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2014 – Year of the Seed of Life

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As we enter 2014 there is great anticipation that the winds of change have arrived. A knowing deep inside that we are being gifted with many opportunities and experiences to grow spiritually and create something wondrous. A magickal year as the seed we carry inside our heart is activated and we are able to manifest our dreams and desires. 2013 was a year where we awakened to the realization that in so many ways we were living in illusion. Each of us  were required to move through challenges and tests as were asked to do all we could to clear the past and continue to raise our vibration. At times we lost our way. At times we wondered if we had the strength to continue. Well we did, and we are wiser, stronger and more awake because of 2013.


2014 known as The Year of the Seed of Life, is a magickal year as the seed we carry inside is activated and we find our ability to manifest increases significantly.   Through the practice of shamanism and dragon magick one can access the dormant memory of our soul’s purpose and activate the seed we carry in our heart. Shamanic practices and Earth Goddess ritual is as essential to us today in our modern world as they have been for thousands of years. Shamanism is not a religion; instead it is a way of life and must be practiced on a daily basis. In journeying into the spirit world, the shaman sets intention and is guided by their spirit helpers and animal allies to gather information, guidance and healing. If we are to be a guiding light in service at this time, we need to have a personal understanding of our connection to everything and everyone as well as a deep relationship with the spirit world. We need that connection to support us through the second year of a three year cycle that began on 12:21:12.


The symbol for 2014 is the seed of life.  This is the foundation of the sacred geometric shape known as the Flower of Life known to philosophers, architects, alchemists and artist around the world as a symbol that contains an ancient understanding of space and time. It is believed to contain a type of Akashic Record reminding us of the connections of life and consciousness that run through all beings. It is the remembrance that we carry the seed of divine spirit within us. While the flower of life is something that is blossoming inside each us, it is the seed that we must nurture this coming year.


Sacred geometry is found all over the world in every culture. It is found in the Temple of Abydos in Egypt, carved in the crypt of the mysterious icon of Roslyn in Scotland, seen in the guardians of the forbidden city in China to mention only a few. It is the belief that geometry and mathematical ratios create a harmonic frequency that creates music, light, cosmology, and other observable features of the Universe. The symbol of the Flower of Life has even appeared as a crop circle as the star beings continue to send us messages reminding us who we are. I believe this symbol is the key that can unite all people into oneness,  with the vibrational frequency of creation and love that it holds within its shape. It can nurture the precious seed we each carry that holds the truth of our divine destiny. A symbol that can free us from the thinking mind and help us reconnect to our soul and knowing heart. Many believe this sacred geometric shape is an inter-dimensional tool, a portal, a star gate, and a window into other realms and the unseen world of nature.


2014 is a Seven Year. All things, including numbers, have particular vibrational frequencies within the Universe which is what gives numbers their spiritual power. The number 7 asks us to search for our greatest potential. This is a year where our ability to dream and receive guidance through the dream state becomes greatly heightened. We will each be asked to walk a path of truth and personal integrity, to strive for higher goals other than financial success and wealth. This is a year where we gain clarity and a sense of purpose for  the journey that has led us to this moment.   If we use the energy wisely will receive clear guidance throughout the year but this will require absolute commitment to a magickal path. Ritual and ceremony must become a part of our daily experience.


Seven is a ‘magickal’ number. The number of the occultist and the alchemists, secrets, myth, earth religion, ritual, understanding, and ancient knowledge. The 7 energy has very strong psychic tendencies and we will see more and more people looking to alternative means of healing. Sound, color and nature will become the medicine that will heal our illness and imbalances. Seven is the number of destiny so we will continue to be pushed to step into our full potential. The energy of 7 represents that the ‘light of spirit’ (the seed) begins to emerge into a maturing consciousness. The Number 7 transcends the barriers of time and space and brings you in touch with the world of the mystic and clairvoyant. Your challenge in 2014 is to overcome your obstacles. There can be no place for judgment and anger. We must learn the power of forgiveness. This is a year to clear the past to create the future in the present moment.


In Chinese Astrology this is the Year of the Green Wood Horse viewed by many as a lucky year. The horse is the seventh animal in the Chinese astrology and the spirit animal which symbolizes personal drive, passion and an appetite for freedom. A year to gain a fresh outlook on your life. The element of wood is symbolic of cooperation, one of the most significant energies that will inspire us in 2014. As different parts of a tree work together in harmony for the good of the whole, so we should focus on common goals. We need to move beyond personal selfish goals and hidden agendas.  The horse represents physical strength, vitality, and most important our ability to achieve our goal no matter what you perceive may stand in your way. Horse is the messenger for freedom of expression. It helps us recognize when we are letting our emotions run our life instead of taking our power to run our own lives. 2014 is a powerful year to set intentions with greater clarity, nurture the seeds that were planted in 2013 and act on inspired thought as the Master teachers continue to bring forth guidance and great assistance in supporting us to step forward. Have big dreams and goals worthy of a powerful horse and you will ride your way to success.


Celtic tradition believes the horse goddess has power over life – the cycle of birth – death – afterlife – and rebirth. In the Celtic tradition Horse is also associated with the power of the land itself. The horse gives us the promise of adventure. Horse symbolizes the wind, loyalty, devotion, unconditional love, friendship and companionship. This year you will be asked to make decisions if you find yourself being restricted from expressing your truth in any way. The spirit of the horse will guide you safely on your physical and inner journeys. ??You will need to ask yourself the following questions.   Do you need to move on? Do you need to allow others to move on? Are you pushing boundaries that may have unpleasant consequences? Carefully consider the course your actions may lead to. You are being presented with a gift of safe movement this year if you listen to your knowing heart.


As a Native American symbol, the Horse combines the grounded power of the earth with the wisdom found in the spirit winds. The Horse has long been honored as a helper, messenger, and harbinger of spirit knowledge to the Native American. Considered wild and a symbol of freedom, another aspect of the horse comes with the understanding that the wild freedom of the Horse can be harnessed and used to the benefit of the tribe. This understanding comes only when man and animal enter a silent contract acknowledging mutual respect and awareness of responsibility to each other. A year when the alliance is again established between the unseen and the seen, as more awaken to the remembrance of the seed we each carry inside.

What exciting times we are entering, what grand opportunities we have this year to become all we were born to be. Leave you past behind and choose to dance with freedom and excitement into 2014.


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