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Aloha….Mahalo….Ohana Three powerful words that would bring our group of spiritual pilgrims together. We were now all intricately woven into the web of life as our group of 24 came together to receive a traditional Hawiian blessing to begin our journey together on Maui. As four beautiful Goddesses held the four directions, in each corner, the elder would bless each of us with a prayer for our journey together. 


It is always important for me to honor the land, the ancestors and to show respect for the teachings of any place I am guided to journey. I knew deep in my heart that in honoring the unseen and establishing the alliance between the world of human and the nature kingdom, we could cocreate magick together.


On a spiritual level, aloha, is an invocation of the Divine, calling in the spirit of love. Alo means presence and hâ means breath. “The presence of Divine Breath”. Mahalo is a Divine blessing. Ma means in….. hâ means breath and alo means presence. May you be in Divine Breath. Both are acknowledgments of the Divinity that dwells within and without. Ohana means family. These three words that we were taught the first night would weave us together closer and closer over the next few days as the magick continued to unfold and we truly became a family.


Our first night on Maui the moon goddess was in her full magnificence as she shown brightly overhead. We gathered together to set our intentions with a fire ceremony to honor the Goddess and give gratitude that the spirit of Maui had called us together.


Early the next morning we would journey to Iao Valley, known as the sacred valley of enlightenment to the Hawaiians. A holy place of the ancestors, but also a place where a fierce battle had been fought in times past. The landscape still held the imprint of war. This was a place to embrace the shadow and allow the old parts of ourselves to die. The needle was the place the ancestors believed the star beings communicated with those of the human world and a sacred space for the spiritual seeker to connect with their divine self.


To journey to the place of enlightenment as the sun rises, long before the tourist is magickal. I knew the group would forgive me for the early morning departure just to experience the magick that occurs at the between times in this scared place alone. Here we each had an opportunity at the Iao needle to break free from our self created illusions and limitations.




We made our way down through the sacred trees to the rivers edge for personal ceremony and reflection. Water is the blood of the earth mother and together we gathered to send prayers of healing to the waters that would flow to the Pacific Ocean. The Iao Valley carries very strong male energy. Everything must be balanced so we would continue our journey to a very special place of high healing and rejuvenation of the spirit known as Kukuipuka Heiau.




One woman’s vision had manifested in the restoration of this ancient ceremonial place of worship that had laid in ruins from neglect for years. It symbolized the need for each of us to restore our faith, to clear away the illusions and shattered memories of our past to make way for everything we carried inside our hearts. We were greeted by a male and female chicken as we entered the sacred temple, and they too became part of the teaching and the ceremony.



This was a place to wash away the layers that kept our beautiful light shielded. Layer by layer we were clearing away our story line to reveal our true magnificent colors. We had come to this place of healing and rejuvenation to receive the blessings from the land and to honor the earth mother.



Even the chickens began pecking away at the layer of the shell that symbolized our journey. To be less than whom we came here to be served no purpose. In the stillness of this healing place one could listen to their knowing heart to gain guidance. Many were weary from the struggle and burdens they had faced. Others needed the stillness to rejuvenate their spirit. Marlis and Ueli played their beautiful flutes to the spirits of this sacred place and we all received wondrous blessings from the unseen world. It was time for each of us to step fully into our purpose.

Join us tomorrow as we are asked to make a course direction on our journey.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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