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Happy 2016 Everyone. We have officially begun the Year of Self Mastery as we celebrate the first new moon of this special year.   In order to achieve Self Mastery we must first master Self Love, dissolving old feelings of inadequacy, and worthiness.  We must move through the fear of failing and the expectations we have placed on ourselves.  Instead we need to master the ability to relax into the moment.

Each year there is a sacred symbol that resonates with the potential and influence that impacts us.    The sacred symbol for 2016 is the beautiful lotus flower, fully opened expressing light.   The lotus embodies the potential we have to open our hearts as greater expressions of light in a world of confusion and uncertainty.  It reminds us our journey is one of become a guiding light to awaken others.

Symbolic images form a connection between the outer world of the senses and the inner world of the soul. They are like stepping stones to reconnect us with the divine mystery that is within us.  Symbols appear in nature and have been gifted to the world of human through Master Teachers since the beginning of time.

Just as manna can sustain our daily life with nourishment, sacred symbols are charged with a certain power and energy, that can deeply affect us.

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Throughout many cultures, the lotus has been a powerful image. In Hindu, Buddhist and Egyptian religions, the lotus is considered a sacred and holy flower.

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The bud of the lotus symbolizes our full potential, contained within our heart center.  Because the lotus rises from unclean water to blossom as a pure, uncontaminated flower, it is a symbol of purity and resurrection.

Lotus flowers - Siem Reap - Cambodia

The  journey of the lotus flower is to emerge from dirty water to bring beauty into the world. This is also our individual journey.  We are asked to move forward without hesitation, growing towards the light on a path to enlightenment.  The journey becomes a  culmination of the experiences that we each attract into our life. We become wiser, stronger, more aware of the truth of who we are as the so-called impurities of illusion, hurt, and anger gradually fade away allowing the lotus bud to blossom into its full fragrant magnificence.

In ancient Egypt, the lotus represented the sun, and was symbolic of creation and rebirth. This stemmed from the way the lotus flower closes its petals at night and sinks underwater, only to rise and open the petals again at dawn. It was believed that the lotus gave birth to the sun.

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In certain Eastern teachings, the inner awareness known as the inner heart or the inner mind is symbolized by the lotus, and is found in the center of the heart.

Through developing the ability to listen to ones intuition and communicate with the unseen world, the seeker can become the expression of the lotus flower.

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In Buddhism, the heart of all  humans is like an unopened lotus. When the Buddha nature develops within the heart center, the lotus unfolds and blossoms. This is the symbology of the Buddha sitting on a blooming lotus.

2016 holds the promise of the unfolding and the blossoming as we find our own way to merge the dream walker with the surface walker and become heart centered once again. This is what the Masters have all shared with us.

Make this the year you choose to become healthy on all levels. With focus and attention on the physical body, replacing unhealthy thoughts that lead to depression, freedom from anxiety and fear as you remember  the truth of who you are. Healing the heart of the surface walker from disappointment, illusion, betrayal and anger that holds you back from experiencing the joy and celebration of this journey.

This year I am offering a series of teachings, retreats, spiritual journeys, and private Self Mastery journeys. These experiences can facilitate an awakening of the dream walker. Become your own Master, falling deeply in love with the magnificent being you are. When you are that full expression of love you are able to shine as a brilliant light and facilitate the change our water star is moving through.  You are able to experience inner peace and joy. The stress, anxiety and fear dissipates and you become a vessel of light to awaken others.

There is no better way to celebrate the day we associate with love, Valentine’s Day, than in a place where the Divine Feminine embraces you in unconditional love, nurturing your spirit and physical body.   Join with others on this special weekend retreat to the Root Chakra of the planet known as Mount Shasta to find your own Self Mastery and reconnect to the Dream Walker. Learn to fall in love with your divine essence.  For more details please click here. We are filling up but a few spaces still remain.

I will also be offering a magickal one day experience in San Clemente, California in March where I will be sharing the ancient teachings connecting one to the world of enchantment. When one accesses the enchanted realm, the Lotus in your heart opens fully as the Dream Walker and Surface Walker reunite. Click here for more details.

Make this the year to fall in love and embrace the Master within.

We are all woven together with a beautiful golden strand of light woven by the Goddess connecting our hearts. As we share and join together we become more aware, we feel a sense of support and love and we step forward into our full potential.

Much love, enchantment and rainbows from the mountain, Robbyne

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