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Thank You…Thank You….Thank You

A heartfelt sense of gratitude to our spiritual family and the thousands of magnificent star humans who shared their light in a global meditation at the time of the Jupiter/Pluto alignment.  I also want to acknowledge everyone who serves as first responders, those in the healthcare profession, those who are delivering meals and groceries to those unable to leave their homes, those working in the grocery stores, working in warehouses to pack and ship products, those making those deliveries.  Those of you volunteering and contributing in so many different ways.  Those sewing and making masks to share with others.    Thank you…Thank you…Thank you.

Affirmation as we continue to hold the wave of transforming light we have collectively created:

“My Human Self is Remembering how to know my Star Self…. How to Love Myself and How to express myself as my true Divine Essence”.

Butterfly Full Moon

As our world has slowed down and our skies are quiet with the grounding of many planes, we have a grand opportunity to celebrate and receive the blessings of the next full moon.    On the 7th/8th of April, the moon will move into her fullness in Libra, the astrological sign of balance, ruled by Venus, the planet of love.  We have a grand opportunity to recalibrate and reset during these times of global awakening and transformation.  The April Full Moon is dedicated to the caterpillar.   Many traditions honor the journey of the caterpillar and share their story of the Obsidian Butterfly Goddess who can be invoked to support us as we move through these times of unprecedented change.  The super full moon of April will be the closest lunation to the earth in 2020 so this very much amplifies the power of this night to journey into the void of creative potential.  I have now added a Full Moon Ritual  for those who are members of our online subscription series, to support one in taking the inner journey of self-discovery and the birthing of the new version of Your Star Human Expression.  CLICK HERE.   

For those who are experiencing health issues, physical, emotional, overwhelming feelings of stress and worry, feeling alone and isolated, I will be holding space for divine healing and have created a powerful altar and energy grid here in the ancient stone elders of Sedona.  If I can assist you, please send your name or the names of those who are struggling so I can place them in the healing grid of abundance.  Every month I do a guided full moon audio meditation to take those who are members of our online subscription series deeper into the magick the full moon offers.  This month I am sharing with our entire global community to celebrate what we are collectively creating as we each reset to the higher frequencies.  I encourage you to take the time to celebrate the gifts this super full moon of balance will offer.  See Below for Meditation 

Wishing everyone a full moon of clarity and reunion with your divine self.

Stay Strong, healthy and vibrant.  Give gratitude for all we are collectively birthing.  We will move through this time of resetting and become the best of us.

Love and moonbeams, Robbyne

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