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Adopt the pace of nature… her secret is patience

redwood forest magic

To take full advantage of Mercury Retrograde, we all need to take a breath and disconnect from the fast world of human to find our balance as we continue to make necessary course directions.  Stepping into the emerald green temple of the Goddess allows us to listen with clarity to our own heart as our soul speaks.  Our recent gathering of 22 beautiful beings in the redwood forest for the Leo Full Moon filled my heart with joy and wonder as I watched the forest come to life celebrating the connection of the unseen and the world of human.

Forest full moon

I was not surprised when 22 were called to join together.  Number 22 is known as a Master Number in Numerology, which means that it has an extraordinarily powerful vibration.  This number is about balance and provides a gentle wake-up call to step forward in your full divine expression.  It is a calming presence in life which encourages us to deal with any conflicts in our life with peace and diplomacy. 22 is a powerful sign from the angels that one is on purpose in life and you have the power to turn dreams into reality.  It was perfect that we were gathering in the sacred grove to celebrate the Full Moon.

We gathered to celebrate and reclaim our magnificence, having made a choice to step forward. We prayed for peace, a kinder, gentler world and to make our commitment to be better stewards of the sacred blue as we remembered the vow of the Code of the Dragon.

fairy magick

In these chaotic times the gifts nature offers, is a way to find your purpose, to celebrate life and to experience the magick that exists all around us. We were blessed with the wee ones to accompany us into the forests and absolutely gorgeous weather.

Tree spirit

When a human takes the time to commune with nature there is a beautiful symbiotic relationship that is formed.  What I call the green prescription into the emerald green temple of the Goddess offers one mental, physical and spiritual nourishment.   When one allows for a moment of pause and stillness far removed from the fast world, amongst the oldest wisdom keepers magick occurs.

forest gathering

As we gathered in the enchanted forest along the coast of northern California, we prayed for unity, oneness, kindness and peace.  We held one another’s hands as we held the dreams each of us were intending.

tree faces

In one of my favorite forests, we gathered to honor these ancient ones and open to receive guidance for our own earth walk at the portals edge to the unseen world.   As we played the music of the plants once again, the dryads and tree spirits came alive revealing their presence to our group.

purple light tree

The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness … John Muir

I have always remembered this quote from a very special man who had the vision to protect the forests and was instrumental in creating legislation to protect the temples of the Goddess for future generations.  Every time I step into the forest my lungs fill with the breath of the Goddess and my mind slows down.  Nothing is rushed, there is just stillness and calm.  In another of my most favorite forests, there is a portal and here you feel that you can step into the universe.  Clarity comes, happiness and sheer joy return and when you honor the forest it clearly responds.  For me it brings back a sense of memories of another place and time when humans and the natural world lived in harmony. The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside. Somewhere to be alone with nature and the Goddess, where you can feel your expansiveness and deep connection to the universe.   Only  when one is far removed from the fast world of negative news, electronic devices, the pressure and stress of the uncertainty of the human world does one feel that all is as it should be and that the Goddess truly wishes to see people happy, amidst the simple beauty of nature.

forest sun beams

You discover that enough is enough… a place to reset, recalibrate and rejuvenate the human spirit.  I have experienced time and again watching the trees breathe.  As we exhale, they take in our breath, our worries and stress and as they exhale, they gift us with the green breath of calm and life itself.

As the next wave that occurred with the Grand Transformation moves through the white dragon line, we will gather in May at the time of the Puma returning at Lake Titicaca in Peru.  We will then weave this energy in the fall to the emerald green landscape of Ireland and Scotland.  A few spaces remain for our journey to the mystical Isle of Iona and the sacred lands of the Tuatha De Dannan.  Please note the date change for Ireland.

Goddess Dana

Isle of Iona

September 8th through the 13th, 2020

Iona, a mystical island in Scotland, serves as a time machine carrying us back through multiple lifetimes to tap into our soul story.   To be on this mystical floating island connected to the library of Atlantis, one has an opportunity to shatter all illusion in the totality of the eclipse and come into the wisdom of the universe.  There is a Celtic saying that heaven and earth are only three feet apart, but in the thin places of sacred sites, that distance is even smaller, allowing a second sight through the veil.   Iona known as Aberuk, which means a ‘distant place of the heart’, was once inhabited by a mystical community. The Hyperboreans, who were descendants of a Sirian star race, identified Iona as Iuma, meaning ‘bright land’. It was then part of the continent of Scotland before the event which sent Atlantis to the depths.   For more information please click here

Forest White Dragon

Sacred Ireland and the lands of the

Tuatha De Dannan

September 13th to 18th

Activation of the 33 petals of the Cosmic Rose
Experience the Alliance of the human world
with the world of fae and the enchanted ones

Long ago a vow of allegiance was taken by the people of the Tuatha de Danann.  Their story would become a legend. They were known as the people who entered into landscape of Northern Ireland, the Enchanted Ones.  This is my ancestry and my people.  The last Kings of the Dragon Lineage.  Many would remain behind the veils of time and place; others would incarnate into the world of human to live by The Code of the Dragon and maintain the alliance with the unseen.  As our earthly existence reaches a critical turning point many are called to activate the synchronic line of the Dragon to open the veil once again.   For more information please click here

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