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A Place of Innocence and beauty

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Traveling through the magnificent highlands of Scotland we stopped at the mystical Loch Ness to connect with the magick of this sacred space. We had come to connect with the dragon spirit. Each of us offered a beautiful flower to this special place where the unseen and the world of human join together.


Even though the sun had been hidden most of the morning as soon as the flowers were gifted to the lake in our ceremony, the sun came out to illuminate our path.


This night we settled in to Tulloch Castle in anticipation of what tomorrow would hold. Many of our group had encounters with the spirits who roamed the castle. Several of us were witness to Liz’s breakfast simply disappearing, even though no one had entered the dining room or left after the waitress had placed the breakfast next to me. I had covered it with a napkin to keep it warm for Liz and when she returned and commented on the fact that her breakfast had still not arrived, I could not believe the breakfast was gone. A cold chill went up my spine and I delighted in the games spirit would play with us throughout our visit.


Kamala and I would celebrate our birthdays on this magickal day, Friday the 13th. “30” was a big one for both of us and what better place to celebrate, then in the enchanted Faery Glen at Rosemarkie. (Ok maybe a little more than 30 years but that was as far as I was counting). Here we could connect to the mysterious world that existed just on the fringe of the human world to find the innocence of the child once again.


Rosemarkie Glen can fill your heart with such joy, your burdens and worries seem to fall away and the unseen world comes alive. We walked together single file in silence listening to the whispers of those in the unseen.


We gathered at the waterfall to connect with the water spirits as the sunlight glistened on the faery dragon log where others had left their offerings.


We tied our dream ribbons in the Glen and spent time celebrating the beauty of this magickal place. Together we sang to the Goddess making a commitment to serve as an expression of light. A promise to allow the child inside each of us to celebrate this wonderful journey we call life. No one left the glen that today without a renewed sense of joy in their hearts and a huge smile on their face.

After lunch we continued our journey to Clava Cairns, the ancient stone circles near Inverness. These burial cairns at Clava are over 4,000 years old. The three well-preserved cairns form a line running NE to SW. The standing stones around the cairns were positioned to acknowledge the midwinter sunset. Even the color and texture of the stones seems to have been carefully selected to emphasize the veneration of the sunset on the shortest day of the year.


As we moved through the ancient guardian trees we circled around the first cairn spiraling into this sacred place to perform a ceremony of rebirth. I had visited this sight many years before but never felt the energy that I felt today. The stones were alive and offering guidance to those who listened with an open heart. The guardians trees offered healing energy as we made our ceremonial procession through the center line.



Again we stood together praying for light to fill the hearts of all humanity. We would continue to pray along the dragon lines in all lands we were called to, until all of humanity stood together as one light, one heart and one world united.



We each left our offering of a beautiful rose and found a place within the sacred sanctuary to sit and be still. Many of our group would receive insight and guidance for their journey as this place opens ones intuitive center to receive clarity and wisdom when approached in a sacred way.


Join us tomorrow for our final day in Sacred Scotland as we travel to Rosslyn Chapel.

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