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April Planetary Influences 2019

planets move

April will be an active month with three planets going retrograde.  Having the insight of how the planets are influencing us, can give each of us the tools we need to navigate with the celestial movement.  As we maneuver through a month of change and reflection, I encourage everyone to focus on how we can be the very best of us on a daily basis.  Tolerance, compassion and kindness need to be the words that describe and unify our global family.  The example being shown to the world by a small country that is first to see the sunrise.

Guidance comes when we open to the signs the universe offers us on a daily basis.  When we listen to our heart and allow ourselves to truly be guided.  I have recently been blessed with a deep experience in a very special rain forest on Mount Dandenong, Australia.  I was guided to the William Ricketts Sanctuary and was gifted with a truly moving spiritual heart opening. I never know why I am guided to a special place until the spirit of the land reveals itself.   I also never cease to be amazed at the wonder the natural world gifts the human.  The combination of the green temple, an expression of art and silence created the magick.

William Ricketts Sanctuary

The sanctuary is a place where the green temple of the goddess is filled with Mountain Ash, the tallest flowering plant in the world.   It has a regal presence when one walks amongst it.  Known as the tallest species of gum in the world, it reaches high into the heavens.  Beneath the canopy of these giant guardians, the forest floor is covered in a carpet of lush ferns that hold the promise of the koru, new beginnings. Also found in this magickal realm is the most magnificent display of clay figures created by William Ricketts.  He was a visionary and messenger of peace.  He spent a great deal of time with the Aborigines and created from clay, images of these indigenous people. He used clay as his medium as he felt clay was the essence of the wild earth and we were each a part of the earth mother.

William Ricketts

As I stood before the Tribal Chief Elder, the statue came alive and the wise elder spoke of weaving the web with the ancient teachings.  Living in harmony with the natural world and respecting the animals and spirits of the forest.   I have always felt in these special places, humans experience a sense of deep inner peace.

mother goddess

When we find that within, there is no place for hatred, greed, fear or indifference.  We are able to accept one another and live in true harmony.  We are able to see our own magnificence and can eliminate the need for external approval which challenges us to choose between a life of living how we are intended to live or a live of living the expectation of others.  For those who would like to discover the tools that nature offers to guide our journey and have a desire to step forward into your own magnificence I continue to offer experiences through journeys, workshops and retreats around the world.  I invite you to explore some of these offerings.  Click Here

Let April and the celestial guidance being offered to each of us open your heart.  On the edge of darkness, peace waits to shine through.   Let tolerance, kindness, compassion and love help each of us to be the very best we can be.

wings of mercury

March 29th 

Mercury goes direct after three weeks retrograding through Pisces.  Emotions have certainly been touched, as the world watched a true leader, Jacinda Adern take tragedy and bring forth the light of love and compassion.  59 countries were represented at the Christchurch Mosque attack remembrance service.  In my heart, I see and know that this is the start for love to begin to shine through the shadow.  A new benchmark is in place for leaders to rise who have integrity and a true desire to achieve greatness for all.

new moonApril 5th New Moon in Aries

On the 5th of April, the New Moon in Aries brings an even greater energy for initiating anything new with a strong desire for independence.   This is a moon asking you to take charge of your life after the recent Mercury Retrograde has shown you the core of your emotional triggers.   Aries is a sign known for its ability to take brave, bold actions towards what it desires. It’s a new moon that asks us to challenge our self-doubt  and  recommit to be of service.  An Aries new moon inspires courage and the leadership of a peaceful warrior to step forward where others are too fearful. Aries energy gives us drive, initiative, and passion; the will to go for whatever it is that we want.   I have posted a New Moon ritual to tap into the energy of leadership and courage under the influence of this new moon.  Click Here


April 10th Jupiter Goes Retrograde

Jupiter is one of the most influential planets, known as the planet of abundance, expansion, faith, discovery, higher learning and good fortune. Jupiter moves through it’s retrograde motion for nearly four months each year. During its retrograde motion, we are asked to focus on the bigger picture and make necessary course corrections if you have strayed from your path.  As Jupiter retraces its steps, it gives each of us a chance to embody the lessons of the previous months.  The theme of this retrograde is to remember The journey is the Destination. This is a retrospective, spiritual journey, recalibrating and realigning you with an inner navigation system, and the knowing that guides you.  What you seek is within you.  As you regain a clearer perspective, you can free yourself of patterns and burdens that have weighed on you. If you want to expand, you must change your belief system.  Use the Jupiter retrograde to realign with your own inner compass and reaffirm your faith.  Jupiter in retrograde will push us to decide what we really want and address the problems standing in our way to success. This benevolent planet returned to its home sign, Sagittarius in November 2018.  Sagittarius is Jupiter’s sign of leadership, and this planet will definitely thrive during this time, as it is in its natural element. So much so, while Jupiter is traveling through the sign of the archer, we, as a collective consciousness and global community, will be blessed with a number of gifts, and opportunities. Reflect on what have you learned, or experienced, since November 2018? This process of discovery  asks us to turn inward so we can  become clear on what our dreams truly are.  I usually set intentions to work with the energies of the retrograde on the day it begins by aligning to the planet and acknowledging the gifts it will share with me while it makes its retrograde cycle.  I make a conscious effort to check in  frequently, paying extra attention to the universal cues that present themselves.   Understanding the way the universe wishes to communicate with us is the teachings of the Path of the Rose.

unicorn libra

April 19th – Full Moon in Libra

This is actually the second full moon in Libra and this one focuses on the light expression you are meant to be.  This is a night to focus on positive thoughts as we are asked to eliminate negative thoughts and words from our vocabulary. What is your vision for yourself, your community and the world?  This is a night to focus wholeheartedly on it.  A night to concentrate on all that is good and beautiful in your life,  eliminating fear, doubt, anger and jealousy.  In the realm of the enchanted ones this is a Full Moon dedicated to the unicorn. These seventh dimensional pure white horses radiate spiraling white light that looks like a spiraling horn from their third eye.  They are assisting our  planet by touching us with love, beauty, grace and a deep soul healing so that we can reconnect with our divine soul essence.  I have posted a ritual to align with their brilliant light assisting you as you navigate on your journey for those who are members of our online Moon Cycle and Sacred Sabbat ritual series.  Click Here.  I will be posting a guided audio meditation to help create a heart opening at the time of the April Full Moon.

planet pluto

April 24th Pluto Retrograde

The Pluto retrograde has to do with how we relate to changes, small and large, daily and those that are life altering, life-changing transformations. Pluto brings deeply buried emotions to the surface which supports the influence of this month to get real.  Look deeply at your story and ask yourself why you want to continue a story line where you are disempowered or a victim. Take the time to examine the self imposed limitations you have written into your belief system.  Use the retrograde to gain clarity how to move forward.  To be less than who you came here to be serves absolutely no one,

planet saturn

April 29th Saturn Retrograde

The planet Saturn is an authoritative ruler that demands action, but always rewards those who have the courage to do the work. With Saturn Retrograde our attention is on long term goals and how we face obstacles and tests.  We are asked to renew our commitments, to restructure our life so that it becomes more satisfying and heart centered.  Influences will be on collective consciousness at a global level.

I choose to look at these planetary influences as wise teachers pushing us to be the best that we can be.  My intention is to make you aware of the gifts being  offered to each of us at this time and to remind you that each moment we choose how to experience the moment.  It is your choice to make an effort to allow yourself to gain insight through the influences that will impact each of us.

Wishing you enlightenment and strength to step forward.

Love and gratitude, Robbyne

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