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Anything You Choose To Commune With Becomes A Part of You and Joins Your Journey

Fire is an agent of change.  When one connects to the sacred fire held deep within the earth mother, one can find their passion and receive inspiration and clarity.  We journeyed to a very special place, far removed from the tourist, a sacred place where the artist can find new colors for their palette.   The writer can find inspired thought, the dancer can find her movement and the singer her song.  Fire is the element that cleanses, creates and shapes anew.


Considered to be home to some of the most incredible geo thermal activity on the planet, the energy of Orakei Korako is quite powerful. 


Far from the tourist center of Rotorua,  this untouched geo thermal wonderland, with gushing  geysers, hot springs, bubbling mud pools and some of the most impressive silica terraces reveals an impressive, constantly changing landscape with vibrant colors to  inspire the artist  inside each of us.

To walk this magnificent landscape one must first cross the river in a small boat.  Water is considered to be the blood of the earth mother and is the perfect balance to the fire that one feels in this geothermal valley.



As we gathered on the shores, Marlis and Ueli played the flutes to the sacred fire to honor the ancestors and ask permission to enter into the unseen world where we could commune with fire in our own personal way.   To walk a path of beauty is something that one must be committed to do on a daily basis.    We had each come to find our passion and the sacred fire that could nourish the seed we carried in our heart.




It was a gorgeous day.  The sound of the sacred flute was carried on the winds across to the river.   When the boat operator returned, he asked if the flute players would share a song with the staff.  As we had been gifted with this beautiful journey into the fire, Marlis and Ueli gave the gift of love through their music.



We continued the day with a visit to the Huka Waterfalls.    Water gives you confirmation of your journey.  It nurtures the one who has grown weary, as it connects us again to the dream.    Waterfalls are always a place to activate the memory one carries in their living waters.  The Huka Falls  are guarded by two magnificent stone beings.   If one looks deep into the waters communing with the water spirits and plant beings, one can actually see the landscape breathing.

This was a time of entering the stillness to integrate the last several days of our journey together as seed carriers.  Tomorrow we would gather with others  who call New Zealand home for a powerful ceremony at Lake Rotopounamou, the world’s spinning water vortex.  Tonight was  a time to enter the place of the dreamer and remember.

Love and passion from Orakei Korako, Robbyne

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