Many of you are familiar with a phrase I use all the time, an ancient alchemical phrase… As Above…So Below.  The planetary bodies in our solar system are engaged in a never-ending series of cycles that while repeating on a regular basis continually unfold effecting humanity and creating new experiences. What happens in the heavens (above) greatly impacts our experience on earth.  (Below)   Last week I shared with you the influences of Mercury going retrograde today, September 7th and Pluto going direct on September 11th.  All of this influenced by the recent Total solar eclipse and intensified by the Full Moon we just had on Friday night.

There is another phenomena occurring in the heavens greatly impacting each of us individually and globally that we need to pay attention to.   Many of you can feel it as though it is in the air. The tension between holding on to the familiar versus embarking on a new path, a new method, a new way of thinking.  The anticipation of changing from our old way of doing things, but the absolute paranoia and fear of what that change will look like.  It is as though there is a huge tug of war taking place within each of us.  Things may not be perfect now, but are we ready to leave behind what has been so very far from perfect for all these years. We’ve done things a certain way, believed in certain ideals, trusted in a certain system, convinced ourselves and they HAVE NOT WORKED because they were based on greed, fraud, lies, insecurities, false beliefs and manipulation. Those in power hoarding and devouring more power and each of us giving away our ability to think and choose and believe in a truth that can only be found deep within us.  It’s nice to think about change, but is it more difficult than what we may have imagined to actually let go of what no longer works?


Well guess what, we have all kinds of planetary influence now helping us through this struggle to find truth, to let go of what is obsolete and to step forward into a bright and wonderful future.  From the guidance that I have been shown, we as a human race are attempting to climb a very steep mountain but we are trying to do it with a suitcase weighted down with old thoughts, old patterns, old fears and old wounds.  In the pockets of the suitcase are our insecurities, our excuses, our beliefs and all the programming we got from our parents, our society, our religions and our own life experiences.  Stuck in the inside lining are the memories and disappointments of relationships that let us down, people that betrayed us.  It would be so simple to just let go of the suitcase and run forward up that hill but we have such difficulty in doing that.

There are some significant energies working with us that I want to share with you. Over the last couple of months many have just joined our spiritual community so even if I repeat myself there are many who may not have this information and I feel it warrants a review.  Those of you who have received my emails during the last several months may also need a little reinforcement to stay on track, as we are about to enter into a time of turbulence.  (Good news you will come through this so much clearer and lighter) Trust me!!!!!! Even with the guidance that is given to me I still feel like I am sitting right up there next to the pilot (Not me but spirit) and going for the ride of my life as everyday something new unfolds.


There are two planets that are known to create turbulence when they oppose each other and are fiercely competitive. Uranus versus Saturn.   Uranus wants to break free of restrictions that bind us; Saturn binds us to our responsibilities and social morality. Uranus prefers chaos and the unlimited scope of new ideas and visions – Saturn requires that we crystallize these visions into solid structures that are acceptable to the society in which we live.  It is the philosophy “It’s been this way for the last 100 years, we can’t change it because this is the acceptable way of doing things”.   These two heavy hitters directly oppose each other during a cycle of time every 45 years.  During the cycle they oppose each other three times, because our world is in for radical and permanent change they will face each other five times during this cycle between November 2008 and July 2010. Saturn and Uranus have opposed each other twice in the past 100 years: between 1917 and 1920, and between 1964 and 1967. We can learn a great deal about the effect of the opposition between these two planets by looking back to the past.

The third phase occurs on September (15th) 2009.  This is a natural evolutionary cycle that requires the letting go of the old in order to bring in something that is more of our truth.  This is a time to examine our own lives and see where we are not being true to ourselves and where changes need to be made to how we live our lives as a result. This is the perfect time to reestablish our faith in the natural flow of life and to increase our understanding that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. It’s a wonderful time to learn to let go when all of the doors to our desires are closing.  At the same time to remain strong in our intention to manifest a life of joy, laughter, inner peace, abundance, health and love.  This after all is the ultimate challenge of any planetary cycle.  The challenge is to define what that life truly looks like, a hint it is not about acquiring more and more things or material wealth. We can most certainly be abundant but it is more about how we live our experience.  This is a time of reevaluating and simplifying our lives to eliminate unnecessary stress and pressure.

The first time Saturn (old/obsolete energy) – McCain) and Uranus (new/revolutionary – Obama) opposed each other coincided with a historic U.S. Presidential Election on November 4, 2008. Americans declared that, they were ready for change.

The second exact phase of the opposition cycle occurred on February 5 2009 so reflect on what was going on in your life at this time, where you were feeling opposition and struggling to find truth or struggling to hold on to the old.  Some of you made choices to let go; others were still holding on and are feeling the intensity as we approach the third wave of this cycle.   Once again and for the third time out of five total occasions, Saturn and Uranus will oppose each other on September 15th while Mercury is retrograding and we are in the midst of reviewing our lives on a deeper level.

Just a reminder we have two other planetary influences retrograding adding to the assistance of helping us clear our lives of illusion and assisting in getting us back on track.   All moving with great intensity as we continue to move through 2009, a year of choices, duality and opposing energies.


Jupiter has been retrograding since June 15th and will be going direct on October 13th.   The planet of expansion, bliss, luck and fortune.  During the four months we are reevaluating where we are going and re-assessing our belief systems and life philosophies. We may find blockages where once an open path lay before us.  We are experiencing delays, obstacles, and difficulties.    Following the standard with any retrograde planet, this Jupiter retrograde period is a time for reflection, review, reorganizing, redefining, re-examining, repairing and reassessing. Jupiter brings hope, benefits, happiness, and opportunities.  Jupiter rules our aspirations, ideals, belief systems, and our capacity for personal growth on every level — higher education, experiences, and exposure to other cultures/religions/spirituality/philosophies   Jupiter is committed to righting injustices.


Since May 29th, Neptune has been in retrograde. Neptune rules all that is hidden and operates in the unseen world — our subconscious, psychological self, dreams, imagination, and spirituality.   Neptune is often associated with confusion (lack of clarity), escapism (drugs/alcohol), creativity (music), transcendence, “oneness,” and unconditional love.  With Neptune retrograde we are forced to feel.  This puts us on notice what we do to avoid feeling.  Drinking, drugs, eating, gambling, shopping, and all things that only temporarily mask what we wish to avoid.  Do you feel things are intense right now?  Thanks to Neptune we will have to look at what we try to avoid.  Neptune is the originator of what we resist persists!   There is no getting around it.  Neptune is retrograde from May 29 to November 4, 2009. This period offers us the opportunity to give attention to our spiritual side, psychological self, imagination, and ideals; aspects of ourselves that we may have neglected during the course of living our busy, daily lives. This is the time to get in touch with realities in the spiritual plane that are just as true and substantial as the realities we face in the physical world. Be wary of excessive escapism, especially with drugs and alcohol. A fog of confusion is common; don’t fear it. Instead, embrace the abyss of the unknown. In surrendering, clarity will follow. These next few months are an advantageous period to seek deep within, heal, transform, and welcome new experiences. We have the chance to get in touch with our spirituality and psychological self, giving us the capacity to really open ourselves to a world of hurt that no longer needs to be a part of our present or future. Remind yourself of the healing process you are committed to achieving and fight excessive escapism. If clarity eludes you, ride the wave of confusion, and arrive at your destination … enlightenment.

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Hope this gives each of you even more awareness about the amazing assistance we truly do have from Above if we harness the energies for our own soul growth.

Wishing you magick.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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    Amazing insight. It’s always so nice to hear about the outside influences affecting our lives. It really does feel like somethings in the air. Thanks for your help in reminding us that we are one.
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