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Achieving greatness in August 2023


Alchemical Alignments continue through August as we celebrate the powerful Lion’s Gate on the 8:8.   Cosmic events such as the Lion’s Gate Portal Opening are major gifts, we are given to maximize our potential.   The additional celestial light that spirals to the Sacred Blue is supportive energy to help us step into the wild unknown so we can manifest a new reality.  This month also gifts us with two full moons which serve as bookends for the cosmic events of the month that will change our lives if we choose.  This is a powerful time to honor the old ways through sacred ritual and ceremony gifting us with potent opportunities for clarity and illumination of our personal journey.    We are gifted with a blue moon once every three years.  On Aug. 30/31st the moon will be 222,043 miles from Earth. There won’t be a closer super moon until November 2025 so that makes this month potent with opportunities for clarity and illumination of one’s personal journey.  The month is incredibly rich with potential.  A lot to share but I encourage you to find the time to read this in its entirety in a quiet place to digest all that is being shared.    Knowing how to navigate this month can be a game changer.

bread grain altar

August 1 – Lammas in the Northern Hemisphere

The Wheel of the Year begins to shift from a growing time to a harvest time.  The first of three Celtic harvest festivals, the Festival of Bread and fruit is a time when the Sun God begins to weaken, and the days begin to grow shorter as the nights grow longer. This is a powerful night to be reminded that nothing in the universe is consistent and the lesser begins to give way to the greater.  The Goddess is honored and traditions and rituals for this night of prosperity, abundance and good fortune are performed.  It is a time of change as active growth is slowing down and the darker days of winter and reflection are beckoning. This is a night to celebrate in gratitude.   I have posted a ritual to celebrate the turning of the wheel to honor this special time.  CLICK HERE

full moon ritual 

August 1 –  Super Full Moon in Aquarius

August’s Full Moon in Aquarius provides a night to reflect on how much you’ve grown in this year of forward movement. Aquarius is the sign of community, revolution, change, and the future. The first August full moon will bring unexpected change and illuminate the timelines we can each walk with the Lion’s Gate portal opening.  You may feel ungrounded with all the energetic influences so make sure you take the time to ground in meditation, a walking meditation near the ocean or taking time to do a little forest bathing can assist.  The Aquarian full moon is dedicated to the Crystal Goddess who reminds us we are starlight bringing us clarity for our personal earth walk.   Remember chaos is energy in motion, breaking up the stagnation of old beliefs and systems. HOLD ON…DEEP BREATHS, TRUST…  we will make it through the difficult changes ahead.  Use this time to focus on what you wish to manifest.  I have posted a full moon ritual for this night in preparation for the Lion’s Gate portal opening and will be uploading a special guided audio meditation.

Imbolc blessings

August 2nd – Imbolc in the Southern Hemisphere – Festival of Milk

This is a Gaelic word for “in the belly” Imbolc is a time of renewal and rebirth as the Goddess springs forth from deep within the earth where she has rested since Samhain. These are the first stirrings of Spring as they bring the promise that the Goddess is awakening.  She is released from Winter’s embrace, rejoicing in her resurrection from the grave.  For the Druids, this is a celebration honoring Brigid, the triple Goddess of Healers, Poets, writers, artists, painters, dancers, blacksmiths, and craftsman. As the Goddess of Inspiration, she blesses those who bring beauty into the world through music, story and visual expression by gifting inspiration on this night.   A ritual has been posted for those in the Southern Hemisphere.  CLICK HERE


August 3rd – Pluto square the North and South Nodes 

Pluto the planet of power, death, rebirth, and transformation has been squaring the north node, our path of destiny, and the south node, our karmic past, since July 22nd.  On August 3rd Pluto will exactly square the north and south nodes for the last time until 2032. A square in astrology represents tension or conflict. The square is made to create friction so that we no longer ignore what needs to change. Whenever any planet squares the nodes of destiny, it indicates that we are at a crossroads and the energy of this astrology asks, “are we going to do what we have always done or are we going to choose to do something different”? Pluto, who represents the snake shedding its skin and the phoenix rising from the ashes, acts like the guardian and guide of the next phase of our journey. He asks us if we are willing to shed beliefs, rules, relationships, jobs, expectations, etc. that are no longer in alignment with our lives so that we may rise and take our next big, bold steps toward who we are meant to become.

Lion's gate

August 8th – Lion’s Gate Portal

Every year on August 8th, there is a cosmic alignment known as the Lions Gate. It is a time that was very sacred to the ancient Egyptians. It occurs over several days but reaches its peak on the 8th day of the 8th month. A time when the Sirian star aligns with the Great Pyramid and a cosmic portal opens bridging the physical realms of earth and the spiritual realms. At that time an infusion of light moves through the gateway aligning the human to their divine celestial light. Moments of profound awareness occur, and one is awakened to their higher truth.  Stepping through the Lion’s Gate and embracing the higher energies can serve as a map to the future. For those who are members of our online subscription series I have added a Lion’s Gate Ritual CLICK HERE and have posted a guided meditation to support your journey through the portal at this powerful time.  CLICK HERE

Lion’s Gate Offering – Personal Magickal Sigil Reading

A sigil is a magickal symbol that represents a specific idea or intention. Once activated, the symbol can magnify your personal intentions and open the door to profound change in your life.  Sigils are used for healing, shifting beliefs, manifesting partnerships, creating new opportunities, igniting creative spark, activating the flow of abundance and  discovering your soul purpose.  To tap deeper into an experience, I create a Sigil that holds the energy for what I desire to manifest.  When I am seeking guidance, I create a Sigil to help me navigate into my heart for the wisdom I seek.  The Sigils when charged with intention become living affirmations supporting one’s journey. and powerful meditation tools.

After my recent pilgrimage to Uluru for the 777, I am guided to offer for August a personal Sigil created within the entire Lion’s Gate Portal.  The process is a personal and intimate experience where I sit in silence connecting to your soul essence.  I allow the energy signature you are carrying to be channeled through into a colorful symbol of power. When it is complete, I sit with the Sigil and bring forth a message for your journey.  Everyone is different  and unique as the colors, shapes and highlights all carry a special energy and meaning.  The Sigil takes on magickal properties and becomes a powerful  tool of manifestation. If you wish you can send me your intention for the Sigil.  They become more powerful when placed on a personal altar and used in meditation.

Below are some examples of the Sigils that hold magick.  Yours will be created specifically for you.  If you would like to have a  personal Sigil created in the Lions Gate portal and celestial energies of August with a personal message from your energy signature please contact Guy at [email protected]

They are each created on high grade watercolor paper using watercolor and ink.  The cost is $95.00 for the Personal Sigil and message plus shipping costs.

Lion's gate


August 16, 2023  – New Moon in Leo

New moon beginnings are exciting, but they also require work, and the upcoming new moon in Leo will remind us of this. This is a night of powerful intentions to be grounded in sacred ceremony.  The New Moon is in Leo and still under the influence of the Lion’s Gate portal and provides a night to remember our true soul origin.  We are starlight.  We all shine, like the moon and the stars and the sun.    The Leo New Moon provides clarity on where your light is best seen.  Sitting in stillness and asking, “Where is my energy better served?”  It will serve no one if you continue to waste your brilliant light on people and situations that choose to remain in their old story.   Simply bless them, it is their choice to do so.  You are of greater assistance to share that light with those who are ready to step forward.   It is not right or wrong, good or bad… it just is. This dramatic new moon will ignite a fire under our creative visions and highlight all the lessons we have been learning about our relationships through the past weeks of Venus in her own retrograde dance.  The magick of this new moon is to prepare us for the changes that are coming and to tap into a feeling of hope and renewal.  Utilize this beautiful dark moon to enter the stillness and nurture the seeds you carry in your heart.  I have posted a ritual to support you in reclaiming your starlight and gain clarity as to where it can be of the most benefit.  CLICK HERE

God of Mercury

August 23 – Mercury Retrograde September 14

The pre-retrograde shadow will begin on August 3rd, and the post-retrograde shadow will linger until 30 September.   Cosmic vibes shift drastically today as both Virgo season and Mercury retrograde kick off on the same day. Take things slow and be sure to double-check the details of your plans. Take nothing personally as Mercury influences communication and we all tend to be hypersensitive and write stories that do not exist.

Planet Uranus

Wednesday, August 28,  2023  – Uranus retrograde requires resilience

Uranus will go retrograde in Taurus on August 28th where it will dance until January 26, 2024.   Uranus is the planet of change, revolution, and innovation. It urges you to break free of anything that’s holding you back from being your true, genuine self, to rebel against limitations and boundaries, and to think creatively.  What we set in motion with the powerful 777 alignment individually and collectively for our global community has created a wave of change that we need to ride.   This will require radical change and the ability to look at life with a different perspective. When Uranus goes retrograde he will  trine Mercury. A trine is a gift in astrology.  Mercury is the planet of the mind and Uranus is the planet of sudden inspiration. This shows that some of the biggest gifts of this Uranus retrograde is inspiration, perspective shifts, out-of-the-blue “aha” moments, and heightened perception and intuition.  With this retrograde, Uranus is now highlighting the importance of giving ourselves time and space to integrate, reflect, and process the changes that have taken place in our lives in this “7” year of forward motion.  When we do this, we’re giving ourselves the ability to meet the next change that occurs with resiliency rather than resistance.  Uranus is encouraging true leadership and pushing each of us to step up, take charge of our own lives and make change. This retrograde will continue to support us as we search for truth.  Uranus is a rule breaker and does not recognize existing structures. It is an advocate of change.  Since it prefers radical change and works in quiet behind the scenes it is known as the Great Awakener.  I continue to offer the Path of the Rose teachings as well as the Dragonfly Emergence program which can be enhanced with these planetary events, providing personal tools to help one navigate through unchartered territory as you find your truth and strength to make radical changes.    CLICK HERE



August 30th/31st Super Full Moon in Pisces

With all the celestial activity of the Lion’s Gate and two super full moons we are being asked to step into grandness.   These illuminations are meant to push and expand in all areas of your life.  You may feel overwhelmed by the enormity of what lies ahead.  Just embrace it as you have all that you need.  It is only when you see yourself less than the Goddess herself that you separate from the source of power that is available to you.  This is a moon to fully embrace the dream you carry and allow yourself to be rejuvenated by the celestial waters of the Goddess. Take the intentions you set during the Lion’s Gate Portal and allow the Pisces full moon to access your most creative, imaginative, and intuitive self through our emotional bodies.  We are called to dream and envision from our inner sacred temples of light, as we activate the dragon heart.   Pisces is the sign of inner spirituality, intuition, mysticism, and dreams. There will be 6 retrograde planets during this blue full moon, which is a significant number of planets to be retrograde at the same time. This indicates that this full moon is encouraging us to turn within, surrender control, take our time, pause, and reflect. Additionally, this blue full moon will take place at 7 degrees Pisces, which is the exact same sign and degree that Saturn went retrograde at on June 17th. Saturn, the planet of reality, going retrograde in Pisces, the sign of dreams, is all about the process of making our dreams a reality. So, this super blue full moon acts like a spotlight so we can see any fear, self-doubt, or excuses that blocks us from bringing our dreams into manifestation in order to release it. The astrology in August is profound, with Pluto squaring the nodes of destiny at the beginning of the month and this Pisces blue full moon occuring at the end of the month shows that we have arrived at a powerful turning point both personally and collectively. This is a turning point asking  us what would happen if we started listening to our hearts and stopped fearing our paths and started blazing them instead.  What would you do if you knew everything you did was going to be a grand success.

Continuing to work with the Nommos who incarnate in the form of whales, dolphins, mermaids, and mermen after our gathering in Uluru for the 777, this super full moon is dedicated to the whale and the Protective Goddess of the Sea, Sedna.  I have posted a   guided audio meditation to support one in creating a deeper relationship with the whale spirit and the whale song lines.  CLICK HERE There is also a ritual to activate your heart song as you allow the super full moon to illuminate your path. CLICK HERE  Those who may be called to follow the whale song lines, we will be offering our annual retreat in Maui and the birthing waters of the humpback whales in February 2024.  If you would like more information, please contact Guy at [email protected].  This is a life transforming retreat and one that touches deep into my soul every year as I commune with these amazing beings.

Wishing you a magickal August full of wonder, healing, and clarity.  I encourage you to experience the Lion’s Gate Portal in stillness.   Tap into your soul story and observe what memories you may carry that are source of disharmony.  This is a powerful time to facilitate change.  Change begins within us and 2023 is a year to reconcile the past as you observe life through the lens of the heart.  Taking the creative potential of a world breaking down to transform the energy into the future you wish to create. As you can see there is a lot of influence in pushing us through the excuses, we make that keep us small.  Work with the gifts of August to truly move forward.  We all deserve a healthy and joyous life.  There is magick in the world, we just need to find it, especially when the external view is a world collapsing around us.  These sacred waters call me year after year to join with the Nommos.

As you navigate through August, be gentle with yourself.  Use these gifts from the celestial heavens to guide your journey.  Find your courage and embrace your magnificence.  I continue to offer Soul Life Readings or Karmic Lesson Readings for those who would like assistance in seeing through the lens of the heart to navigate their personal journey.  I have availability in September.

If you would like to join our spiritual community and receive our free newsletter Weave the Web which includes Planetary updates, information on upcoming spiritual journeys, retreats, workshops and special events, as well as earth messages and wisdom from the unseen, please Click Here

If you would like to explore further the honoring of the cycles of the moon and turning of the wheel with a monthly New Moon, Full Moon, and Sacred Sabbat Ritual, as well as a monthly guided audio meditation dedicated to working with each moon cycle, please CLICK HERE.    By actively participating in these natural cycles, we can attune ourselves to the creative forces that flow through us and learn how-to live-in harmony and balance with ourselves and with the beloved Earth.

For those who are called to join our Autumn Equinox celebration on Mount Shasta, we will be weaving the magick of New Zealand and the sacred Rakaia river as water carriers, to the magickal McCloud river, sacred to the Winneman Wintu, the traditional guardians of Mount Shasta, I invite you to join in this celebration of the turning of the wheel.  The Autumn Equinox also known as Mabon occurs when there are equal portions of shadow and light on the planet.  Mount Shasta is the root chakra of our beloved water planet and serves as a protective vessel for transformation and change.

A big thank you to Natasha our star child for her celestial wisdom.  If you would like to schedule an astrological reading with Natasha she can be reached at [email protected].

Kia Kaha.. Be Strong

Love and Rainbows, Robbyne

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