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A New Day Has Come

After a brief rest to integrate the power of the early eclipse morning,  we would make one final journey on this amazing day.   I glanced at the clock and realized we had been journeying for ten hours already and it was only 2:00pm.  I was charged with energy and ready to experience anything.   This was not the case for my husband who had succumbed to food poisoning the day before.  He had not been able to leave the room for 24 hours and yet at 4:00 am he was determined he was not going to miss this rare event.  It was clear the intensity of this eclipse would push everyone, some physically, others emotionally, all of us mentally.  The only way we can evolve to the next level is to clear our body temple of old energy, doubt, fear, anger, judgment and worry.

Kata Tjuta, known as “many heads” to the Aboriginal people, also known as The Olga’s, now called to us. Uluru held great power but Kata Tjuta, had a completely different energy, a soft, nurturing feminine energy, although it was the place sacred to men’s work.   I had asked spirit for confirmation on the journey to the sacred water hole earlier this morning, as I knew we were entering an inter dimensional doorway to walk amongst these enormous stone beings.  We were each coming here for guidance and to plant the seed for the group that would return in 2012.

As we entered this sacred place and offered water to the earth mother, the path was clearly defined by the great serpent in the sky.  This cloud formation would remain until we had walked through the doorway.   We hiked into the valley and found the water line that marked the pathway.

I placed the andara crystal and the Shaman stone of obsidian into the waterways sending the new dream we are creating together, and the prayers of our spiritual family.

We hiked into the Valley of the Winds and were fortunate to find ourselves at the top of the Wind Walk alone to do ceremony and listen to guidance from the ancestors.  We left at sunset to return back to the hotel and were greeted once again by the most magnificent Full Moon as she rose in her full power to greet us.

Each of us spoke at the same time that we had never seen such a large and powerful full moon.  The old imprint that has held the divine feminine suppressed has been shattered.  I understood why the final part of our journey was to enter into the sanctuary where men’s work was done.  It was here in the river that flows through the Valley of the Wind the old imprint would change.  The Aborigines believe that the earth is surrounded with Song Lines and when we sing together we sing life back into the song lines restoring balance.  When we gather together to chant, to sing, to bring sound back into the cosmic web through the tuning forks or crystal singing bowls we activate the dreamtime once more.

The elders of many nations have shared there are heart lines that joined families together and this gypsy life I was called to follow was to weave the heart lines together once again.  I had found the divinely orchestrated meetings and the instant sense of familiarity when we meet one of our star family was increasing now.  It has to, we are rapidly approaching the shift of consciousness that the ancestors from all cultures have told us about.  I have found I don’t have the luxury of lingering in the past as the future is unfolding in the immediate now and we are choosing the outcome.  We are not there yet.  We still pretend that the world remains the same.  IT DOES NOT!

With the next Solar Eclipse that will occur on July 1st we now each have an opportunity to step into our full potential and power.  It is up to us as we choose to adjust to a whole new way of being.  The past is behind us, if we attempt to step backward we will find that there will be such discomfort, but if we choose to move forward we will be rewarded.  I caught myself feeling and old pain and sense of loss as I realized the choice to follow the path of an earth walker meant not only the end of my old way of life but now constantly having to say good bye.  By the time this earth journey is complete, I will definitely be a Master at trusting that when I step through a doorway it will close, but another one will open.  The hardest part is who remains behind.  Change is all I know and thank God and the Goddess I have a wonderful husband who supports the never ending story we now live.

The elders told me what mattered was who I found as I walked forward and there were many paths that I had yet to walk.  Many of the star family who I needed to meet.  They had their story to share with me, their song to be heard and together we would sing back to the earth a song of harmony and oneness.

Sing your song back to the earth mother and awaken the song lines once again.  Send a song of joy and love.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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