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Am I Living the Best of Me?


The first Mercury Retrograde of 2021 will turn direct on the 21st providing time to integrate the lessons brought into our awareness under the illumination of the full moon on the 26th/27th.   This Mercury retrograde is asking us to readjust our vision for the future and focus on our physical earth walk.  Things will feel as though they have gone into park as prior to the movement forward Mercury goes into the station and we are given a moment of pause to feel into our current experience.  For many the last few days may have triggered mood swings.

I have posted a guided audio meditation for the Virgo full moon to assist in gaining awareness as to the action we need to take to clean and reharmonize  our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical houses on this night.   CLICK HERE.  An energetic and cosmic house cleaning will support you in the year of change, growth, expansion and the emergence into your true self.  We are still under the influence of the December Solar eclipse through May, so be prepared as our self-created illusions, denials and untruths will continue to manifest into our experience until we truly let go.

reflection pool

I encourage you to reflect this night and ask yourself…Is this the life that I truly want to live?   Am I living the best of me?  Connect to your future self and ask How can I be of greater service?  A Virgo full moon will reveal where you stand in judgment of yourself or others.  A word of caution, your belief is your belief.  Everyone has their own belief.  Virgo asks us to release perfectionism and find the courage to be a unique version of ourselves. We have entered a new era.   A new journey is beginning as we enter unchartered territory to navigate a new world that is just beginning to birth into a new expression.  We need to release black or white thinking and move towards a more expansive way of thinking where we  allow each person to have their own journey.  If their behavior or lifestyle does not resonate with you, simply choose to not engage.  It is their journey.   Some humans truly love their old story and enjoy living it and telling it over and over.

A wise elder once shared with me, “If while reading your story you don’t like the chapter, then stop reading it and write a new one”.   A Virgo Full moon offers an opportunity to redefine our story.  I have posted a powerful ritual for those who wish to work more intimately with this beautiful Full Moon.  CLICK HERE

To maintain health and wellbeing, the focus of the Virgo full moon, it is necessary to keep our delicate chakra system spinning in harmony with the higher fifth dimensional energy  which has activated once again the five fifth dimensional chakras. To support this process, I am again offering the Grand Reset Chakra Reading but have upgraded it to now include the five fifth dimensional chakras.


The Grand Reset Chakra Reading provides detailed personal information to navigate you through the changing roads of life, as our global community continues to experience the restructuring of our human expression and integrate the fifth dimensional energies that we are experiencing.  Our physical organs are the spinning wheels of energy that keep our human body in balance. When these are blocked, weakened or congested we can experience a myriad of health imbalances, mental, emotional and physical. Each chakra has its own spiritual purpose.  The function of the chakras is very intricate operating as an energy system that communicates with the body via biological systems, such as the endocrine glands and nervous system, to keep it balanced and healthy.  A healthy chakra system ensures a healthy immune system. The chakra reading will allow you to focus on clearing the chakra centers so they are vibrating in optimum capacity.

The Grand Reset Chakra Reading serves as a guideline to personally care for yourself, allowing you to be the best of you by identifying areas of congestion and imbalance. Make a commitment to do the inner work, finding a state of balance to emerge into the best expression of your God/Goddess self, serving as an Agent of Change.  During the process I energetically examine the 12 energy centers, including the five fifth dimensional chakras which are being activated once again since the infusion of energy on the 21st of December at the time of the Grand Conjunction.  As we continue to integrate the higher fifth dimensional energy, we must be very aware of who and what we allow into our energy center.  Negative thoughts, words, limiting beliefs and emotional triggers can impact the chakra system.  A daily practice is necessary.  I provide a 13 to 16 page sharing with personal messages from the consciousness of your chakras, as well as tools to reharmonize the chakra system, including colored mandalas.

If you would like to order the Grand Reset Chakra Clearing Reading please contact me directly at [email protected].

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