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August Planetary Influences

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August is a powerful month of planetary influences so I have much to share to support you in working with these magnificent energies streaming from the heavenly realms to guide the transitions we are each moving through. We must remember that the movement of the planets, and celestial bodies have a direct affect on the mortal. Preparing for these influences in advance with ancient wisdom can assist us in bringing magick into our life and finding balance in the chaos.

August 1st/2nd

Today marks the turning of the wheel as the Northern Hemisphere celebrates Llamas. The Wheel of the Year begins to shift from a growing time to a harvest time.  The subtle changes of the waning sun that occurred at the Summer Solstice become more evident as the balance of day and night seem to shift more dramatically. The Native American Indians celebrated as the time to receive blessings from the corn grandmother and the druids saw this as the night to receive the blessings of prosperity and abundance as the crops were yielding the first harvest of the year. In the Southern Hemisphere Imbolc is celebrated. Imbolc is celebrated on August 2nd and honors the Celtic sun/fire Goddess Brigid known as the triple Goddess of Healers, Poets, writers, artists, smiths, and craftsman. As the Goddess of Inspiration, she blesses those who bring beauty into the world through music, story and visual expression by gifting inspiration on this night. I have posted a ritual for both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere for those who are members of our online subscription Moon Cycle and Sacred Sabbat Celebration series.

August 3rd- Uranus goes Retrograde

Uranus is the planet of radical changes, destruction of old concepts and structures. Uranus retrogrades every year for a period of six months. When a planet is Retrograde its energy becomes more inward.  During this inward phase, we have the opportunity to review or reflect on our personal journey. Uranus promises a spectacular future and offers freedom and liberty, not through wealth and technology but through self-understanding, and a willingness to give up the lesser to embrace the greater. Uranus retrograde may physically change your external world. It can be an abrupt, radical change that shifts the course of your life sometimes forcing us to break old patterns and wake up. Uranus assists us by making us look at situations with fresh eyes, so that we may discover a new path. The cosmos is attempting to push you into a new direction. These changes were bound to happen but so many resist the change until they find themselves shifting through the aftermath. Remember the old saying, “the only thing that is constant is change”. Take the action to begin the change and the Uranus retrograde will help you to flow towards your future with confidence and a heartfelt knowing.

Lion's Gate

August 7th/8th – Lions Gate and Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Every year on August 8th, there is a cosmic alignment known as the Lions Gate. It is a time that was very sacred to the ancient Egyptians. It occurs over several days but reaches its peak on the 8th day of the 8th month. A time when the Sirian star aligns with the Great Pyramid and a cosmic portal opens bridging the physical realms of earth and the spiritual realms. At that time an infusion of light moves through the gateway aligning the human to their divine celestial light. Moments of profound awareness occur and one is awakened to their higher truth. This year it occurs just prior to the Full Moon lunar eclipse creating an opportune time to connect with ones future self by stepping through the portal that opens during this window of time. For the Choctaw Indians the August Full Moon is known as the Woman’s Full Moon.   For those who are members of our online subscription I have posted a ritual and will be posting next week a guided meditation to support you in walking through the Lion’s Gate and honoring the old traditions. Click Here

August 12th   Beloved Mercury goes Retrograde

Mercury retrogrades can sneak up on us quickly. Just as we’re catching our breath from one retrograde period, Mercury is getting ready to enter another one. To prepare for this one you will want to back up your computer. Get your paperwork in order. Do not sign contracts or make large purchases if you can avoid it.   Do not make major decisions during this time. When it goes direct you will be questioning those decisions. Everything will be amplified with the Total Solar Eclipse. It is a time to gather information. While Mercury can create difficulty with communication it can also enhance our ability to receive information and to catch details ordinarily missed in our daily lives if we work with this energy effectively. Journal, meditate, as this is an excellent time to take classes on developing your intuitive skills. The second week of Mercury Retrograde is the most challenging but also the week we have the greatest opportunity to really fine-tune our ability to receive guidance from our teachers and guides if we take the time to open those lines of communication. The Total Solar Eclipse will occur during the second week just to make life a little more thrilling, but we’ve got this!!! When Mercury is retrograde this is the time to do all the things we classify, as I will do this later when I have time. Take the time because nothing else is going to move forward.

August /21st – New Moon Total Lunar Eclipse – Return to the Black Jaguar

It is said that at the time of the totality of a total solar eclipse the Black Jaguar leaps into the world of man and hunts down where there is illusion and untruth, exposing it and destroying it. If we open to the power of the black jaguar the gift of sight can be given to see what we struggle to see. Solutions to the situations we face, a deeper understanding of the purpose behind every event in our life. It sets our soul free. It will hunt down where we hold untruths and judgments of ourselves and of others. For those who are members of our online subscription I have posted a ritual and will post a guided meditation to support you in working with this significant planetary event that will change the course of your life bringing clarity and wisdom.  Click Here

If you would like to work with the Black Jaguar energy on a deeper level, I have created the Black Jaguar Oil.   Created on a new moon it is a combination of pure musk, amber, rose and other sacred herbs from the lands of Egypt blessed in the Temple of Isis, the Temple of Sekhmet and the arms of the Sphinx. It awakens the Black Jaguar allowing us to see things with different eyes and to dissipate the negative thought forms, fears and doubts we hold in our consciousness. If you are interested in purchasing the Black Jaguar Oil, please click here.

August 25th – Saturn goes direct

Saturn is the Lord of Karma. The retrograde motion provides a time when karma is sorted out as our past, present, and future blur into one. Saturn has been traveling retrograde since mid April providing a tremendous opportunity to work through karmic debts or gain an understanding as to the core of challenging situations and relationships to see them with different eyes and forgive. Take responsibility during August before Saturn goes direct to change your thoughts from lack and judgment around a situation to gratitude for the opportunity to grow.  Recognizing we have the ability to change any situation by changing our perspective can eliminate stress, worry, doubt, anxiousness and fear. We choose… so choose wisely.

As you can see august is packed full of high energy influences so fasten your seat belt, get ready for the ride and enjoy the journey. Wishing you an enchanting month.

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Love, rainbows and cuddles from Mount Shasta, Robbyne

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