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2018 January Planetary Influences

2018 Year of Relationship

How celestially perfect that in 2018, the Year of Sacred Relationships, Holy Alliances and Divine Unions, a year to reestablish the ancient alliance with the natural world we will experience 13 Full Moons. The natural rhythm of following the true cycle of nature was distorted with the establishment of the Gregorian calendar in 1582. It was the intention of the Church of Rome to disrupt the sacred ways of ritual and ceremony honoring the cycles of the moon, and changing of the seasons. Humanity would turn away from the Earth Religion that belonged to everyone. The sacred teachings of the Path of the Rose that encouraged everyone to be a sovereign and whole being of love would slip into the shadow. We collectively began to fall deeper into the illusion of separation and division, which led to the creation of established religions.

2018 we find that even within the structure of the Gregorian calendar, we will be celebrating 13 Full Moons. Nature is recalibrating and creating a special year of establishing the alliance and union between human and the unseen world once again. There is no hierarchy in the natural world, and the first religion, known as the Earth Religion cannot be manipulated for personal gain or greed. Everything is seen as a reflection of the Goddess and has equal value, a golden thread woven into the tapestry of the earth. The more we take the time to perform ritual and ceremony we disconnect from the fast world, pause, breathe and find our own connection to the Creatrix goddess and our divine self. When we find stillness, which creates balance, we are able to receive guidance. We find a safe sanctuary far removed from the chaos and find our lives are more joy filled, healthier and lighter. We become greater vessels of love and we truly become the change we wish to see.

Wolf full moon

January 1st/2nd Wolf Full Moon

January begins with the Wolf Full Moon on January 1st. What a magnificent gift we as humans are being offered with the awareness and enlightenment that can come if we honor the ancient ways of ritual and celebration. The first full moon is considered the Wolf Full Moon and holds a very special place in my heart. As the first full moon of this 2 Year, it is dedicated to the Spirit Teacher Wolf. One of the teachings of the wolf is the wisdom to know that the strength of the wolf is the pack and the strength of the pack is the wolf spirit. Strategic, resourceful and incredibly communicative, the Wolf is a noble mentor and pathfinder for humankind.  Wolves create a sense of community reminding the human in observing these magnificent beings the need to communicate with those in our pack to help when we are facing challenges. Wolves are the terrestrial cousins to the dolphins and have much to share with the human who invites the spirit of the Wolf to guide them.  They teach us focus, not to be distracted by the chaos of the ever-changing fast world. Wolves are phenomenally resourceful.  January can be a brutal month in the northern regions and the frigidity of winter brings life to a standstill in the wild. Wolves, however, thrive as they are designed to handle the brutality of cold quite well.   Native American Indians modeled themselves after the Wolf in hunting methods, cooperation and efficiency, valuing them as proud hunters, loyal friends and intelligent teachers.  They thought of the Wolf as a spiritual pathfinder, one that could open new pathways. In Egyptian mythology, the Wolf known as the Jackal was also known as the opener of the ways.

 Under this super full moon, what seems dormant in our life is actually an invitation for opportunity.  Take time this evening to honor the spirit of the Full Moon and the Wolf.   This is a time to commit to the sacred relationship you must develop with yourself. Be quiet and listen to determine your values and establish priorities. The Wolf Full moon can illuminate your path for the entire year. As the energy of the first full moon, has a lot to do with endurance, we are reminded that it isn’t possible to develop, or give birth to a new level of you without endurance. The seed we planted cannot sprout without letting go of its hard casing. Your dream cannot be birthed without the right timing. In this second year of a nine-year cycle we are being asked to maintain a light heart and tonight, at the start of this amazing year is a perfect opportunity to practice through celebration and ritual. So often we work at jobs that rob us of our creativity and passion. Fear of lack keeps us trapped on that hamster wheel. Utilize this full moon to break that pattern. For a wolf there is no sense of failure, merely opportunities to grow.

For those who are members of our online subscription Moon Cycle and Sacred Sabbat series, I have posted a powerful full moon ritual, information on how to prepare a sacred altar for this night and a guided meditation to invoke the spirit of the Wolf to walk with you. Click Here  For those who would like to join our subscription series to receive monthly Full Moon, New Moon, Sacred Sabbat Celebrations as well as an audio guided meditation and multi cultural tools for working with the energies of this year please click here. Each member will receive a personal message for the year upon purchase or renewal of their subscription.

Wolf Connections Org

2018 is an opportunity for more acts of kindness and celebrating the Goddess. There is an organization that I have shared with you before that is very close to my heart known as Wolf Connection. The entire human pack of Wolf Connection gives generously from their heart as they provide a sanctuary for rescue wolf/dogs and a safe haven for At Risk children and young adults. 2018 is known as the year of the Dog/Wolf in Chinese Astrology, so honoring these spirit teachers at the beginning of the year can assist our own earth walk. I am providing a link for you if you are moved in your heart to provide a donation as this organization is completely funded by only the loving support of individuals. Wolf Connection receives no assistance from any outside agency. I have been incredibly moved by the life changing stories and significant difference I see occurring in the lives of the wolves and the children of this program. Every time I have had the gift of walking amongst these grand four legged teachers it has changed my life. I look forward to returning and sharing once again. LINK FOR WOLF CONNECTION.

Etheric doorway

New Moon – January 16/17

The January new moon in Capricorn is the first New Moon of 2018 falling between the two Super Full Moons. A new moon in Capricorn provides an opportunity to dive deep into our dreams from a grounded and practical perspective as we commit to personal goals that will express our full potential. Take a pause in your busy life to decide how you wish your new year to unfold. The beginning of a new year brings an open door for reinventing yourself. If we can move with the events of life, letting go of the past, taking the wisdom we gain with each experience as we move toward the future, we can discover that our life is more vibrant and free than anything we imagined. When we embark upon a new year, a new beginning, we are calling upon ourselves to be the best we can be. Never underestimate the power you have to take your life in a new and exciting direction. I like to utilize the moons of January to prepare and lay the groundwork for all of 2018 and the potential it brings for those who are mindful and committed to following the Path of the Rose through sacred ceremony and ritual. I have posted some wonderful rituals to be performed on this night to support you throughout the year. Please click here

Lion's Total Eclipse

January 31st /February 1st SUPER Full Moon in LEO Total Lunar Eclipse

The first of two total lunar eclipses in 2018 begins with the Full Moon in Leo. Leo is a sign of new ideas and expressing yourself out in the world making this eclipse ripe for creation. Being a super full moon and total lunar eclipse there is a phenomenal power boost moving through the celestial realms to accelerate your earth walk with inspiration, motivation and clarity. A total lunar eclipse has an even greater influence on your private life as emotions and instincts reach their peak during a lunar eclipse. This lets you take an objective and balanced look at your close relationships. Because you will be in touch with your own needs and intentions, you will clearly see any relationship imbalances causing disharmony. With a total lunar eclipse, the shadow of the Moon represents a resetting of your emotions, clearing away the emotional baggage of the previous six months. When the Moon is full the Sun and the Moon are in opposite zodiac signs. This is a time that is supercharged with balancing energies. A time when the Solar (masculine) and the Lunar (feminine) energies are in harmony. A wonderful time for us to find a healthy balance of these two energies within. The full moon is the culmination of the lunar cycle that began with the NEW moon. Working in cooperation with your New moon intentions, the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse encourages breakthroughs and releasing of that which no longer serves our greatest and highest good in the immediate NOW. The eclipse in Leo brings a courageous energy to take risks and not look back.   A push to take action for that vision, that inspired thought that came through on the new moon to begin that novel or masterpiece waiting to be birthed through you. Literally or figuratively, pick up those cosmic paintbrushes and use tonight to gain insight. I will be adding a lunar eclipse ritual for this powerful night and insight how to work with the Leo influences to assist you in fully working with these energies towards the end of the month.

Wishing you courage and insight to navigate through the January window of unlimited possibilities. Happy Full Moon.

Love and wolf cuddles, Robbyne

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