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Am I Being Tested?

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getting very frustrated

April brought tests and opportunities for everyone

Making a move can be extremely stressful. Making a move with several planets retrograding takes everything to a new level of frustration. After a series of hiccups around this unexpected move that we are facing and mounting frustration, I decided it was time to speak to my teachers. My spirit teachers are always found in the natural world and after bubble wrapping the very items I had set aside to NOT bubble wrap it was clear I needed to step away and find my balance.

I decided to take a hike on one of my favorite trails before the weather turned. There was no other human being anywhere and the weather was holding. I love this trail because it winds around every corner and eventually comes to a place where there is an obstructed and expansive view of the mountain. I sat down on my favorite stone being and asked for the teacher spirits to guide me.

I always look for my answers in the animals that cross my path. There will always be four if I simply sit and wait. Within a moment a beautiful hummingbird appeared. Her message “Remember to hover in the moment, and to appreciate its sweetness”.  

A few minutes later my second teacher scurried across the path before me, a tiny lizard. His message…. You have become so caught up with the day to day drudgery of your life that you have forgotten the dream!! Take time out and start imagining a new reality for yourself. All new things are born in your dreams”.

A few deep cleansing breaths and I already felt settled inside. I began to laugh at the ridiculous of the situation. I had been stuck inside for days due to the weather and what felt like the endless task of packing. My husband and I approach everything differently. He is organized and has a eye for detail… I do not!! I had wanted to bubble wrap him in my frustration.

Having a wolf spirit I truly was feeling like a caged animal. I needed to be in nature. I took my shoes off and let my bare feet touch the earth mother. Instantly her healing energy began to flow through my entire being.

My third spirit animal approached… a single honey bee began to circle around me. I wondered where this tiny one had come from as I was now deep into the forest. Continuing her dance, circling again and again to be sure I heard the message. “Savor the honey of life … the sweet moments and memories that live within your heart.”

The quiet and stillness of the mountain brought joy to my heart. The best part there was no bubble wrap within miles. I patiently waited for my fourth animal, the one that would come from the place of wisdom. No spirit teacher came. I felt I was rejuvenated and recharged. I simply needed to change my perspective and complete the tasks of the day. I had placed too many expectations on myself.

I did have a conversation with the Goddess as I was walking back down trail. “Is this an endurance test you are putting me through? I trust you have a grand plan for me”.  

“Yes” a very simple reply to my answer.

I always have four teacher spirits visit so I thought perhaps I’ll see a bear, or a dear. Maybe a snake will cross my path. Suddenly I began to see something orange moving in and out of the bushes in the far distance. I couldn’t imagine what that could be. It was just flashes of orange but it seemed to be getting closer. I came around the bend and was not prepared for what I would see.

It was a fireman. Not one but 13 of these gorgeous men all dressed in orange carrying heavy metal axes and huge packs on their back that I could see were bearing down on some. They were winding along the trail in a snake formation. They were on an endurance test!!! Spirit has a sense of humor but this was the greatest message the Goddess could have delivered. The symbology was beautiful. The men were training to be prepared for anything that could occur on their watch. I too was being prepared for anything that could occur on my watch. I had just moments before committed to be of service to the Goddess and I realized now that this was truly a test. How strong was I? Could I become thrown off balance or would I be able to right myself? I was a faith keeper and that faith was being tested.

My fourth teacher being was the human….13 in fact which was for me quite significant as it is a power number. I was born on the 13th. There are 13 Grandmother wisdom keepers. There were 12 knights of the round table and King Arthur made 13. I was the guardian of the obsidian skull who has a deep connection to the 13 crystal skulls. In the Celtic calendar which followed the true rhythm of the Moon it was made up of 13 months, each consisting of 28 days. These 13 months were the result of balance and harmony, which further strengthens the positive value of the number 13. In the tarot deck the 13th card designates a metamorphosis. It brings with it the beginning of a new era and marks the start of a transition. It represents an initiatory death leading to a rebirth.

Well done Goddess I thought to myself. What a glorious morning this was turning out to be. Lesson learned. I had found my faith once again and was grateful for my spirit teachers, even the human ones.

As I am beginning a retreat on the mountain for the Beltane celebration on Friday followed by a beautiful journey to Bimini for the dolphin encounter at the time of the Wesak Full Moon, I am posting May’s Full Moon and New Moon rituals early as I will have little access to wifi for the next few weeks.


The Wesak Full Moon occurring on May 10th/11th is so special and so needed at this time to bring harmony to our world which is facing many challenges. This is what we have all been trained for. To hold the light and not to lose our way. During this Full Moon, The Buddha returns each year to bring new light to the world. Spiritual leaders gather in Wesak Valley, a mystical place high in the Himalayas. Here initiates led by the Christ arrange themselves into a great pentagram while the Buddha hovers over those gathered radiating light. This cosmic alignment occurs during the eight minutes centered on the moment of the Wesak full moon. This is a very special night to pray for peace and healing to the planet as well as receive the blessings of the Buddha, the Christ and the Goddess by allowing yourself to be bathed in this healing light. At the time of Wesak, a door is opened which at other times is closed. Great experiences of consciousness are possible. The energies of light, love and power are at their peak at the and gifted to the world of human through a very special water blessing. We will be performing this ancient ritual in the Atlantean waters of Bimini.

The water is magnetized by the presence of the Masters during the water ceremony of communion and gifted to the entire world. Wesak unites the world religions in a shared Holy Day. Every Full Moon brings revelation and healing for the body, mind, and soul. The Moon is the Mother Goddess who comes in the reflected Light to nurture, support, protect, and bring to flower the seeds of creation. The Full Moon is like a pitcher pouring out a healing elixir. The celestial dispensation continues for three days following the day of the Full Moon. In this ceremony, which is repeated every year, is the story of the universality of Goddesses’s love, the need for our individual purification, and the opportunity to share with each other that, which belongs to all.

For those who are members of our online subscription series I have posted the rituals for the Wesak Full Moon and New Moon. I will also post a guided audio meditation a few days before the Full Moon. Click Here.  If you would like to join our subscription series to receive monthly new moon, full moon and sacred sabbat celebrations please click here.

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Wishing you a beautiful celebration of life as we weave the light of hope, faith and strength into the web together. Yes we are being tested and without a doubt we will succeed with flying colors. Remember nature gifts us with all we need to find our balance and receive guidance from our teacher beings.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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