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2015 Year of Manifestation

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As we enter 2015 a wondrous new journey begins. This is the third year of a cycle of incredible growth and change that began at the time of the 12:21:12. As we reflect on the lessons of 2014, the challenges we have overcome, the seed that has been activated in our heart we have greater clarity as to the path that opens before us. As we step through the doorway that occurs every year at the time of the Winter Solstice we enter into the magick that 2015 the Year of Manifestation offers. A year considered by many to an auspicious year of good luck and good fortune but one that offers significant lessons. As we move into the year we will need to give up on the concept that everyday will be peaceful and harmonious.  We live in a world of polarity and are constantly intertwining with the energy field of others.   Everything is accelerating and this field of polarity will yield wondrous gifts as well as challenges, offering us an opportunity to grow on an even deeper level.   We will need to learn to detach to the outcome of every situation and experience to allow stillness to enter into our lives. We have become a society of rushing to the next meeting, creating the next venture always moving always looking to obtain more, always thinking.


The symbol for 2015 is the Infinity Sign. This sacred symbol holds the mystery of how to find our balance on this ever changing journey. It is the blueprint to help us find our way back to the moment.  The infinity sign represents one continuous fluid movement, clockwise and counterclockwise loops. These loops reflect the balance of opposites; male and female, day and night, dark and light.   Two opposing forces, with the connecting point in the center known as the Still Point.


Navigating this year in these super charged energies will be a source of great learning for everyone. The ultimate key to tap into the gifts we carry from the past, the blossoming of the seed we carry in our hearts and the wisdom to step forward into the future lies in understanding the meaning of this symbol. We will experience two solar eclipses which will shift global consciousness on a grand scale and awaken many still playing out the dogma of the past.


When you find your personal Still Point, the world slows down and becomes a wonderful experience, no matter what the events of your life may be!  When one becomes too embroiled within the fast world of illusion we lose sight of our own power.  We go into our head, and the negative chatter and fear based dialogue begins.  We begin to spin far away from our Still Point.


For the one who opens to the world of nature and commits to honor the ancient ways of the earth religion through Shamanic practices and Earth Goddess ritual one can find their still place in the fast world. Shamanism is not a religion; instead it is a way of life and must be practiced on a daily basis. In journeying into the spirit world, the shaman sets intention and is guided by their spirit helpers and animal allies to gather information, guidance and healing. If we are to be a guiding light in service at this time, we need to have a personal understanding of our connection to everything and everyone as well as a deep relationship with the spirit world.


2015 is an Eight Year. All things, including numbers, have particular vibrational frequencies within the Universe which is what gives numbers their spiritual power. The number 8 is the most powerful number of the Goddess.

In the spiritual world, eight is the goal for the initiates, as they must pass through the seven heavens, to regain paradise. After seven days of fasting and abstinence, the eighth became the day of abundance and renewal. The octagon

The Buddhist wheel of salvation is represented as eight spokes.

In Ancient Greece the number eight was symbolic of the Material world as well representing justice throughout the lands.

In ancient Babylon eight is the number of Istar-Venus which is illustrated by an 8-beam symbol.


In Feng Shui creating harmonious space the Ba Gua is the template of eight trigrams which symbolize time and space enhancing the energy field of one’s home or office. This will be a powerful tool to be utilized this year to create sacred space and a sanctuary for each of us to prosper.


Eight holds the vibrational frequency for the alchemis through the symbol of the lemiscate. The two snakes or two dragons swallowing their own head. With every beginning there must be an ending and with each ending or death we move through leads us to a new beginning.

This number offers no half-measures  –  it is either personal limitation or spiritual freedom. It is the ‘power’ number which needs always to be used for the good of mankind.   When awakened and developed, 8 is the ‘Master Energy’ working for humanity.  In an 8 year many people are called upon to lead, to take authority, and to manifest grand ideas for the highest good. Remember the dream is dreaming you. It is a year to bring that vision to a reality.

Strength, will and effort are energies an 8 year provides, supporting each of us in mastery on all levels and realms of being.  A brilliant opportunity to create a balance between the spiritual and material worlds  allowing us to live the expression as above – so below. Number 8 resonates with the influences and vibrations of authority, personal power, self-confidence, and inner-strength.


In the Tarot Deck 8 is the number of Strength.

In an 8 year we are able to see things in the larger picture and a higher perspective.  It is a year where we take back our personal authority, much of the lessons we have moved through in 2014 were about establishing boundaries and taking back ones personal power to prepare us for this year of manifestation.

We will each be asked to walk a path of truth and personal integrity, to strive for higher goals other than financial success and wealth. This is a year where we gain clarity and a sense of purpose for  the journey that has led us to this moment.   If we use the energy wisely will receive clear guidance throughout the year but this will require absolute commitment to a magickal path. Ritual and ceremony must become a part of our daily experience.

Eight is considered the most powerful number of the Goddess. She will be heard and her influence will be greatly felt. Our greatest gifts will come from the world of nature which is the living expression of the Goddess so take the time to sit in stillness as often as you can in this wondrous realm.


In Chinese Astrology this is the Year of the Sheep. which begins on February 19, 2015. The Sheep is the Eighth Sign of the Chinese Zodiac, which consists of 12 Animal Signs.  Eight in Chinese is an auspicious number, symbolizing peace and prosperity. The Sheep is a Yin energy, a symbol of Peace, Harmonious co-existence and Tranquility. This will be a year of banding together, finding your tribe and coming together with your spiritual family as often as you can. 2015 is a year to come together on a deeper level with the unseen world. For those who trust in the power our thoughts have over our reality they will be rewarded with blessings from mysterious realms.

It does not mean it will be a year without challenge, quite the contrary we will be asked to continue to grow and clear old ideas of dogma and limiting beliefs as we continue to discover just how powerful we are.  Every step of our journey we will experience some aspect of the infinity sign with the polarity of our experience playing out. It will be crucial to learn to find our still point and to work with the sacred symbol of the infinity sign.


Wealth will be defined in terms of relationships not by the dollar amount you show in your bank account. There will be prosperity and the fulfillment of many dreams if one stays focused and does not allow the discouraging or pessimistic word of another to take hold.   This will be a year of forgiveness on a deeper level as we look into our hearts and recognize it is the only way to move forward. We will choose to write new stories which will impact our reality. We will choose to experience life with simplicity and innocence allowing ourselves to become vulnerable.


As a spirit animal, sheep are symbols of the simple goodness we bring to life when we have the desire to do good for others and to be good ourselves. Such goodness is gentle and patient. Like sheep, we need to protect ourselves from negative thoughts and fear. In the Christian faith flocks of sheep were often a sign of material wealth just as we can be spiritually rich if we bring together all sorts of good affections in our lives. If we join together with others of like, with our tribe we will find strength and courage to be all that we were born to be.


One lesson that will be offered in the Year of the Sheep is to move past our previous choices without regret or guilt. A sheep’s coat is sheared away and it is later cleaned and spun into clothing which offers warmth to others. You too can shed away any feelings of unworthiness and begin anew. You are not worthless just because you made some mistakes. Sheep medicine teaches that all experiences have value. You can use your mistakes as teaching tools to assist others not to fall into the same muck you did, or to offer a helping hand to pull them up out of their personal muck.

Wishing you a magickal year to manifest your dream as you support others in realzing theirs. Together we can weave a beautiful web of light.

Love and rainbow strands of light, Robbyne



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10 Responses
  1. Alison

    Thank you for such beautiful words!

  2. Rita Mara

    Danke von Herzen für diese wunderbare Nachricht.
    Ich freue mich sehr, dass es den Newsletter weiterhin gibt und dass die Uebersetzung frei wählbar ist.
    Ich wünsche Robbyne und ihrem lieben Mann ein
    Rita Mara

  3. carol oconnell

    Thank You.. After two very difficult years I felt the new energy and experienced a powerful shift within. I am looking forward to seeing how this amazing year pans out in all areas of my life and world events. cheers Carol.

  4. Nancledra

    yes to all of this
    thank YOU

  5. Jacquelyn Bennett

    I give my Self a hug that I have found my way to such kindred spirits. I Am so capable! May your Highest Dreams ALWAYS include me too! Go Go Go Light Tribe. You are strong like a river running to the sea. You are steady like a mountain, whose summit is wrapped in mystery, you are brilliant as the heavenly hosts of galaxies, you are tender as a Mother and her newborn child, and wise as a mom with her teenager. Go Go Go! Enlarge your heart! Reap your harvest of everlasting, ever laughing LIFE. L’chiam!

  6. Vanessa Hernandez

    Wow! Robbyne! Thank you! Reading this tonight was a key element, and affirmation for connecting with my higher self and acknowledging all that is surrounding in 2015. I’m so excited for the 2015 adventure of manifestation for all of us!!! Sending lots and lots of love and light!! 8 xo

  7. Juliet GIpson

    Namaste Robbyne,
    Great insights, thank you for your wisdom shared globally, nationally and locally.
    Love & Rainbows

  8. Sonja Anicca

    ? Om shanti om ?
    Sonja ?????? Ayana Nayeli

  9. Tracey

    Thankyou for your beautiful page. Just the info and guidance I needed right now. I have had a roller coaster few years and have the infinity 8 symbol tattood on my wrist (as does a particular soul connection of mine) I’ve been receiving thoughts and imagery around the true meaning of this (re:divine masculine/feminine/zero point/creation) and you have confirmed all via your page. It cleared up and confirmed a lot of internal messages for me. I will take away the energy of forgiveness of self and others from reading this. Kia Kaha xx

  10. lyndafussell

    It was beautiful re-reading this as we head into another retrograde cycle. I’ve found myself challenged the last few days and this has helped, once again, to find calmness and listen for the direction to move steadfastly forward. Thank you Robbyne. Namaste.

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