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April Planetary Influences

Planetary Influences

Lots of planetary activity this month to support the changes we all need to make.  With Jupiter still in retrograde until July this continues to provide a time for spiritual reflection.  Whatever area of growth you have have been working through will require more time to make sure everything is in order before you continue. Events may test you to make sure you are ready to receive the good fortune, new romance, or increased wealth you have asked for.

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April 15th Mercury goes direct but remember every retrograde has four phases. The Shadow phase when a planet begins to slow down, Retrograde when we are fully immersed in the energies of what that planet governs, Direct when we begin to feel forward motion and finally Release when we take the awareness that has come from the retrograde cycle and take the action to move forward.  We are able to make decisions, it is now the appropriate time to make large purchases, sign contracts.  Real estate that may have been sluggish seems to move forward.  Financial deals now come together and we can breathe a little easier.  If we have worked with these energies for a higher purpose we find that our intuition continues to guide us to make the right choices and decisions that serve us best.  We will find we have greater clarity regarding our relationships.

New Moon Aries

April 15th/16th New Moon in Aires

The New Moon in April gives one spiritual motivation to set new goals. In medical astrology, this new moon is ruled by the pineal gland, which is known as the star of mysteries.   We receive a burst of energy and initiative for making a fresh start. Mercury goes direct 16 hours before the new moon making this a perfectly timed moment for creating a fresh start.  The last two moon phases were challenging so we are all ready for a new start. The New Moon of April presents an exciting opportunity to make profound changes that will improve your life forever.  Aries is the first sign of the zodiac so there is an added push for fresh starts, new endeavors with an emphasis on action and stepping into one’s full potential.  For those who are members of our online subscription series I have added a ritual on how to work most affectively with this New Moon energy invoking the spirit of the Ram. Click Here.  This is a new moon of abundance, determination and leadership.

Saying NO

April 17th   Saturn Retrograde  

When Saturn goes retrograde it is a good time to visit our relationships. Place focus on long term goals to manifest a new reality and find the insight to move beyond our preconceived obstacles.  Saturn Retrograde is about defining boundaries and gaining clarity on the motivation for our actions.  Do we do something from a sense of obligation and duty or truly from the heart.  Saturn in retrograde gives us the opportunity to go back and reorganize and renegotiate any activities or commitments that seem to be a source of frustration. If you merely persist under Saturn frustrations, the frustrations will merely persist! Weed out the source of frustration and redefine what you can truly handle without putting yourself in sacrifice.   Be aware of how much you can truly do to remain in balance.

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April 22nd Pluto Retrograde

Pluto in retrograde helps us gain clarity on how well we are doing with personal change and the transformation taking place within, as we continue to navigate through the Year of Sacred Relationships, Divine Unions and Holy Alliances.  Focus needs to be on relearning to trust your body and its signals, honoring the physical body by cleansing and purifying the body temple.  I am a huge advocate on cleansing.  As we process and clear old energies from the past we must focus also on cleansing the organs that support our elimination and purification process.  From personal experience I recommend Dr. Schultz.  www.herbdoc.com.  The bowel cleanse, liver cleanse and kidney cleanse as these are the organs that clear the body of past anger, disappointment, guilt, self doubt and toxins. If you have current health issues I would suggest asking for guidance from your medical practitioner if this is appropriate for you.  This retrograde also provides an opportunity to explore your diet to ensure you are eating the foods that nurture your body without the harmful affects of herbicides, and toxins.

Mystical Honu

April 29th/30th, 2018 This month’s full moon is in Scorpio and dedicated to Honu

This Full Moon is all about dramatic endings and beginnings.  It allows us to open to our hidden potentials and gifts, provides the power to create and be renewed again. The light of a Scorpio full moon inspires each of us to look beyond the known and open to miracles but this requires us to change our heart, mind and spirit.  We are asked to see through different eyes.  If you’re wrestling with an issue, this is a night to ask for clear messages for the next right step in transforming it.  Great gains are made now from being resourceful and prioritizing what’s most important.  A moon to examine what is calling your soul.  Scorpio is often called the all-or-nothing sign because what you release on this night, there is no turning back.  If you are willing to face your fear and risk stepping into the unknown completely, the rewards are huge.  The element of Water represents the emotional realm, and Scorpio’s waters run deep, so deep, that this sign sometimes gets lost in the depths, so the April full moon is dedicated to Honu.  I will be adding a ritual and guided audio meditation to work with this very powerful full moon and with the beautiful Honu, one of my favorite teachers as much can be learned from this ancient one. The Hawaiian sea turtle known as the God of the Sea, is the sacred navigator.   This ancient one has inhabited the space of the ocean long before human and reminds us to pace ourselves, slow down and take the time to nurture and go within.  It is a magickal experience to swim with honu as this animal being can assist one in the search for their true path. The Pacific Ocean holds the blueprint and consciousness of the Goddess and helps the human relax into the remembrance of their divinity.

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Wishing you an exciting month of transformation and growth.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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