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A Story of Remembering – Matariki


Matariki Meditation Audio

The Native American Indians share their story of creation and the birth of the sacred web.   Many of the indigenious tribes believe that Grandmother Spider wove the first dream. She began to dream the mountains, the rivers, the tree beings, the flowers and fauna, the animal allies and finally the human.  As she dreamed the human, she dreamed the potential of each soul who entered into the earth experience, weaving each of us together with a beautiful golden web of light.  With the human she felt they would lose their way and fall into a deep sleep.  To help the human remember they were star dust, each woven with a beautiful purpose,  she wove the seven sisters known as the Pleiades into the web.


In the southern hemisphere the indigenious people also speak of the seven sisters but call them Matariki.   Matariki is an especially important cluster of stars to the Maori of New Zealand and a key navigational beacon for ocean voyagers.   On June 18th in the southern hemisphere, (June 17th in the Northern hemisphere),  the Matariki star cluster rises into the skies and brings the promise of a new beginning.   This represents the beginning of a new year in the Southern Hemisphere but can be a time to reevaluate the intentions that were planted at the time of the Winter Solstice for those in the Northern Hemisphere.   Studying the stars was a way of preserving history, knowledge, culture and maintaining ancient practices of the earth religion. The time of Matariki was a celebration and a coming together of family and friends.


In ancient times it was a time to share with each other through story telling, song and dance, carving and weaving,  passing on the wisdom to the next generation.   In New ZealandMatariki is often celebrated by planting new trees and crops signaling new beginnings. Matariki is the optimum time for new harvests when ceremony was done to ensure abundant crops for the coming year.  It was also seen as a perfect time to honor the land we live on and to remember whakapapa, the ancestral beings that have passed from this world to the next, honoring the legacy they left behind.

As one who follows the path of beauty and the earth religion which belongs to all, I wanted to share this special time with everyone.  The more we share and explore the traditions of our different cultures, the more we see these are celebrations that belong to all.  When we realize this we create a sense of unity.  I find it always amazing how spirit guides my journey.   I will depart the northern hemisphere on the 17th and be crossing the international date line into the southern hemisphere on the 18th.  I will be celebrating Matariki in the stars.  I did not plan this intentionally.  It was the only flight available and now I understand why.   I just love it when that happens.

If you have felt out of sorts, confused, angry, irritable, misunderstood, sensitive, out of balance, take a deep breath.   You have been under the influence of Mercury which goes direct today.  We will still feel the remnants until around the 27th as Mercury is in the post shadow.  Time to clean up and make that course direction.  No turning back now.  The celebration of Matariki can support one through these times.


I wanted to share with all of our spiritual family a special meditation for Matariki to support your journey and the remembrance of our star essence.   If we can pause from our busy lives and take this time to reconnect, we can tune into the messages being gifted through the movement of the celestial bodies.  Everyone has been given a wake up call with this passing Mercury Retrograde.   Now it will be up to each of us if we heed the messages and have the courage to step forward.    You can now sign contracts, have those intimate conversations and take the action that has come as inspired thought.  Mercury is my ruling planet so let me tell you I am celebrating with great anticipation tonight.    Mercury and the Mercurettes have been dancing above my roof for three weeks now so I am happy for them to move on.  You will also find wifi and phone reception improving greatly.

For those who are members of our online subscription I have posted a very special ritual and celebration that you can perform for Matariki on this night.  If you are interested in becoming a member of our online subscription, please click here.   I will begin working on the messages after the solstice when I settle back into New Zealand on the crystal island of Waiheke and will be sending them to each of you over the next several weeks.

Wishing you all star light and magick.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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Matariki Meditation Audio

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    Thank you Robbyne for this beautiful meditation – very profound and emotional for me. Will definitely do this again.

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