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Animal Communication Workshop

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Communicating with our Animal Allies

Sunday, April 19, 2009

1:00 – 4:30

animalsFrom the beginning our ancestors have sought visions and messages from Great Spirit. In the beginning, the Creator communicated with us through our interaction with nature. All of nature is connected at an unseen level. The animals, plants, and rocks all had lessons to teach us and messages to share. The messages helped us survive and provided us with direction, protection, compassion, and healing.  The animal’s message is the nature of the animal itself. Animals constantly teach us how to behave and what we should do to succeed in our physical world.   They bring us hope and messages of warnings.  An example, the message recently given to me by Turkey Vulture that is all encompassing about the time we are currently in.

Animals that you are most often drawn to, or fear the most have something to teach you. Many times animals enter your life to help you overcome difficult transitions. Animals represent the sub-conscious mind. The animals that you are attracted to, see in dreams, have encounters with, or collect as stuffed toys, pictures, and figurines can all give you very important information about yourself.

When a particular animal appears in your life you can determine what the underlying message is. By learning to become aware of the synchronistic occurrences of certain animal allies and how to pay attention to the hidden messages in everyday experiences you can develop a wonderful relationship with the world around you.  Each animal has certain medicine powers to teach and knowledge to share. Each animal has its own method of over coming the many challenges it has met in order to survive.  We have always had an alliance with the animal clan. If your connection is weak or has been ignored in the past, it is time to renew your ancient connection with our oldest teacher, the animals.

In this Master year of Relationship and Partnership there has never been a stronger opportunity to remember our deepest connection of oneness and the messengers that have walked with us since the beginning.  This is the first of a series of workshops to help you reconnect to nature and learn to receive the guidance and messages that you seek in your everyday life.  You will learn who your totem animal is, the animal messengers that walk with you from the four directions.  How to make a stronger connection as you explore the shamanic practice of summoning the animal kingdom for healing, guidance and direction as well as how to call upon the particular animal spirit for assistance and healing.

These creature beings are my life line to spirit and daily share with me insight as to the times we are moving through.  We were never meant to walk this earth experience alone we have just forgotten how. The Great Spirit speaks to us constantly through Nature on many levels. You can learn to predict future experiences by observing Nature.

Includes: all shamanic teachings, tools, experience in the medicine wheel and afternoon goodies from the Chef.

Total cost – $85.00

Please RSVP to Robbyne at 949/361-7729

Payment in advance please

Location: 40 Via Zaragoza, San Clemente, CA  92672

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