We humans are energy beings, heavily influenced by the movement of the planets and celestial bodies.  As we continue to integrate the huge energetic shift we all experienced with the recent Total Solar Eclipse, Super New Moon and Equinox on March 20th we are getting ready for yet another Total Lunar Eclipse on April 4th.   This will provide a final purging of the old and can trigger a tremendous emotional upset.   The third total lunar eclipse in a series of four that began in 2014.   Full Moons represent times of completion, wiping the slate clean.  Coming into new levels of power to make change.

A total lunar eclipse provides the greatest opportunity to purge and  release from our lives those old stories that revealed themselves during  the last planetary influences in March.  Remember we are still feeling the push pull affect of the Pluto Uranus square stirring up a rebellious feeling inside.    For those who are just joining our spiritual family through Weave the Web, I encourage you to visit the website at www.whitewolfjourneys.com if you are not familiar with the impact of this planetary influence as I have posted the information under the Weave the Web link.


Depending on how well you have been listening to your inner guidance over the last 6 months since the Total Lunar eclipse of October, 2014 you will experience these energies accordingly.


Those who made necessary changes and began to let go of their old stories and patterns will now begin to see the fruit blossoming from the seeds which were planted back then.  Remember it is still  slow growth as this year the most important theme is STILLNESS.  Allowing things to unfold in the natural timing.


If you have been holding on and not making those changes, stubbornly resisting,  making excuses and repeating the same patterns, blaming others, then you will find the pressure building inside like a volcano ready to explode.   It is not right or wrong, it just is.  If you are feeling that emotional discomfort I highly encourage you to utilize the healing energies available to us with the upcoming Total Lunar Eclipse.

Total Lunar eclipses can create extremely emotional times that can bring many of us to tears. (Doesn’t take much with me as I am notorious at crying when watching a commercial)   More emotional than a normal Full Moon as it churns the emotions in our living waters, bringing up disappointment, loss, anything we have an attachment to.


Don’t fear the tears for they are sacred.  They release our living waters so we can become more aware of how we create our own challenges with our thoughts.  The next few weeks will provide an opportune time to sit quietly, listening to your heart and observing your own spiritual barometer.  Things are heating up in our external world and since we each play off the energy of one another there is no better time than the immediate NOW to find stillness.

Today I  return to Mount Shasta after a powerful time in Toronto with a beautiful group of souls who gathered together to experience the alignment of the Equinox, Total Solar Eclipse and Super New Moon in sacred ceremony.    I am already feeling the energy of this upcoming Lunar Eclipse.


The Total Lunar Eclipse will occur on  Saturday, April 4th, visible in most of North America, South America, Asia and parts of Australia. The Moon will be totally eclipsed for about 5 minutes in one of the fastest moving eclipses we have experienced.  I will be on the amethyst mountain for this transformational infusion of energy.  Mount Shasta  is in Pacific Coast Time and the totality of the eclipse will o ccur from 4:58am to 5:03am.  For those who have ordered the Andara Crystal Elixir I will be charging these on the mountain at this time.  If you are still interested in ordering one I need to know no later than Wednesday, April 1st.  Please contact [email protected].

Wherever you are on this day, take the time to examine what was going on in your life one year prior, April of 2014.…. as this eclipse will be a reflection of how far you have come since that time and will highlight what you have been in denial of.  Reflect on all the growth and awareness that has taken place.  Give gratitude for the lessons learned and get ready.  What happens to you on this journey is not as important as who you become as a result of these experiences.  This total lunar eclipse can reveal all that you are becoming and give clarity to those unexpected moments that bring sudden and dramatic change.


This particular total lunar eclipse will create a personal opportunity to acknowledge the sacred symbol known as the Oroborus which reminds us that there must always be and ENDING for there to be a new BEGINNING.  Let me emphasize this….we can NOT go back to anything.  Nothing is the same.  We can only move forward.   Therefore, we have no time, nor room for regret or guilt of any kind.   What is done is done.  That simple.  Forgiveness is key if we are to move forward.

There is a distinct feeling of finality in the air, an emptiness that can be filled with grief at times as we mourn the loss of so much struggle, and those people we struggled with along the way.  The magnitude of these energies will trigger sadness and moments of loss because another part of us is dying. Some have lost jobs, some relationships, many are feeling they are changing the direction their life has taken them thus far.

Just around the corner if we hold on… is our wonderful new beginning and it will be STUPENDOUS, but you must hold on. The full fruition of the new beginning may not fully reveal itself for another few months so it is imperative to take one day at a time.   Do not lose your faith or your dream.  It is coming.


STILLNESS and connecting to the natural world are key during these times of uncertainty as they will help you find your footing.   For those who may wish to go deeper into their soul story and are truly ready to move beyond the illusion and discomfort of this earthly experience I will be available for private shamanic journeys during the month of May and beginning of June on Mount Shasta.  These can be custom designed for the individual, for a couple seeking to find their way back to one another, for a group of friends who come together as a spiritual family or for a family wishing to experience the powerful energies of this sacred mountain together.  Each journey is custom designed based on what the individual is seeking.

I will also be creating a group experience with sacred ceremony and ritual for the WESAK Full Moon and Beltane  May  1 – 4th on Mount Shasta and invite those who may be called to the mountain to join me.  This is a very powerful time to be on this sacred mountain to receive the blessings offered during the Full Moon.    I will be sharing the teachings that nature has provided for the human who is open to establishing the alliance with the natural world once again as we journey together.

For those who are registered for our online subscription 2015 Sabbat Celebrations and Moon Cycle Rituals, I will be  posting several rituals to help you embrace the energy of this powerful Total Lunar eclipse as well as a video and guided meditation from the sacred mountain.  If you would still like to join our exclusive membership, and receive the monthly New Moon and Full Moon rituals, sabbat celebrations, guided meditations and videos where I can share the earth lore please click here.  This is a paid subscription and you must register in advance.


Featured Limited Edition Faery of the Month for the Eclipse Cycle is the Greenstone Faery. The  Greenstone Faery comes with a small piece of pounamou known as the stone of peace. The Greenstone or pounamou comes from the sacred waters of the South Island of New Zealand and is released to the world of human when the earth experiences a sudden jolt from an earthquake.  For many these recent planetary influences from the eclipse cycle, can feel as though we have just gone through a personal energetic earthquake as our belief systems are shattered.  Each piece of pounamou was blessed at Marotini, the Birthi ng Stone found in the Stone Beings that guard the University of Wisdom at Castle Hill.  This powerful place was identified by the Dalai Lama as  a sacred energy point where heaven and earth come together.   The individual greenstones were then blessed in the celestial waters that flow from Mount Shasta at the time of the Winter Solstice, the turning of the wheel into the Year of Manifestation.  The green stone of peace helps one silence the negative shatter in our head so we can listen to our knowing heart. You can purchase the limited edition faery with the piece of Greenstone for $50.00 or you can purchase the faery package that includes the Greenstone Faery, the pounamou stone and the Ponamou Oil for $90.00. The Po unamou oil is combined with the medicine of the plant beings from New Zealand to help one move into a state of inner peace.  Place the oil on your third eye, heart center and wrists.  Rub the wrists together and breathe in the calming, balancing energies of this beautiful oil.

Wishing you magick and guidance from the Total Lunar Eclipse.

Love and Moonlight,


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  1. I outside having a smoke two or three nights ago and watched a white owl fly over the top of me.I have been raised in aHome we’re metaphysical and earth movements totems have been apart of our lives and our friends and so I had to look up what the white owl represented and found your article very interesting.I live just east of Phoenix Arizona and my father live about 45 minutes north of Phoenix. I hope to go up to my dads to watch the lunar eclipse the view is much better from there you don’t have near light pollution as you would near the city.blessings to you, your friends and family.


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