singapore 10:00am of the 22nd

England 3:00am of the 22nd

With Mercury still in its retrograde cycle and the planetary influences we are all experiencing, take this opportunity to do a meditation to align the energies.

Prepare a sacred space by creating an altar that balances the male elements fire and air with the female elements water and earth.  Prepare and candle and anoint it.  Those of you who have the White Buffalo Oil this is excellent to us on this night as it is made from pure rose and pure jasmine which balances the mind and the heart, the male and the female within each of us.  Prepare your sacred space with an object from each element.  A stick of incense or a feather to honor air, the candle you have prepared for fire, a small bowl of water or a sea shell to honor the water and a stone, crystal or flower to honor the earth.  I always like to use a rose as it carries the vibration of love and is very connected to the Goddess.

Light the candle and turn all other lights off, this represents the darkness and the shadow.  The candle will represent the light.  Call upon your own shadow self to ask for guidance.  This is the part of you that holds fear or doubt, insecurity, jealousy, unresolved anger and old hurts.  See that you are facing that part of you and ask what the shadow needs to be brought into balance.  Then visualize and see that another aspect of you enters into the sacred space, this is your divine self, the one that knows the truth, knows your purpose, has great courage and strength, carries gentle a loving heart.  Ask how the divine light within you can assist the shadow.  See that the two merge into one, the divine self opens their arms to lovingly embrace the shadow.  Feel this mergence of light and dark taking place within your own heart.  Focus on your breath and breathe in this light, as you exhale feel all worries, tension, fear and doubt leaving your energy field.

Now that you feel clear and balanced begin to visualize your light body joining our group in Costa Rica.  Feel yourself coming into alignment with the land and the people and the knowing that your collective focus is assisting the planet at this time.  Begin to visualize the world, our blessed earth and focus on sending a beautiful magenta ray of light around that planet.  Sending light to the places on the earth that are not in balance.  Places where there is strife, hunger and places where there is conflict.  Begin to send it to the leaders of the world making a prayer that they make right choice and right decision.  Make a prayer that all of humanity awakens to the responsibility we have of maintain our earth that we share with many creature beings.  We are only visitors on this planet and we are entrusted as the earth’s guardians and we must awaken this memory in all of mankind.  Sit within this space for several minutes and feel yourself coming into alignment with all of mankind.  Feel the balance light and darkness and know that all is in perfect order in your life.  Listen carefully to any messages that are given this night as the world experiences the perfect balance of light and dark.

Know that you are a part of something grand and your focus and intention is truly making a difference.

Wishing you magic.

Love rainbows and hummingbird kisses from Costa Rica the land of enchantment and bliss.

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