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August 15th – Aquarian Moon of the Dragonfly

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The full moon of August in Aquarius is a powerful time to express gratitude, where we can acknowledge the beauty of life itself and all we have brought into our beingness.  This can be an emotional time as we are still integrating the energy that is reshaping us to adapt to the ever changing world around us.  This Full Moon is a great time to ‘moon bathe’  by simply sitting  under the light of the moon & meditating. As you breathe-in allow the moon to warm your Heart & expand the beauty of the present moment.  As you breathe out let the light of the moon transmute that which you wish to release.

This moon is dedicated to the Dragonfly. After the powerful eclipse cycle we are reminded that we are now in an intense state of transformation.  The Dragonfly symbolizes change, transformation, adaptability, and self-realization. Mental and emotional maturity as well as an understanding of the deeper meaning of life.  Dragonflies are reminders that we are light and can reflect light in powerful ways if we choose to do so.

Change is rarely easy.  Because of this, the ability to be open to it and accept it requires maturity.  Dragonflies symbolize this maturity as well as our ability to see the deeper meaning of life.  You can invoke the guidance of the dragonfly when you are struggling to adapt change.  The energy it brings will give you flexibility and a fresh perspective. So many of our problems contain an element of not being able to accept our emotions.  They end up overtaking us and stalling our growth.  Dragonfly energy is perfect for digging in, embracing, and understanding emotions. If you find the eclipse cycle has begun to identify an area you are stuck in, an emotional pattern or a rut, use this night to invoke dragonfly’s transformative power.  They also inspire us to explore the power of light and creative imagination to usher in positive changes in our life. This can also help us look through the illusions or false beliefs that prevent us from dreaming big and achieving success.  Dragonfly has a very short time to live its adult life, but it seems as if it lives its life with no regrets. It inspires us to make use of every single moment we have, and live as if there’s no tomorrow.

Create an altar with beautiful flowers of all colors.  Add a favorite crystal and a bowl of water as these beings are of both land and sea.  In the Japanese culture, the dragonfly was honored as a symbol of joy and new light, strength, courage, and good luck. Crystals and stone beings that call in the essence of dragonfly are  Aquamarine – A stone that connects to the fairies, sprites, and mermaids.  Seashells – Helps you to connect to the energy of the water fae, sprites, and mermaids.  Rainbow Fluorite – Connects you to other realms.  Amazonite – The high energy of this stone attunes your intuition and connection to the faery realm which is the place of the dragonfly. Fairy Stones – Native Americans believe these carry nature spirit energy and are excellent for connecting at a very grounded level. These stones are meant to bring good luck to your endeavor.  Prepare a gratitude list for those things that you have manifested & for those things that will come into form at a later date in divine timing and for the highest good of all.  Remember, your Manifestation Desires may show up in unexpected ways and ‘look’ different than your original desires… as your ‘feelings’ create something more beautiful, more sacred & divine for your greater purpose on Earth.  Bury your  Manifestation Desires in the earth, either a garden or a potted plant as it will assist in grounding the desires into physical form.  Dragonfly is the Keeper of the Portals of Magick, Dreams and Mystery.  Dragonfly can guide our emergence into the Sixth Dimension of Magick and Dream manifestation.  I invite you to work more deeply with the Dragon Fly full moon with the guided audio meditation.

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